Sunday, June 8, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 8th

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Ball caps, Blue Jeans and Bikini Briefs: Zack Abraham by Carl Proctor

It is clear to regular FH readers that showcasing the work Carl Proctor is one of my favorite things to do. In the last four years I featured his work and images as often as I can. The Atlanta photographer not only produces incredible imagery, he is generous, supportive and continues to remain excited about his work and the process of putting together a great theme or shoot.

Carl's enthusiasm has led to his creating images and themes that have been some of my favorites to present on the blog. It has also led to my introduction to models whom I may not have given attention to, except for Carl's images. Carl has an eye for not only spotting, but capturing models in a way that makes them stand out. He always manages to capture that one moment or that second of a killer smile, or that perfect pose. That hard to define essence that creates that stand out image, the essence you may not have noticed, if Carl's camera had not zoomed directly to it.

When I saw the image of model Zack Abraham, the image I used for pic of the day, I knew it was one of those shots. There was something about the pose and Zack with a baseball and glove and the ball cap with briefs that I so loved. Zack was also wearing sandals, footwear Carl obviously loves to shoot his models in. Like or dislike the image, it is unique and stops you in your tracks. Carl often throws in pieces of fashion and props that on the surface, you might question how would blend together. Carl, with the right model, finds a way to make them work.

Carl certainly made it work with Zack. Carl says the shoot ended up being much shorter than he had planned, but they still ended up with some amazing images! Zack, who is represented by Crew Models International is an auto mechanic by trade but loves the arts and says he applies this creativity and artistry to all aspects of his life, including his auto work. I love Zack's outlook. Many of us would never assume, when we see our mechanic, no matter how hot, in overalls and full of grease as being artistic. I think we could all benefit if there were more artistically driven people tinkering under our hoods.


The best laid plans. My Friday night plan was to be the third wheel. A role I am quite familiar with, having played it on and off at different times and with different people. The people I was joining this time were one of my best friends and his wife to go to the movies. The movie was supposed to be Godzilla. Despite it's fairly poor ratings, I, like my friend, are suckers for a monster movie, even a not so great one. I so love a good, or not so good, monster flick, I even enjoyed the 1998 version with Matthew Broderick. As we pulled up to the theatre, a quick scan of theatre's listing told me I would not be chomping on popcorn watching Godzilla chomping on New Yorkers. It's run had ended the previous night and before I could get 'How about The Grand Seduction?' from my lips, one half of the couple announced we were seeing Edge Of Tomorrow.

I had zero interest in Edge Of Tomorrow, I have had little to no interest in fact, in any Tom Cruise movie really since The War Of The Worlds. I don't think I have actively boycotted his blockbusters, it is more that I seem sort of naturally repelled by them. Summer blockbusters are meant to take us away, relax and escape from our everyday problems. Between the Scientology, the relationships, and his penchant for odd behaviour, it became more and more difficult to achieve that escape, and to separate character from actor while watching his movies. Edge Of Tomorrow was not a bad film really, it went by quickly and I was never bored. Seeing Cruise on screen however, filled me with a strange sense of melancholy, even sadness. The feeling sort of hung there and stuck for the rest of the evening.

I was 10 or 11 when I saw Top Gun, and went 3 times to see it that summer. Over the next ten years or so, during my formative years moving through puberty to adulthood, I spent many summer nights, in a dark theatre with Tom Cruise. The Color Of Money, The Firm, Cocktail, Days Of Thunder, Rainman and A Few Good Men. When not enjoying Cruise on the big screen, I wore out my VHS copy of All The Right Moves trying to freeze frame is very brief frontal. I am thinking, that between 14 and 19, Cruise was probably the actor who took the starring role in my fantasy's, dreams and masturbatory stimulants. Most often, I imagined Cruise as he appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone in 1990. Coming from ocean, soaking wet, jeans and white shirt clinging to his body. During a few brief seconds, for just a moment while watching Edge Of Tomorrow, I was reminded of those early memories of Cruise. The superstar with the huge smile that I lusted after so. The melancholy feeling rose when remembering what was and again realizing that early love, so sweet and innocent, has been gone for a long long time.

All The Right Moves (1983)


Playing with the Boys

Top Gun was the first Tom Cruise movie I saw at the theatres. It was also arguably the gayest. Between longing glances in the locke room to serious moments with a daddy figure wearing your tighty whites, Top Gun brought the shirtless eye candy ten fold!

The homo eroticism was never as clear or blatant as it was in The Vollyball Scene. Lets start with Kenny Loggins Playing With The Boys song blasting in the background. I remember even at 11, even before I really knew I was gay, feeling that scene doing a little something something with my nether regions while I watched. Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, Rick Rossovich and Anthony Edwards. I also had me a wee crush on Barry Tubb.

1.) Make sure 75 percent of the guys on the court are wearing jeans and/or cropped sweatpants with no shirt.
2.) The other 25 percent must wear a colorful pair of swim trunks with a sleeveless shirt.
3.) Tape your hands up as if you’re about to do some intense Muay Thai training.
4.) Aviator sunglasses are a must.
5.) Get sweaty well before the game starts.
6.) A well-choreographed high five is highly encouraged.
7.) Casually flex your muscles and pose whenever you get the chance.
8.) Dog tags or any necklace adds some sparkle.
9.) As mentioned, any Kenny Loggins song will make for a great soundtrack for this gentleman’s game.
10.) Above all, make sure that you are doing all this in front of an audience of males 

Figs & Newton

It may have been partly due to his resemblance to a certain movie star, but when I was a teenager, Joey Newton was one of my all time favorite men of Playgirl. His body is delicious yes, but that smile, that jaw, that wavy dark hair, incredible!

I did a FH poll back in 2009 and Joey topped my list, might be time for poll to see who you all would love to see in future Playgirl posts! Joey Newton was my first Classic Playgirl post back in 2007, but I only used a few images. I thought it was a good time to again, join Joey by the pool.

Joey Newton
Playgirl, May 1994
Photography by David Hinds