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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 31st

Alexei by Matt Lee
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Happy Birthday today March 31st

Happy 49th William McNamara!

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Naked News: A Tree To Call His Own...

Naked Alabama man climbs tree to 'make it his home'
Police think Michael Long was on drugs when he scaled the 40-foot pine tree in Arab, Ala. He pleaded guilty to public lewdness Monday. The naked truth is that this allegedly drugged-up nude dude just wanted a tree to call his own.

A Strange Place: The Photography Of Matt Lee


'I am always looking to capture and create images that echo a vintage vibe or propel you into an other worldly, mysterious and sometimes strange place.'

London photographer Matt Lee loves to capture that moment when the person in front of his camera is at their most awe inspiring. There is something truly exciting in searching for that exact moment and it is what he strives for and propels him within his work. Matt loves creating bold and striking images that have an ethereal, other worldly quality about them.

This particular series of shoots includes an erotic trilogy beginning with model Liam Northman, followed by models Alexei Jackson and Zeus Ledster. In addition to creating the vintage feel and vibe within the images, I love that one of Matt's goals was to take the viewer to a strange place. The more time I spend looking for new and unique images to feature, the more I am often drawn to work that takes me to places that I have previously resisted.

'I've known Liam Northman for many years and so he was an obvious subject for me to use in this new series of shoots. Not long before this shoot Liam Northman had just won an amateur boxing competition and was in excellent shape when he turned up for the shoot. The lighting was set up to really highlight and contrast his well built boxer's physique and delicate ethereal skin tone.'

'Alexei another keen sportsman and an experienced model, was chosen for his classic good looks, which were showcased perfectly in the tuxedo photo set. For the shoot with Alexei we made use of a mask I found in Italy on a trip a few years ago. It's a beautifully hand made, but extremely sinister looking creation that added a whole different dimension to the photo set. He was an extremely confident and fun model to shoot with which meant we got some really great shots.'

Matt creates the vintage look to his images in a number of ways. First, I believe his choice of models played an important role in the results. Each of the three not only have a strong, sexy and masculine look, but with their look, along with pose, they all also look like they could have been shot from a decade in the past. Stepping out of a mythical world of the 1940's, a boxer from a 1950's gym or a sailor from the 60's or 70's.

Matt's use of dark and light also adds to the vintage atmosphere and mood created, in some cases this mix, also creates an almost sinister feel. Not sinister as in evil, but more an ominous and foreboding feeling, creating a sense of urgency and slight danger which exudes from each of the three men captured.

'Zeus Ledster runs his own mechanic business by day and is developing into an amazing model. The black and white image of Zeus striking a match was my favourite of the day as although it was a simple pose and setup there is an incredible intensity to the image. Zeus is one to watch as he is just starting out his modelling career but already has some already done some great shoots.'

It's Not The Same by Anthony Triolo

'Life goes on it's true, but it's not the same, not the same without you'

There are of course a lot of songs about great love. There are a lot of songs about the pain of a lost love. There are not a lot of songs written about a love which never really got a chance to begin. Singer Anthony Triolo's new song 'It's Not The Same' takes a look at dealing with a love that ends suddenly before it really had a chance to grow. There is an original ballad version, as well as a radio edit on SoundCloud, the radio edit incorporate the original piano arrangement with additional instrumentation that builds the track from a ballad to a dance track.

'The song is about a relationship that ends before you feel that you have fully given it a shot and when all of your feelings are all over the place and unclear what you do know is that 'it's just not the same.'

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Anthony by Menelik Puryear

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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 28th

Tobias by Chris Teel
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Happy Birthday today March 28th

Happy 44th to Vince Vaughn

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He Should Be Dancing!

I haven't watch any of the latest edition of DWTS, but Canadian hockey player Sean Avery had me wanting to check it out. As a hockey fan I have been aware of Sean for awhile, especially his support, vocal and otherwise, about gay marriage and gay rights in general. Outspoken on many issues, Avery has often been under fire for his post game comments, but when it comes to marriage equity, he was one of the first, and loudest, professional hockey players to be making noise about the issue.

Sean is an interesting athlete for many reasons. Controversial yes, but also a cool blend of cocky masculinity along with a keen interest in style and fashion. A former model, Avery also served as a guest editor for Vogue Magazine and guest judged for Project Runway. He also seems to be good friends with Bravo's Andy Cohen and there are tons of images on the net of them hanging out together. I also think Sean is incredibly hot and thanks to Youtube, I got to see his two dances before he got the boot this past week. His movements are a bit jerky, but also sexy with a lot of rhythm. I think if he had stayed he would have given us some great future performance.

Two images below by Terry Richardson

Tapping Into Tobias by Chris Teel

'I was already doing porn so posing naked was a walk in the park.'

Usually when I profile a model, one of the things I like to tap into are the reasons which led them to decided to try their hand at modeling. What got them started? What factors played into their decision to do nude work and what the experience was like for them, especially in the beginning. For Tobias, dropping trou was old hat, the goal in his work with Chris Teel was exploring different looks and emotions in front of the camera.

'A few months ago a friend told Tobias "If you worked out a bit you'd be very hot." Tobias took it so much to heart that he got a personal trainer, totally changed his diet and works out pretty much 7 days a week. In 6 months he's lost 50 lbs and he's become one of those guys we all admire with the big arms and the six pack abs.'

His hard work clearly paid off, Tobias has an incredible body. I think it is his beautiful eyes though... his nose and facial structure which really drew me to this set of images. Earlier this year, Tobias got together with photographer Chris Teel in an empty Toronto apartment to shoot. Love the results, especially the intensity captured in some of the shots.

When led to you first deciding to try your hand at modeling?

'I decided to try it out when I was finally starting to be happy with my body, I changed my lifestyle and workout to feel better and look better. Chris Teel suggested we have a photoshoot and a few friends pushed me in that direction. I never thought of modelling even before it was suggested.'

What have been your best, and worst experiences thus far with modeling?

'I haven't had any bad experience yet, I like the concept of me being a model, I don't think I will ever get how surreal it feels. As far as fame or money... I don't have a goal except having fun.'

Tell Me about Working With Chris and what the day of the shoot was like?

'It was a very intimate and fun day in an empty apartment. Chris was very nice and knew what he wanted, and we played music which made the environment really laid back and fun. My favourite picture is the one I am in the tank top, pulling on it to hide my privates. (pic of the day shot) It's my favourite because of the attitude in my eyes and the body lines showing.'

Time Travelers:

One of my favorite parts of the blog is putting together pieces for Blast From The Past. Hunks from the recent and distant past including Bo and Luke Duke, Trapper John's Gonzo and John Boy Walton just to start a very long list of hundreds of hunks from pop culture history I have covered. If you haven't journeyed back in awhile, maybe it's time for a trip.

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