Wednesday, January 10, 2024

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 11th

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Happy Birthday today January 11th

Happy 27th to singer and swimmer Cody Simpson!

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Clean Up on Aisle Six

Nick Alex

'Curious minds want to know....Where do they keep their wallets or debt cards?'

I don't know why, but I sometimes find going to the grocery store an incredibly erotic experience.  Not all the time, not when I'm in a hurry and have just a few things to pick-up.  But.. when I have more time, to relax, slow down casually shop, it can be a visually stimulating excursion.  

Image by Victor Borzih

It's not just the colorfully organized lines and bins full of food.  All of them, neatly stacked and displayed to make shoppers want to buy them.  It starts with the employee's.  When I pull in to my local grocery store, I'm visually greeted by several high school and college guys whose only job is to walk around the parking lot and bring the carts back into the store.  Usually, I'm barely out of my car before one of them is greeting me and asking if I want one of those carts that they're pushing back into the store.

Then it's the guys behind the meat counter, the hotties putting fresh vegetable's in the bins, and the guys cutting open boxes in the store aisles, and stocking the shelves.  Sure, they're not all my cup of tea, but on a quiet afternoon, when you're a little bit horny, a trip to the grocery store can sometimes be just what you need. 

Killian Belliard  by Alexis Salgues

John Whaite by Walter Zak Photo

I love the mood set in this series, Johnny Angel,  shot by UK based photographer Walter Zak.  Having spent a fair bit of time going through and enjoying  Walter's portfolio, he has a special gift for creating an specific mood.  Anchored in intimacy, Zak beautifully uses lighting and pose to create that 'end of the day' feel and release in so many of his shots and photo series. 

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