Friday, February 12, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 13th

 Tony by Lights On Studio 
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A Vintage Vantage

Colt model Rick Wolfmier

Buon San Valentino!

Valentines is such an odd little holiday. In general, holidays seem at their core, a way to bring people together.  For many however, they end up doing the opposite, this year especially.  'Together' days are always difficult on the single, the ill and the lonely. Valentine's Day can be fun and romantic, or like salt, on a festering would. 

When you're a kid, eating chocolate and giving cards to your homeroom class seems pretty harmless, but as you get older, Valentines can take on a nasty edge. I remember some incredible February 14th's when I was in my late teens and through my 20's, romantic dinners, wine, flowers and chocolate, love, sex, the whole nine yards. 

I also remember a few that had me wanting to slit my wrists. Painful Break-ups, relationships ending, unrequited love, especially when you're young, can make February 14th a painful pit of sorrow. You can't enjoy the day or stomach the food or even the candy. Being older doesn't mean the pain of a break-up is any easier, but most of us have toughened up a bit. Regardless of what we're going through, we;ve learned that no matter what's going on, no mater how bad it is, just enjoy the food, eat the candy, and most of all, drink the wine. Happy Valentines to All!

Guilty Pleasure: Tony by Lights On Studio

What do you see when you look at me 
Tell the man to measure 
Am I the lover you'd like my love 
Or just some guilty pleasure

I'm don't really believe self-pleasure and guilt really belong together.  Of course, if what you consider pleasurable brings harm or pain to another living thing, you should feel guilt.  If your pleasure comes from pain though, you probably don't.  I'm talking about all of those things we're taught to feel guilty about.  Sweet and high calorie foods, reality television, video games and almost everything connected with sex. 

I've never really been one to feel guilt or embarrassment about the things I enjoy and love.  The only time guilt creeps in, is when time is an issues. Whether it's binging a television show, playing Spider Solitaire, or working on FH, I only feel guilty when time gets a way from me.  I usually only have time to really work on FH on Sunday's.  I used to write a bit during the week in the evenings, but sometimes I ended up going down a rabbit hole often until long after midnight. 

We've all experienced researching something on-line, then realizing hours have passed while skipping from one Youtube video to another.  It's especially easy to sidetracked when your research subject is hot naked men.  Hit one model's Instagram, and before you know it, you're on another, then another, jumping to their Twitter, then off to an OnlyFans.

Holidays are the worst.  Yesterday alone I visited my usual haunts repeatedly hitting the search engine seeking responses to 'Valentine Hunk', 'Valentine naked male' 'Sexy Cupid' and 'Men with roses.'  My goal is always to find dynamic and unique images that have been posted again and again.  One of the reasons I love the new holiday shoots that artist create for the site, is that I was sick of seeing the old tired images getting recycled year after year. 

Valentines is a fairly narrow holiday.  Unlike Christmas and Halloween, Valentines is narrowly focused on love, romance, red hearts and chocolate.  Although the velvet red hearts, and the brightly wrapped chocolates might stay the same, there are always hot new models to shoot holding, licking, and playing with him.  Early this past January, photographer Tom Nakielski (Lights On Studio) shared a image of Tony, a new model he was shooting that he discovered on Model Mayhem.  

Tom had only recently moved into his new studio, and Tony would be just his second shoot in the new space.  He asked me if I had any interest in his doing some Valentine themed shots during their session. I of course said yes, and loved Tony's look in the image Tom shared.  A few days later.. one of my guilty pleasures took hold, and I had to push my luck by e-mailing Tom back with a favor....  I remembered Tom had purchased a stuffed groundhog for a shoot with Michael Moody, and asked if the stuffed animal had made the move to the new studio.  It had.  As some of you saw earlier this month, the Groundhog again rose to see the sun for a few shots during Tony's time in front of Tom's lens. 

I guess  I'd have to say that holiday imagery is one of my guilty pleasures, especially when it includes a hot naked model shot by a photographer I respect and admire.  I love the texture Tom created in this series, especially how beautiful Tony's tanned skin looks against the deep Valentine red.  I especially love Tony's dark eyes and hair, and he's also clearly endowed.  I'm not exactly sure who placed all those candy kisses around Tony's penis, but Tom did share that he had to buy two bags in order to ensure he could properly cover Tony's sweet package of Valentine treats. 

Actors & SKIN: Mario Van Peebles

A disgraced cop is given just 10 days to bring a dangerous gang to justice.

When I was looking for a 12 Days subject for February 14th, I came upon 1998's Valentine's Day.  The movie isn't that well known, and appears to be one of the many straight to video releases from the 90's.  Upon further research, I discovered the film wasn't exactly focused on hearts and flowers, but on a detective named Jack Valentine played by actor Mario Van Peebles.  

I'd of course heard of Mario Van Peebles, but don't think I ever saw him on television or on film, not that I could remember anyway.  But... when I saw that Valentine's Day (also known as The Protector)  had a nude scene, I had to check it out.  I was not disappointed!  Mario bared his glorious backside three times in the film, with the first scene (clip below) being the best.  The sex scene was incredibly hot, and had me looking to check out more of of Mario's man meat.

Mario showed his butt in several other films, all of which I managed to find and capture below.  While researching Mario however, the most fascinating nude scene he shot isn't one I felt comfortable capturing and sharing on FH.  In 1971, when Mario was just 13, he had a nude scene, butt and partial frontal in Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song.

 Los Locos (1997)

Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song was written and directed by Mario's father Melvin Van Peebles, who also bared all in the film.  The elder Van Peebles played a gigolo nicknamed Sweetback, known for his sexual prowess.  The film opens with a scene of young Sweetback (played by Mario) being coerced into losing his virginity by a prostitute.  

Raw Nerve (1999)

Posse (1993)

The opening scene was obviously controversial, and edited out of several versions of the films DVD release.  I believe it is intact in US release, and was in the version that I found on-line.  I'm interested in finding any interviews with Mario discussing the scene, especially given it was directed by his father.  Interesting enough, in 2003, Mario wrote, produced and directed Baadasssss, a film based his his father's experience trying to get the original 1971 film made.  Mario did not include any nude scenes of the young actor playing 'Mario' but he did include a nude scene (below) of his himself discussing the scene in question.

Baadasssss! (2003)

Valentine's Day (1998)