Thursday, January 3, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 3rd

Favorite Birthday Boy #1 for Jan 3rd Brodie Holland

AFL star and Dancing With The Stars contestant Brodie Holland turns 28 today.

Favorite Birthday Boy #2 for Jan 3rd: Nicholas Gonzalez

Actor and Model Nicholas Gonzalez turns 32 today.

Nicholas Gonzalez In 'As I See It'

Nicholas Gonzalez From the Great Greg Gorman's book, "As I See It".

Also Celebrating Today: January 3rd

The talented Kimberly Locke (Who should have come in 1st or second) turns 30 today.

Soap Hottie Frank Dicopoulos turns 51 today.

Mel Gibson turns 52 today.

Goodness it was hard to track down the lovely Victoria Principal from Dallas's exact birthday. It is listed with many different years. My best guess based on research is that Victoria turns 62 today.

Jumping on The Bandwagon: Michael Biserta

When Firefighter Michael Biserta first started showing up on everyone's blogs I decided to ignore him. Firstly he was getting over exposed. Secondly I was not sure I found him that hot. Then I saw the In Bed photos released recently and did fall in love with his lovely shaped behind. I researched and found I had the Guys Gone Wild DVD he appeared on and watched his section last night. Quite hot, he certainly is cocky, but cute as anything. Still, his 15 minutes must be up soon...

Michael Biserta in Bed

These shots helped convert me.

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