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Favorite Pic of the Day for January 28th

Timmy by JW Johnson
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Happy Birthday today January 28th

Happy 28th to model Diego Barrueco!

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Last Night at the Barre...

Blast From The Past: Matt McCoy

If you grew up watching television shows and movies in the eighties and nineties, you may likely do a double take whenever the AARP Hartford Insurance commercial comes on.  The customer, Matt McCoy has a staple on TV and in film over both decades and has familiar face and voice either recognize right away, or are certain they know him from somewhere.

That somewhere would be countless TV appearances on shows like We Got It Made, The Golden Girls, The Nanny, Seinfeld, Six Feet Under and more recently on NCIS, season 2 of True Detective and the Amazon series, Jack Ryan starring John Krasinski.

With Tom Villard in We Got It Made

Golden Girls

On film, McCoy has had roles in low budget, pretty much straight to video films like Dead On, In The Flesh, In the Heat of Passion II and The Soft Kill and big budget blockbusters like Police Academy 5 and 6, LA Confidential and The Hand That Rocks the Cradle.

McCoy has one of those welcoming faces and his talent allows him to bounce from big project to small with both skill and dependability.  Despite never really achieving super stardom, he's work steadily since hitting the scene in the late 1970's.

Police Academy 5: Assignment: Miami Beach (1988)

Dead On (1994)

As for on-screen nudity, Matt's mcCoy has stayed for the most part, in his pants.  Matt did star in a few low budget soft core flicks, including 1994's Dead On, and although he had LOTS of sex in the film, if you check out the clip below you'll see that except for his sexy hairy chest... he didn't show much. The soft core music and 'fancy 90's editing' are hot for about a second, but eventually the tease grows tiring.

With Leigh McCloskey in Fraternity Vacation (1985)

There is a little butt flash in 1985's Fraternity Vacation.  I think the butt (in the middle below) is Matt's, but the editing of the scene makes it a little unclear.  I doubt a studio for a low budget teen sex comedy with bother with body doubles for a quick mooning scene, but you never know.

Hand That Rocks The Cradle (1992)

Although there was no nudity, I think Matt, and his facial hair, were at there hottest in this scene from 1992's The Hand That Rocks The Cradle.

Good Things Come... Timmy by JW Johnson

In Small Packages...

When most people describe what they look for in a man, 'tall' is often included on the list.  At a little over 6'2" myself, I'm generally considered on the tall side, and often wondered what exactly tall meant for others.  For me, almost everyone I encountered was shorter than myself, so if being taller was a strict requirement, I my options would have vastly limited.

I don't think I've ever been with, dated or even danced with anyone taller than I was, so height was never really that important.  We call crushed over that hot short guy, at work, or when we were in school.  They were often very athletic, fit, compact and tight. Maybe in part due to the napoleon complex, but some shorter men have a swagger, a sexy way of moving, walking or presenting themselves.

Timmy Thomas certainly has that swagger.  Not that he's especially short, (his height is listed as 5'7") nor, as you can see does he have a small package.  Timmy has an energy, a sexual force that defies any degree of measurement.  There are many things models can learn and be taught, but one of the most difficult is the ability to transfer energy.  We've all seen images of great looking men that don't generate much response, often due to their inability to great energy and heat in front of the camera.

'Timmy was a natural model and flirt for sure...  He exuded both an innocent and super sweet  aura... mixed with that strong fuck me look.!'

Yeah, my use of swagger was too subtle, I think JW's 'fuck me' description might be more on the mark.  When I was going through JW's portfoio last month, at the bottom of one the pages (HERE:) were JW's images of Timmy.  His beautiful blue eyes, and that powerful sexual energy, had me reaching out to JW about featuring their work together.

Some of you might recognize Timmy from his adult film work, he began working in the industry at 18 back in 2001.  Timmy has worked for several studios including Centaur Films, Colt and Falcon Studios.  JW shot Timmy a few years later in 2005 at the request of Badpuppy magazine.  JW was visiting Colorado for the shoot, and had originally hoped to shoot Timmy outside.

'I had hoped to use a beautiful waterfall and shoot Timmy there for part of the shoot, When he arrived, he told me that he only had two hours to shoot.  With the waterfall being a good 15 minute drive south, and then another 15 minute hike up to the falls, we sadly didn't have the time.  We ended up shooting in the home I was renting which turned out great due to some of the beautiful furnishings and great windowlight.'