Thursday, October 27, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 28th


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Seasonal Sightings:

Instagrams That Inspire: Mister Caccamo

One of the hottest Instagram creators, (and OnlyFans) is most definitely Mister Caccamo. I especially love that Roberto Caccamo seems to love holiday themed imagery as much as I do.  

I first saw some of Roberto and his plump pumpkins last November, and as hard it was, tucked them away until this Halloween season. Whether he's leather bound cat, a Ghost struggling to keep covered, or just bulging in orange, Roberto always brings his all to the content he shares.

FH Costume Parade!

As is tradition here at FH, this past Saturday, we had our annual Halloween gala and costume contest.  With Covid still an issue, vaccinations were or course still mandator for all participants.  Masks were also required,  except for when official portraits were taken for the contest. Social distancing was encouraged, but with a room filled of hot, mostly naked men, we quickly gave up trying to enforce it. We did reduce the numbers, and sadly, spectators were not allowed at this years bash, but thanks to FH, some of the best and most creative non-costumes are featured here.   

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Just call him Angel of the evening darlin.   The hottie in white above was a little shy to actually come inside, I guess the heavenly hunk was really into character, worried he not remain chaste  if he came inside.  That didn't stop the judges from going outside to ruffle his feathers. 

Onesie Guy

Onesie guy comes every year, looking cute, but uninspired, wearing the Batman oneside each and every year.  This year however, his lowered zipper position, finally put him into the finals!


Michael from Entertain Me took last's years FH Dracula theme to new heights by only wearing a cross and red cape.  We did however have to ask the Count to leave a little early after complaints of the bloody mess he keep leaving in the men's room.  

Send in the Clown

Who had more clowns in them, the car or Paul Cassidy?  I'm guessing by Paul's generous costume rip, it was a close race. 


There were several Mario's at this years event, some, (Chris Pratt) didn't quite have what it takes to make the final cut.  The Mario above though, knew exactly how best to manage his mushroom... Mamma Mia!


FH Favorite Dee Whitt (Shot by Patrick Photography) came as a sexy web slinger. Not Spider Man, just a hot, naked slinger of webs.  While some party goers avoided Dee's sticky spray, others made sure they were in the line fire.

We Need A Hero!

There are always lots of hot men from Marvel and DC in attendance, in and out of their tights.  Two of the judges favorites were a man of steal, with an especially impressive tool of power.  We also loved our Captain America, (shot by Justin) who left the costume at home and arrived with only his shield. 

Web Heads

Both of this year's Web Head finalists knew exactly how to present their costumes to the judges.  Sir Alexander (above) simply assumed the position.  Logan, (below) insisted we all lay on the floor and judge him from a very specific angle.

And the winner is....

Although it was a tough decision, by just one vote, the Castro Gemello's took first prize at this year's event. Although a few of judges though their 'lack' of costume lost them points, their placement of blood pushed them to the edge. 

Group Winners:

As always, after the main costume contest, we hold our FH group competition.  There were fewer groups this year, but still, three handfuls of hunks stood out.

The Winner this year, hands down was the group below.  Blending Halloween, with the witch and imagery from The Wizard of Oz was a winning combination, and Toto was well trained and pretty darned adorable! 

After Party

'Clothes make a statement but Costumes tell a story.'

There were many costumes, and many stories told at this year's holiday extravaganza, most of them told, after the party was officially over.  The after parties were wild with witches putting their brooms in many crazy places.  The witches brew was strong, and inhibitions were low so most of the stories sadly, must be left untold.

And Chavez did manage to convince the last three remaining stragglers to participate in a series of group games that I'm sure none of them remembered the next morning.