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Favorite Pic of the Day for December 25th

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In the hope that Saint Nicholas soon would be there...

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O Tannenbaum

The Merriest of Christmas moments to everyone checking into FH 
for a few minutes this Christmas Day!

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12 Days: Zach Galligan in Gremlins

Many people argue whether movies like Gremlins and Die Hard are actually Christmas movies.  To me, whether Santa appears or not, if it has a any bit of Christmas in it, and you like to watch it over the holidays, it's a Christmas movie.

I remember the first time our family rented Gremlins at the video store.  I was pretty young to really enjoy it and got about quarter through it before getting scared and heading to my room.  Of course I watched and it enjoyed it years later, taking special notice of the adorable face of actor Zach Galligan.

Zach got his start acting professionally in the 1982 ABC After School Special TV Movie, A Very Delicate Matter. That delicate matter, and the subject of Zach's first on screen appearance was.gonorrhea.   Thankfully the subject matter didn't  stall Zach's career from moving along, and from getting cast in two years later in his first feature film, Gremlins.

In addition to Gremlins 2 in 1990, Galligan continued to work steadily both in film and on Television but none of his projects garnered the young actor the attention he received for the original Gremlins.  Galligan has been busy this past year and has five movies coming out next year, not to mention the rumored Gremlins 3, which Galligan has helping to get made. 

Although Galligan appeared in a few straight to video titles with titles that imply there might be a little nudity, (Mortal Passions) it didn't unfortunately occur with Galligan.  Galligan did briefly show his butt in the 1992 flick All Tied Up.  Although only very briefly naked, the bondage scenes were still pretty hot.  Check out some caps on Page 2 HERE:

Cookies & Cream: George by Lights on Studio

Twas the night before Christmas...

Although the 25th gets so much of the attention, for me, the most magical time of the holiday is Christmas Eve. The evening time between sunset and midnight when the shopping, decorating preparing is over. I can't really explain it, but I think most of you know what I mean. There is something in the air, an anticipation maybe, a stillness, a memory of all those sleepless nights awaiting Santa's arrival when we were kids.

When I was kid, Christmas Eve was usually just the immediate family, Chinese food, A Miracle on 34th viewing, opening just one gift, then leaving out cookies and mild for Santa before bed. Now that I'm older, the traditions have had to change. I usually end up working Christmas Eve, so after the hour and a half drive, I've usually missed the Chinese.

The family is now scattered, so Christmas is celebrated multiple times over the week whenever a sibling, aunt, uncle, niece or nephew is able to visit. On Christmas Eve however, no matter who is there, or what is going on,  my father still insists on one tradition, leaving out that glass of milk and a plate with three cookies.

Christmas traditions have also become important on FH.  I have been both fortunate and appreciative to to be able to feature the work of Lights On Studio's Tom Nakielski each December 25th over the last four years.  FH viewers know how much I love holiday themed imagery, but I also especially thrilled when I am able to feature original holiday visuals created for viewers of the site.

Not all models initially jump at the chance to pose in a Santa cape and hat or sit naked on atop a huge Christmas present.  This year however, we are lucky that Tom discovered George Chammas on Facebook. The athlete and  NPC Men’s Physique Competitor fill out his Santa briefs nicely and clearly burns off any cookies he may be tempted with.

Tom had the idea to re-create some Christmas Eve moments, and rented a Santa cape and PJ's from local costume shop.  Although Tom knew George was well built, was still surprised with how muscular he looked when he first took his shirt off at the shoot.  George admits to being a little nervous at the beginning as this was the first time he'd done a nude photo shoot.  George says it helped that Tom had such a clear vision of he wanted to create, and used his imagination to get into character and the spirit of Christmas Eve.

Despite those initial nerves, Tom says George was great and came through with flying colors.  George was pleased with the results as well and would love to again work with Tom on a future project.   I look forward to what future work they may create, George, in addition to his incredible body, has a great face and sexy smile.  George's beautiful eyes also have just enough twinkle to match the magic that is Christmas Eve.

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 24th

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JW Johnson: Sugar Plums

'He's loaded lots of toys and goodies on his sleigh.'

It was this time last year I first featured the Christmas imagery of photographer JW Johnson. (Unwrapped) If you've checked out my features on JW's work the past 12 months you know that JW shoots far more than just Christmas themed images. Given it was however, an image of a naked male model falling out of Santa's sack, JW's holiday images will always remain favorites.

The Missouri photographer didn't initially plan on Christmas Tree's, presents and poinsettia's to be a big part of his work, but given shooting calendars and greeting cards became a big part of his photography work, a decked out Christmassy December backdrop was required. Soon, JW began having many of his models, even those not posing for the calendar's, pose beside or under the Christmas tree creating a huge archive of great holiday shots he's graciously shared with FH.

St. Nicholas Day: Mark Henderson by YogaBear Studio

Bells are ringin', children singin', all is merry and bright
So jump in bed, and cover your head, 'cause Santa Claus comes tonight

Over the last decade plus, FH has featured many Sexy Santa's. But this version of the jolly St. Nick is relatively modern, stemming from the 1820 poem, 'An Account of a Visit from St. Nicholas' by Clement Clarke Moore. With a little help from cartoonist Thomas Nast, and Coca Cola's depiction of Santa in the 1930's and we have the version most of us accept as Santa today.

Most models can put on the red hat and play Santa, but not all have the chops to pull off Saint Nicholas. The original Saint Nicholas didn't wear red, that came later. The original was a Christian bishop from Patara. (a land that is now is part of present day Turkey) The Bishop was known for providing food and clothing to the sick and poor. Stories of his miracles and work for the poor spread to other parts of the world, including America in the 1700's, providing the basis for the now popular character of Santa Clause.

I love all my sexy Santa's, but had been looking for a Saint Nicholas when I recently saw David from YogaBear Studio's recent work with model and actor Mark Henderson. These shots were taken during David's recent trip to Toronto. David and Mark captured the essence of the St. Nick, plus a great nod to the present with the gift giver checking his cell phone to ensure his bottom hits down on just right chimney.

'This beautiful spirit David Gray flew from one end of our continent to almost the other to stay with me for 3 days and shoot me non stop. One cannot imagine how humbling and flattered I felt, all at once. He is grace and serenity. He directs me in precise small motions that later I see how he was 10 steps ahead of me.'

Zach Galligan: All Tied Up

One man, three women, and a very long rope...

A recent shot of a still stunning Zach

With Molly Ringwald in Surviving (1985)

Although sadly, or not so sadly, actor Zach Galligan didn't go the Martin Hewitt route into Shannon Tweedish soft core straight to video softcore flicks.  He did however make this 1993 film that although light on nudity, was heavy on hotness with the bondage scenes.  Galligan briefly shows his butt to celebrate after finally being free, but the scenes with him tied up are much more erotic.

All Tied Up (1993)

Linda's boyfriend Brian loves checking out other women, so her best friends Kim and Sharon convince her that the three of them kidnap him and torture him until he learns his lesson.

An Instagram Christmas: FaVorites

Every Christmas season, as I'm scrolling through Instagram, I keep my eye out for the hottest of holiday photos.  So many artists I follow bring a little Christmas into their art, and so many of the models I follow seem to love decking their halls and hanging their ornaments completely naked.


Each year, I put together some of my favorites, most, are models and artists I featured before, some, I hope to share more of on FH in the upcoming year.  Despite the limits of what you can post on Instagram, most have found creative ways to still share some incredibly hot shots.  Here some of my favorite festive follows for this year.

Rick n Griff




Johnny Stone

Daniel Jensen

Seth Storm