Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 19th

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Happy Birthday today December 19th

So many great guys blowing out birthday candles today including one my favorite actors, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Please check out my previous birthday posts for December 19th with great shots of birthday boys; Til Schweiger, Gerrad Bohl, James Rousseau & Tyson Beckford.

Masterpiece: Igor by Z12 Photography

The first image of model Igor Kolomiyets that I saw was the photo that I used as pic of the day. The sun drenched image of Igor, standing naked in woods was perfection, beautifully lit and highlighting every inch of Igor's incredible physique.

Creative lighting is definitely a passion for artist behind the image, Z12 Photography. The Sacramento photographer has been shooting for roughly three years and loves to capture how light falls on the face, body and clothing.

'Photography to me is an art that cannot be define simply by an expensive camera and a pretty model but it takes both the photographer and the model to share the spotlight in order to make it a masterpiece.'

The artists goal would be to one day shoot editorial features and I there is definite editorial feel to this set, a magical almost fantasy feel created by the artist and model, the set and most of all the lighting. Igor has such a beautifully distinctive look stemming from his Eastern European background and highlighted by his green eyes and spectacular body. Igor loves to work out and witness his body progress and grow. Thankfully for all of us, the 19 year old model says he loves to show off all his hard work by posing with his shirt off!

'Igor was great to work with. He's a bit shy but is easy going and really focuses in on his features and attributes when you start the shoot. He takes directions very well and is professional in his demeanor at such a young age. He's willing to learn. Definitely one to look out for with his great, chiseled looks!'


For many of us, these glass, colorful light bulbs were the norm for us growing up in the eighties and nineties. My father was particularly paranoid about fires and was always turning off the tree lights, causing my mother, siblings and I to groan at not being able to enjoy them. These lights were indeed problematic, the did get hot, they often they did not screw in right and sometimes broke in your hands as you tried to screw them in.

I purchased some lights earlier in the month, LED mini lights from Wal-Mart. I hate them! They color is not bright, the lights have almost have no.... personality!

They won't break in your hands, but they were so bland that I threw them in the bag to donate. I went back to the regular mini lights. Still sort of boring compared to the glass bulbs I remember. 100 mini lights and each of the 100 are identical. I guess some like that. The glass bulbs, maybe flawed, but all just a little bit different. Each one had little bits of color missing from the light bulb making each one just slightly different than the one next to it. Not sure why we seem to want everything these days to be identical... seems we're missing out on the beauty of difference and variety.

Thanks to Frisky Frolic for these retro bulb images! Check out more on his site HERE:

Naked News!

Naked man on snowmobile terrorizes Swedish lake community!

On Thursday night around Siljan Lake, Sweden, neighbors spotted for the second time a naked man on a snowmobile. According to one witness....

'I could see his arse!'

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