Friday, February 13, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 13th

Favorite Birthday Boys for February 13th

Favorite Birthday Boys for Friday February 13th

One of the hottest athletes on the planet, Sebastian Kehl turns 29 today.

Love actor Barry Tubb who turns 46 today.

Actor David Naughton turns 58 today.

Were Makin' It!!!

Also Celebrating today Friday February 13th

Other favorites celebrating today February 13th

Hockey Player turned model Mats Christeen turns 27 today.

Singer and model Enric Escudé turns 33 today.

Robbie Williams turns 35 today.

One of the hottest men on daytime Galen Gering turns 38 today.

Where is John Nies these days (I am still looking for pics from the Dream Team John belonged to, let me know if you can help). John turns 45 today.

Musician, actor and comedian Henry Rollins turns 48 today.

Richard Tyson gave many 'inspiration' during the late 80's, Richard turns 48 today.