Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 18th

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Happy Birthday today February 18th

And best wishes back to you Matt Dillon! on your 51st!

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Kudos to Martin Short & Maya Rudolph

There were lots of things to love, and maybe an equal amount of thing to hate about Sunday's SNL 40th Anniversary marathon. The 3 and half hours though was worth the journey for those few minutes of Martin Short being blown away by Beyonce and her wind machine. Martin has never gotten the credit he deserves for his comic brilliance and every time I see Maya Rudolph I am reminded how good Saturday Night Live was when it had her presence . Thanks to you both for the biggest belly laugh of the very long night.

Casting Questions: And then you take off your clothes?

No, I did not go back to watching The View, but I did enjoy reading actor Ryan Paevey's tale of auditioning for 50 Shades of Grey. I am sure casting this movie was far more enjoyable than actually watching the finished film. I think given how it all ended up, Paevey would have been a great choice.

'Phase 1, you're dressed. When you walk in, you are dressed.'

Rosie Perez
'Get to Phase 2, get to Phase 2'

Paevy by Scott Ashton

'Phase 2, you sit in a long line in a hallway with a bunch of strangers, everybody knowing that one of us is going to molest one us in about five minutes or so, and then you walk in and they've got some lines and she says something about how she wants to introduce herself to me and...'

'And then you take off your clothes?'

'I did, I did, but I don't do it, she does it.'

Paevey by Tim Ricks
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Rick Click & Save: Jabbar Hicks by Trevor Green

'Being able to put a smile on people’s faces because of my body, and the different artistic images is what I live for. I have always imagined being on someone’s wall, calendar or the background for their phones or computers.'

In the hands of skilled and supportive artist, a models nerves, even shyness can be photographed beautiful and even erotic. When however, a model appears uncomfortable, visibly unhappy, a if he was dragged to the shoot kicking and screaming, that uncomfortable feeling is usually shared by the viewer. That is certainly not the case with model Jabbar Hicks who completely naked in front of the camera, seems clearly at ease. Many models seem almost offended their work is enjoyed and saved, and it is refreshing to hear a model relish being right clicked and saved.

Jabbar exudes not only self confidence, but a coolness with just a hint of sexy cockyiness. It is not at all arrogant, just a self assuredness that comes through his beautiful and playful eyes. Jabbar has reason to feel confident, his background and experience have given him both the physical and emotional strength to face whatever comes his way. The 31 year old Atlanta model spent 8 years in the United States Marine Corps as a Parachute Rigger. An injury ended his years in the service, but did not end his desire for all things adventurous and new.

'The summer is my favorite season, only because it gives me reason to wear as little clothing as possible.'

Photographer Trevor Green's images, and Jabbar's philosophy on the season are just two more reasons to long for summer! Trevor says working with Jabbar was amazing and despite the confidence, he is actually very humble, is a true artists model and shares in Trevor's vision of the work. 'Jabbar has become a muse, in fact this weekend we are working together again, doing a body painting session.' I will keep you informed if Trevor shares a part 2 from the weekend....