Thursday, May 20, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 20th

The picture above of actor James Carpinello and the fact that today is the birthday of actor Matt Czuchry prompted me to theme today as a tribute to one of my favorite new shows 'The Good Wife'. See more below!

Enjoy your day! I am going away for a couple of days but expect to be back posting on Saturday or Sunday.

Happy Birthday Today May 20th to:

Happy Birthday today May 20th to:

Julian Hans turns 25 today.

Clement Poitrenaud turns 28 today.

The Good Wife's Matt Czuchry turns 33 today.

Love Tahmoh Penikett who turns 35 today.

Timothy Olyphant turns 42 today.

Paolo Seganti turns 45 today.

Tony Goldwyn turns 50 today.

Why I Love The Good Wife:

Created by Michelle King and Robert King
Produced by The Kings, brothers Ridley and Tony Scott, Charles McDougall and David W. Zucker.

Here are just a few reasons why I love The Good Wife. If your not a viewer, make sure to become one. TGW is not your typical hour long drama, it's pace is slow, but steady and does not rely on the 'flash' others do. The reward for getting on board is an hour of tv each week that is beautifully written, expertly acted and thoroughly addictive and enjoyable. The Good Wife does not shove drama down your throat, it allows you to taste and savor it slowly. Here are just some of my favorite things about the show:

Julianna Margulies:

In all of her roles, Julianna Margulies brings an 'everyman' quality to her work that audiences identify with. Though the lead in TGW, Margulies does not make Alicia Florrick the star. I say this as it is clear Margulies is confident in her self to allow all those around her to shine. She skillfully 'underplays' Alicia which allows the viewer to more clearly identify with her. Alicia is strong, but it is a quiet strength. Rarely is the lead of a television show so wonderfully low key and real.

Christine Baranski:

A standout in all of her roles, Baranski's Diane Lockart is a breath of fresh air whenever she graces the screen.

Archie Panjabi:

Archie Panjabi's Kalinda is one of the most interesting female characters I have ever seen on television. Love her!

The Supporting Cast:

Above: Alan Cumming.

Alan Cumming is a stand out in his supporting role as Eli Gold, but TGW has a habit of creating memorable characters and casting them with great actors. From Joe Morton, Gary Cole (a hoot as a Sarah Palin lovin gun expert), Terry Kinny, Martha Plimpton to name just a few. Each of the characters the show introduces, even if only shown briefly have a clear purpose and are expertly integrated into story.

Above: Dash Mihok (with Dicaprio in Romeo and Juliette).

New York Stage Actors:

Above: TGW's Graham Phillips on stage in Thirteen.

I can't begin to name all of the Theatre actors I have seen filter through season 1 of The Good Wife. The Good Wife hires top notch actors for all of it's roles regardless of the size. If your a lover of the stage, your bound to see man familiar faces.

Above: Pedro Pascal in Some Men.

Above: Karen Olivo in West Side Story.

Mary Beth Peil:

Actress Mary Beth Peil was one of my favorite parts of Dawson's Creek. As many of you know though Peil has had a long accomplished stage career before joining Jen and Pacey on the Creek. Peil's no nonsense role as Chris Noth's mother on The Good Wife is a stand out and I hope the producers put her in more episodes next season.

Kudos to Karen Hall

In my continuing effort to showcase not just those in front of the camera, but as well, those talented individuals behind the camera let me introduce you to Karen Hall. Karen Hall is someone who has been apart of my life, and possibly yours, since I was a child. It is amazing to me to think of all the great 'moments' Karen Hall has helped me enjoy and I have not thanked her.

Karen Hall is a writer and wrote two of The Good Wife this season, April's Doubt and as well my favorite of the seasons, Unplugged from two weeks ago.

Above: At the 2003 Emmy's with Judging Amy's Kevin Rahm.
Photo Source:

If you are a lover of television you have most likely enjoyed the work of Karen Hall. Karen began her television career as a writer in the early 80's on Eight Is Enough, M*A*S*H and Hill Street Blues. She also spent time as a story editor on M*A*S*. Add to this writing credits on The Betty Ford Story, The Women Of Brewster Place, Northern Exposure, Quantum Leap and I'll Fly Away.

The quality of her work, and the respect she obtained also led to jobs producing, most notably on Judging Amy. Hall also worked as a creative consultative on Roseanne, Grace Under Fire and Moonlighting. Hall has been nominated for Emmy's for her work on Hill St Blues, Moonlighting and The Women of Brewster Place.

Although I would never want to label any one's work, Hall has certainly been involved with standout work all of which has showcased strong, independent women. The Good Wife continues this tradition and I trust the producers will ensure Hall scripts more episodes in the future.

Hall is also the author of the novel Dark Debts, a supernatural thriller combining horror, Southern Gothic, humor, romance and theological mystery. Dark Debts was a Book of the Month Club main selection.

Karen has an amazing blog which she regularly updates. It is a joy to read, as it is laced with her intelligence, her wit, her talent and her humanity. Please check out Karen's blog HERE: