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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 8th


Happy Birthday today January 8th

Happy 39th today to actor Christopher Russell!

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UnREAL (2018)

Mendes in Miami

The single life obviously does the body good, especially if that body is in the form of Shawn Mendes. Shawn looks exceptionally hot in these shots taken in Miami this past week.

Stephen Lang: Actors & SKIN

I'm still quite behind with catching up with what's on my DVR.  There are hours on there, some of which, I'll probably delete before I watch.  Most of it it's also available On-Demand, so not sure why I actually keep it there, except convivence.  After Christmas, I finally finished season 5 of The Good Fight.  Despite a questionable storyline or two, the legal drama remains one of the best shows on television.  

One of those questionable storylines in season five was Marissa time in Judge Wackner's courtroom turned reality show.  I love me some Mandy Patinkin, and understood the point the story was trying spotlight.  My problem was they could have done it in an episode or two without dragging it out the entire season.  I think the show loved watching Patinkin as Wackner, and just wanted more.  I get that, and if they didn't pull through the entire series, we wouldn't have gotten to see the always brilliant CCH Pounder in the final two episodes. 

Speaking of Pounder, the story also featured one of her co-stars from 2009's Avatar.  When I first saw the face of the actor playing David Cord, I knew he looked familiar.  Cord was a wealthy conservative funding Judge Wackner's show, and he was played by the distinguished and award winning actor Stephen Lang.

Even at almost 70, Lang has an indisputable sex appeal that shines through in almost every role he plays.  Although I didn't initially know who he was, a quick google search had me realize that Lang is an actor I've enjoyed in many favorite films over the last few decades.  I love discovering an actor that I've actually known and enjoyed for years.

Born in New York, after graduating with a degree in English Literature, Lang's passion for great literature was then channeled from books to the stage. Lang made his Broadway debut in 1975 playing Bernardo in Hamlet.  He went on to play Harold (Happy) Loman in the 1984 Broadway revival of Death of a Salesman and the 1985 television film with Dustin Hoffman as Willy Loman.  Lang also appeared on stage in A Few Good Men, Saint Joan, Wait Until Dark and  In 1992, Lang was nominated for a Tony Award for his lead role in The Speed of Darkness.

With Sam Worthington in Avatar (2009)

In addition to appearing on The Good Fight, Lang also had regular roles on several television series including: Crime Story, The Fugitive, Salem and Into the Badlands.  Lang also starred in dozens of feature films including; Project X, Manhunter, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Tombstone, and the already mentioned Avatar.  Lang has several upcoming features, including the four sequels to Avatar

Strangers: Ceremony

American business executive, Theo, falls hard for a seductive sensual dancer called Marie and they engage in a sexual relationship where she dominates him

As Lang as aged, his focus on fitness seems only to have intensified. His Instagram has many images of the actor working out including his practicing Iron Yoga.  Lang had two nude scenes that I could find, both back in 1996 when he was in his forties.  Both include frontals, although in the 1996 film An Occasional Hell, it's more of a a quick or you'll miss it.

Lang actually has a rather lengthy and incredibly hot front in his appearance in the HOB anthology series Strangers. (above)  I'd love to find a better quality version of the scene, but sadly many of HBO and Showtimes softcore series from the 90's never got quality releases.  Still, you can get a good idea from the clip above, thanks to xyzpdq from SOMS.

An Occasional Hell (1996)

A former policeman-turned college professor of forensics, is asked by a widow to solve the murder of her unfaithful husband and the disappearance of his mistress who may have been linked to some drug dealers.

Francisco Henriques: FaVorites

Wilhelmina Models

Height 6' 2''  
Waist 31'' 
 Suit 40L  
Inseam 32''  
Shoe 9 US  

Francisco Henriques on Instagram

Francisco by Ricardo Santos

Francisco by Ben Weller

Francisco by Marc Regas

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