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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 17th

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Happy Birthday today October 17th

Happy 26th to actor and singer Jacob Artist!

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Hot Shower

I've got your back

Horror Hunks: Len Travis in Private Parts

'When Cheryl moves into her estranged aunt Martha's rundown King Edward Hotel, one of its offbeat residents, disturbed photographer George, takes special interest in her. Everyone there seems to be a pervert in one way or another, and when murders start occurring, Cheryl realizes that she is in over her head.'

Directed by Paul Bartel and produced by Gene Corman, brother of Roger Corman, the 1972  psychological thriller Private Parts successfully hits the creep-o-metre with it's collection of colorful characters.  The movie routinely plays TCM, usually late at night on the weekends.  It was after reading a synopsis on-line earlier this year that had me setting my PVR.

I was surprised at that brief, but memorable nude scene from actor Len Travis which opens the horror flick.  There is something incredibly hot about Len's 1970's hunky look, especially the sexy tan lines which highlight his gorgeous ass.  There's also a 'don't blink or you'll miss it' frontal when Len's gets up from the bed.

I couldn't really find out anything about Len when researching, Private Parts was just one of three film appearances he made in 1971 and 1972.   Good for us, but sad for Len, he had sex in the film and although not right after, (Spoiler Alert) he meets a bloody end shortly thereafter.   If you're into the dark, odd and creepy in your horror, find a copy of Private Parts, you may not enjoy it, but it has a certain something that's hard to shake off.

The Man He's Become: Max by YogaBear Studio

' David's a class act and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable during my time working with him.'

Being a class act is just one of the many reasons I always look forward to featuring the work of David from YogaBear Studio.  I love the respectful, yet incredibly erotic style David utilizes within his visual celebration of the male form.  One of David's goals is to broaden the scope of what men, and what models, are usually chosen to represent the idealized representation of the masculinity and the male form.

I have never seen a shoot from David in which his subject is presented as anything other than a multi faceted, beautiful and sensual representation of male perfection.   David accomplishes this is through his use of classic poses and themes to best showcase the man in front of his camera.  I especially love's David nod to classical Greek statues, his use of re-pose, not to mention throwing in a bit of a voyeuristic touch by often shooting his models dressing and undressing.  Through his process, I love how David no only captures the beauty, but hits on the essence of who they are as a man and a person.

When I recently visited David's port, I was drawn to his recent shoot with a Max, who looked incredibly hot and alluring in each of the themes he and David work in.   Although Max's curly dark hair may grab many's attention, it was Max's body and beautiful eyes, and the shape of his face, especially his mouth and nose, that first grabbed mine.  I especially love the shots of Max's eyes and face peeking through the long curls cascading over his face.

As someone who has curly hair myself, I grew up trying to tame my mane though out most of time as a teenager.  I used every product on the planet and even tried straightening it after borrowing a hair straightener from a girlfriend I had a the time.  Like many guys with curly hair, I stopped fighting when I started working and cut it short enough to deal with.  Max too, struggled with his curls, sharing it took a long time to embrace it.

'I faced criticism from family and friends (and still do to this day) but seeing my mane in it’s full glory every day has made persevering worth it'

'I had a great time working with David, he was able to help me understand certain body movements clearer to be able to achieve specific poses. I had done a nude shoot before so in terms of being nervous about that I wasn’t, though I do remember feeling a little self conscious about being bloated that morning.  He’s a class act and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable during my time working with him.'

What was your reaction when seeing the final shots and do you have a favorite from the shoot?

'Quite astonished! I had an idea of what they photos might’ve looked like afterwards but they really blew me away. My favorite is definitely the B&W side shot with my head in my hands.'

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?

Probably the series I did with the white bedding. To me that really highlighted that nudity is about far more than just arousal and I feel that those photos convey much more a sense of intimacy than anything else.

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off?
How does my SO feel about this? What is the purpose of this shoot, and do I agree with it? Do I trust the photographer that I am going to be working with? I was happy with the answer to all of those questions and was able to go in with a sound state of mind.

Did the response from friends/family enter into your decision?
The only person I even asked was my SO and they were okay with it. I know most of my friends and family would probably be opposed to it and to be honest I don’t really need the insecurity of other people and their perceptions of nudity to influence my personal decisions.

Any odd or strange stories from any shoots?
During one of my shoots I was talking about my interest in being a male dancer and it ended with me showcasing my dancing abilities haha.

Has there been a theme or concept suggested that you've nixed?
I was interested in exploring androgyny but I’ve since put that off when I realized how attached I am to my beard. I would love to come back to it at some point though.

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by?
John Rankin, I love the way he uses light and I’m a big fan of his eccentric makeup photos. I think he could really bring out the warrior in me.

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot?
On the beach in Bali, or somewhere comparable. Just the clear water, incredible tropical landscape…Nature is something that is really important to me, and doing a shoot in that setting would be something I’d cherish deeply.

Why do you think you like modeling?
I grew up as the fat kid, you know the one that always got picked on people were never interested in and was picked on as middle schoolers tend to do. I have worked hard to get to the point where I am at with my body now, both physically and mentally. For me, stepping in front of the camera and being confident and proud of the man I’ve become is a way of reclaiming my body, and my sense of self.

I love the last line in Max's quote above, it encapsulates why I love to explore the story behind how a shoot or image is created. We so often only process, and then form opinions, on what we see in he present, and on the surface. A good photographer is able to capture the essence who a man is, but a great artist, and one in search of it, can also capture a glimpse of who a man was.  To me, the is holds so much more depth and beauty with some understanding of the was.

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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 15th

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Happy Birthday today October 15th

Happy 35th Mr. Sayers!

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Room With A View

Standing Naked: Chaz by Robert John Guttke

'I have the knowledge I can stand naked in front of a group of people without being embarrassed. Useful for a porn career.'

Being naked is one thing, but standing naked is something different entirely. For most of us, being naked in public is something we maneuver our way through.  We're forced as kids to figure out our way around a locker room, a doctors office, even mooning from a car, or streaking across a football field. Standing naked however, completely still for a camera, a discerning artist or photographer, or a class room full of art students is an entirely different matter.

It can especially intimidating if that artist is Robert John Guttke.  Robert is not just a photographer, but an artist who has spent his life capturing, drawing, sculpting and writing about the male form.  He knows how best to light it, to pose it, to shoot it, to present it.  Robert's goal is not only about how to best present the model in front of him, but to showcase his incredible skill and eye for beauty within the images he captures and releases.

There are some photographers who allow a model to hide, to shield who they are behind costumes, themes and Photoshop. Some allow a model to fade behind a large penis or another body in focus.  Robert is not one of those artist.  The Minneapolis based artist has been creating his entire life and doesn't have the time or patience for models who need to hide.  Given the locations Robert often shoots in, and some of the theme and water elements used, standing still could be the least of your worries...

Robert and Chaz first connected in June of 1985.  Chaz was just moving to Minneapolis an was at a gym when he saw a poster that Robert had put up where he was looking for models.  Chaz remembers that the poster had a image on it of one of Robert's sculptures, one he recognized from Heavy Metal magazine.

'Soooo.,  I went over to his house and took off my clothes for him. He told me to do more sit-ups! I did my first shoot for him a few months later, in August or September of '85. I've been doing photo shoots with him on and off ever since. He was one of the first people I met in Minneapolis.'

I have been interested in featuring Robert's work for awhile now.  In many of our conversations about photography, and communicating about pieces for FH, Chaz's name would come up.  Having worked together so frequently over the years, an artistic alliance of sorts had developed with Robert often using his work with Chaz to work on new ideas and concepts as well as the development of an incredible visual scrapbook of Chaz's looks and incredible body over his over three decades in front of Robert's camera.

'Chaz was responsible for showing me the wonderful amo factory. I also had a unique shoot with him at a warehouse with BEAUTIFUL light- then the damn place was torn down. So Chaz owns that location and the light.'

As you can see, especially in the images above, Chaz has nailed down that standing naked thing. He got a lot of practice modeling for art classes in college (in a speedo at first as his college didn't let males pose nude, only the females) When Chaz moved to Minneapolis, he posed for one of the Classical Realist schools, which entailed standing in a specific pose for months at a time and remembers that most models who work for them ended up with back problems from having to maintain poses for so long.

The job did have a few unexpected drawbacks.  Chaz remembers many of the students were recently divorced women.  Some of them were still transitioning through a period of hating all men.  Others however, were ready and eager to interact (in a variety of different ways...) with the hot model standing naked in front of them.  Unlike when posing for Robert, standing naked for this particular audience came with an entirely different set of hazards and risks.

'I remember my final day on that job: I went into the classroom to start the session and the students (all female) had put up Playboy centerfolds on the backs of their easels- the idea of course, to see if they could get the model erect. . The students, who had discussed sexism often over the course of the class, were now doing exactly what they complained men did to them. I told them all that the class would not start until the photos were taken down. In between giggling, the centerfold did come down.'

Chaz 2018

Horror Hunks: Landon Liboiron in Hemlock Grove

I first noticed actor Landon Liboiron back in 2010 when he was appearing on Degrassi: The Next Generation.  The Canadian born Liboiron has such beautiful eyes and his distinctive face comes form his Polish (from his paternal grandmother), French-Canadian, German, and Swiss-German descent.

The Howling Reborn (2011)

I next noticed Liboiron in 2011's The Howling Reborn and although his character Will wore glasses, they only added to the actor's sex appeal.  Although he appeared shirtless in the film, unlike his werewolf predecessors like David Naughton (HERE:)  in An American Werewolf in London, there were no naked runs through the forests, parks or zoos. 

But... we needn't have worried.  Liboiron went on to play another werewolf a few years later. Liboiron played Peter on the Netflix series Hemlock Grove and this time...there were many opportunities for our wolf to be wear-less.

Hemlock Grove (2013-2015)

Hemlock Grove clip SOMS