Sunday, January 22, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 22nd

Rodin by Studio Troll i Ord
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Happy Birthday today January 22nd to:

Happy Birthday John Wesley Shipp!

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John Wesley Shipp - NYPD Blue by Aniohoh


Really, all the other skateboarders should just give up!

I am not sure I have ever watched a Zac Efron movie or tv show all the way through (almost made it through Hairspray but about 45 minutes was with the >> button), but my he is purdy. Getting even hotter as he gets a bit older and bulking up a bit. Maybe I will try to make it through New Year's Eve without using the fast forward....

Favorite TV Dog: Stella


I am not sure I have laughed quite so hard at the suicidal tendencies of French Bulldog as I did while watching last weeks Modern Family. Watching Jay and Gloria try to ensure Stella did not end it all in the families swimming pool was priceless. Stella, as played by Brigitte, has the best facial expressions of anyone in the immensely talented cast.

Fade To BLACK by Studio Troll i Ord

by Frank Aron Gårdsø

When I first contacted Frank Aron Gårdsø of Studio Troll i Ord, it was about one shot of one model. Although the Oslo photographer says he is not a professional, his portfolio is a visually eclectic mix of subjects, themes and textures. Along with many incredible shots of male models were sets with titles such as Oslo Trash, Dolls, Masks, Got Milk and Butts. Now...if you check out FH on any type of regular basis you may have assumed I would have gone straight to Butts, but this time I went straight to Black. (the butts...hopefully a follow-up...)

Usually I can pinpoint why an image speaks to me but with black, I have still not exactly figured it out. Visually there is just something incredibly intriguing to me about the images. It might be the luminescent look of the models skin contrasted with the black, it might be the similarity of the material to a garbage bag. The way in which Frank chose to shoot, with pose and angles, it almost looks as if the model is lost, trapped at the bottom of a bag. Although this may not have been Frank's intent, it gives the images a feel of urgency I liked. Whatever the reason, visually the images were something I had not seen before, that in itself is something that always warrants attention.

I found this very nice and shiny PVC coated fabric in my favorite fabric store, and I just had to buy it. Sometimes I don’t even have an idea of what to shoot. I just buy stuff that I find interesting and stash it at home until later. Sometimes I don't get any ideas and just play with it. This time I started out by taking pictures of a friend of mine and I just put the black PVC coated fabric on my bed adjusted him on top of it and started to shoot. I liked the result and wanted to try this out on other models.

'I wanted to have the human body turned and twisted in different shape on top of that black fabric. I wanted the shine and feel of something metallic, in contrast with the pale skin of the models. As for the shooting itself, I just used a chair to stand on while I positioned the model on the fabric directly on my living room floor. Used one flash. Aimed the camera directly down on the model. I did not even see in my viewfinder what I shot. I took a chance that it will turn out well. I set the focus manually and moved my arms as far out as I could and took the shot. Simple as that, and many hours of work in Photoshop to get the desired look and feel that I wanted at that time.'
Frank Aron Gårdsø

Frank's day job is also one with a focus on the visual. Frank has worked in various aspects of the film industry, cinematographer, actor, writer and director and numerous other jobs related to the industry including working as part of the crew for Norway's Next Top Model. Frank says often it is something very simple that becomes his inspiration.

'Sometimes I write a little story that goes with it, sometimes I just like to test my skills in Photoshop and then a whole new concept pops up.'

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