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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 16th

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Happy Birthday today May 16th

Happy 54th to actor  David Boreanaz

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I'm not sure I was ever really a huge fan of actor David Boreanaz, but I was certainly hot for Angel. I loved Buffy & Angel and remember all the pausing and fast forwarding when Angel returned to Sunnydale from Hell, completely naked.  We didn't see much, but enough to crave more.

These Girls (2005)

Seasonal Sightings:

Joshua David: Flesh Tones

'I saw so many guys' heads turn to see if I was wearing anything!'

When I think of Joshua David (bun_aventure) , I can't help but think also of snow.  One of the first images of the Seattle based model that I ever saw was a stunning shot of a nude Joshua in the snow on Mount Rainier. I featured that shot the first time I featured Joshua's work back in 2016. (Open Season)  I know I'm not the only one who was drawn to the image as I've seen it frequently shared on other sites and and forms devoted to images of men naked in nature. 

As you can beautifully see, there was no snow in sight when Joshua, and his beautiful buns  headed for their latest adventure.  These shots were all taken on a recent trip to French Polynesia, specifically the islands of Tahiti and Moorea.  Joshua had been hoping to visit Japan, but the pandemic put the country into lockdown and plans had to be changed.

'For this trip, I was looking for something special that would be unlike all my other swimsuits. I loved exploring the islands in this micro brief from @toddsanfield -- it definitely earned a few double-takes from the locals.'

The flesh toned swim swimsuit certainly had me doing a double take when I first saw the shots!  Joshua reports that even the person who makes the speedo thought he was nude when checking out some of the photos.  You can see more of Joshua exploring the incredible location in his skin colored suit on his Instagram HERE:

'I embraced the many looks and took in the extra attention, even though it can make me nervous.'

If you follow Joshua's work you know those speedos were eventually coming off.  Many of his adventures in Tahiti and Moorea included hikes and excursions sans swimsuit. Although Joshua loves being naked in the great outdoors, he was careful not to stumble upon any other travelers on his stripped down strolls. 

Most of the shots featured here were taken by Joshua's husband and a few close friends who joined him on the journey.  Although it's Joshua's beautiful body in focus, the incredible views captured expand to the incredible colors and majestic surroundings. Now that he's back home, Joshua's not slowing down.  Although his treks will have to be a little closer to home, there will be more adventures for our bun-aventure to look forward to in the mountains and trails near Joshua's home in Washington.

Favorite Clicks of the Week:

Kyle Hynick

These are a few favorites from my recent week of clicking...  Fitness model Kyle Hynick always gives his undies a workout, no more so than in captures from his recent trip to Bora Bora. Kyle shared several, (including the shot above) on his Twitter with even more, on his OnlyFans.

Charles Melton

Speaking of undies, nothing comes between Charles Melton and his Calvins, at least nothing I could see on the Riverdale actor's Instagram page


Yummyzine #5 features many hot men, including favorites Owen Lindberg (above) and Jovan Clark (below) both shot by photographer Sasha Olsen,. You can check out more teasers on the Yummyzine Instagram page HERE:

Take Me Out

The recent shots from the current production of Take Me Out got a lot of PR this week, but the original production still grabs my attention.  Thanks to David Asset (featured on FH HERE:) who recently  posted links to video from the 2003 show on DreamCaps. The original Broadway production also featured a slew of TV stars including: Daniel Sunjata, Denis O'Hare and David Eigenberg. 

Playgirl Plus

Earlier this year, I posted some of my favorite shots (HERE:) of the ultra hot Sam Spade. (above)  In the piece, I teased his new pictorial for the newly launched website PlaygirlPlus.  The site is now official up and in addition the magazine's vast archives, there have been four new Men of the Month added to the site.  

I loved Sam's portfolio by photographer Adam Washington,  and also really enjoyed the images and video featuring model Joe D. Martinez by photographer Brian Kaminski.  


One of my favorite weekly visits is always to Casperfan and his incredible site. Recently, Casperfan added caps and a video link from the sizzling Charles Alexander and his delicious butt from theseason 2, episode 2 episode of The Wilds


Over the last couple of years, I researched and posted the only two nude scenes from the original 1980's airig of Kids In The Hall.  They included clips and caps for cast members Bruce McCulloch (HERE:) and Mark McKinney. (HERE:)  The new version premiered this week on Amazon prime, and as you can see from these caps from AusCaps, actors Kevin McDonald and Dave Foley have now joined the nude troop.  Scott.... it's your turn next!