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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 27th

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Happy Birthday today August 27th

Happy 24th to actor Blake Jenner!

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The Bottom Line

Summer, by the late, great Tony Jones! 


Despite my coverage of some of the hottest athletes in Rio, I didn't watch much of this year's Rio Olympics.  I usually look forward to the sporting event and have even booked time off work to catch certain events.  Not this year.  I even skipped the opening ceremonies, something I don't remember missing since I was a kid.

Although I am not a huge fan of Ryan Lochte, I manage to catch my fair share of reporting on his Rio Rowdiness.  I caught it mostly because I was watching CNN.  Although I am tiring of Election coverage, I did not tire of watching International correspondent Nick Paton Walsh covering Lochte's lies.

Paton Walsh, usually seen covering wars and international events, was forced by CNN to spend a few days trolling that Rio 'bathroom' talking endlessly about Lochte, that bathroom and swimmers peeing on the sides of buildings.  I think he was a little frustrated by this particular assignment, especially as it became the main story of the week.

I think when Paton Walsh headed to Rio he was expecting a 'world event', not reporting hour on the hour on from a Brazilian bathroom.  Regardless, the sexy journalist is always watchable, and sucked it up no matter what he was asked and no matter how many cars he had to dodge in the parking lot.

Lochte has been losing his media deals, including speedo, but is set for the next season of Dancing With The Stars. I Wish this was still the 80's when instead of hitting another reality show, Ryan might lose his speedo literally and pose for Playgirl in order to move on from his Brazilian blunder.

Swagger: Carter Nillihcmaster James

Below: Carter by Martin Ryter

'I like modeling because I am a ham. I like to shine and give people an enthusiastic and charismatic photo, show, mind, personage, and aura. Even though, I do not view myself as the most "handsome man on the planet", I do believe in my charisma, swagger, and NILLIHC TO THE MAX VIBES! I just love to give people legendary memories to remember! My swagger comes from my strong mind, my powerful personage, and my unforgettable aura.'

Carter by Keith Ingram Photo

Swagger is a great word, but not something that always translates well through images. Swagger is an attitude, something that comes through in a strong voice and tone, in eye contact, and of course through movement, especially a sexy confident walk. Carter Nillihcmaster James exudes swagger, sexy, sweaty, burning creative, confident and hard earned swagger. It's certainly evident in his images. The sexy, confident, even dramatic way he positions his body in pose. It's there in his eyes, in the words and the way in which he describes himself. It's maybe most distinctly there.. within his name.

Next two shots by Bodyworks Studio

My goal with FH is to share interesting stories, but sometimes people hold back, not wanting to share, or offer too much. There was nothing careful about Carter's responses. They were honest, incredibly interesting, and paint as visual and colorful a picture as the images in portfolio. They are also sexy, fun and like the man himself, memorable. Carter shares that his 'swagger' originated from a persona he created back in the spring of 2004. Since then, he says it has grown it, and evolved it into something very special. 'Without it, I don't believe I would be a very complete person...I probably wouldn't be here at all talking about it. I am grateful that I got creative at the right place at the right time.' I think Carter should tell the rest of his story, starting with the origin of Nillihcmaster.

'First of all, the word NILLIHC is the slang word "chillin" spelled backwards, but it's definition is slang for "great, excellent, and awesome" and above all "to be the best YOU, YOU can possibly be!" So you can use the word like "STAY NILLIHC", "NILLIHC TO THE MAX", or my personal favorite "IT'S NILLIHC TIME"!!! Haha. I created the word and persona back in the springtime of 2004. I lived in Aurora, Colorado at the time, and I was 15 years old. I was at a youth group meeting at my old church, and at the time I was itching to create something very authentic and original since I felt that the world around me WASN'T SO AUTHENTIC AND ORIGINAL! So I thought to myself, "Why not choose a word, spell it backwards, and give it a whole new meaning?"'

'So I immediately thought of the word "chillin", all my friends and acquaintances were using it at the time, so I thought "PERFECT!" I spelled it backwards in my head, said it out loud and SHA-ZAAM...NILLIHC, pronounced "Nill-Lick", was born. It got a lot of positive reviews and only a few haters. After success with the word in high school, I started calling myself "The Nillihcmaster" in 2007, the same year I graduated and been calling myself that ever since. You can also see me talk about my word when I appeared on Jimmy Kimmel for a segment called "DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?' Check out a few seconds above, or watch Carter's full audition at the 4:30 mark HERE:

Next two images from Luis Celestino

Getting Started:
'I started modeling in the summer of 2007 in Denver, Colorado. I lived in Colorado for ten years and while living there, my mom and I came across an acting and modeling school called John Robert Powers. We thought it was a good idea to get something started. I was brand new out of high school, got my first tattoo, and once I got in front of a camera, I just felt so comfortable. It was like a second nature aura to me! My mom and I had a family friend who used to shoot my old band that I had back in high school and I was such a ham that I didn't mind being shot alone instead of with just band mates. When I entered John Robert Powers, I was just in awe with the reaction to my photo shoots. My mom, who is such a beautiful woman, also did some modeling with me. It was simply an amazing time.'

'I have been in five bands throughout my lifetime. The last band I was in was in the year 2010 and that was back when I lived in Colorado. Now, I plan on getting back into a new band before I'm 30 years young. I am 27 now so there's some time to do it. I do express myself creatively all the time, even if I am not always candid about it. I have my own YouTube channel simply titled "Carter James" where I post ukulele covers, CD reviews, and personal vlogs about life, politics, my future plans etc. I'm always doing something fun and modest to promote myself.'

Favorite experience modeling thus far?
'My favorite experience thus far was working with a man that a did my last photo shoot with. A man by the name of Martin Ryter. Google him. He is certainly a model's secret weapon. Martin is an excellent photographer, teacher, and mentor all wrapped up into one! We did a shoot about a week ago in San Clemente, California and everyone whom I have shown my pictures to have absolutely loved the photos Martin and I did together. My family members and close friends have said those are my best pictures to date. I guess there is something magical about the San Clemente atmosphere, and something sensational about the way Martin Ryter does his photo shoots.'

Any odd or strange stories?
'Odd and strange are understatements. Haha. I did have a photographer try to masturbate me just to get me hard for some of his shots. That failed miserably. I did have one photographer from Pasadena, California who wanted me to ride him as if I was getting fucked by him and he took pictures of me while I mounted him! He also took pictures of me while he had me on his bed, as he faked trying to penetrate me with his camera. That was all kinda odd, still I just rolled with it thinking it was just standard exotic photography. It was just awkward at the end.'

Next two shots from Justin Thai

Model offers and requests?
'I have gotten some great gigs on Model Mayhem, both trade for pics and paid gigs. Strange offers, questions, and requests is more like it. One photographers asked me if I was HIV positive or negative. I asked why? And he said that he gets extra close to his models in order to position them right and stuff like that. It was awkward since I am not gay and I had no intention on getting "close to him". Thankfully, he was very professional and a good guy. I have had some photographers insinuate me getting fucked by them while they pose as photographers who want to do strict erotica. I can see that bullcrap from a mile away. Hahaha. So I typically chase them away by saying, "No need to be politically correct, if you want to fuck me, I charge 400 dollars!" Haha. I haven't been successful with that line yet.'

Taking It All Off...
'I have absolutely nothing to lose. No obligations, no one to answer to, no wife or kids, no drug addiction to keep me busy, I just go for it and whatever happens happens. I am very comfortable being shot in the nude. Not to mention, I perform at improv/burlesque shows sometimes. A hybrid show if you will, that features both fun comedy games and burlesque dancers in between. Nothing beats the rush of being onstage almost completely naked. Did I mention, I used to be a stripper in the state of Utah out of all places? :D I did it all on my own accord simply because I have no real boundaries. My family and friends are the best in the universe. You heard me right...THE UNIVERSE. They have all been so highly supportive of me and they give nothing less than 110 percent authenticity in their support. No matter what I decide, they certainly are quick to give a big thumbs up! I am beyond the word "grateful" to all of them.'

Last two shots from Rafael1986

Thoughts While Posing?
'Believe it or not, when I am getting shot nude, there are not any weird thoughts. I just want to concentrate as hard as I can to make sure my body and my poses look good. It sometimes can be very difficult to get an erection during the photos that I need to get hard for, but still...the focus is on the photos'