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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 19th

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Happy Birthday today May 19th

Happy 36th to model and actor Jon Kortajarena!

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Passively Proceeding

Relating to an established or official way of doing something.

As much as I love a man in uniform and a hot detective, not even Chris Meloni's bubble butt can bring me to watch a procedural.  Except for maybe a handful of episodes when my remote was out of batteries, I avoid them whenever possible.  I like a good mystery, but the glut of procedurals on television is lazy, uncreative and for me, a little frightening.  While family drama's and light comedies have all but disappeared from network television, killing, raping and terrorizing humans remains in high demand.  I can't help but think there's some distant, or not so distant, connection to the lack of empathy we see in so many these days. 

So why this rant today... well, I was just on the TVLine website checking out the new fall schedule.  I'm already missing Mom and American Housewife, so was hoping there might be a new comedy on the horizon.  No such luck.  In addition to dozens of stand alone procedurals, this fall will bring us the renewals of the 2 versions of 911, three versions of  NCIS and 3 versions of Law and Order.  Add to that Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D and should be a bloody fun fall.

Monumental Movie Moments: Paul Mercurio in Exit To Eden

'Once could dance, now can cook'

I know for many, male nude scenes are all about the frontal.  For me,  I always preferred a great butt scene.  Sure, maybe it's because there more of them, but I found most film frontals frustrating.  It was rare to get a clear view, most, at least when I was growing up, were either underwater, or so dark you could barely see anything. Many films did the same with male butts, but in a few cases however, we were able to linger.

I'm not sure how many times I rented Exit To Eden from Blockbuster, but it was up there.  At one point the salesclerk commented about how much I must love the movie, which freaked me out.  Given I was renting on my dad's card, that was the last rental for me.  I was panicked my parents might get some read out in the mail and I'd be found out.  Thankfully, a few years later, I bought a copy of my own.

Actor Paul Mercurio's butt was a site to behold!  Thankfully, this was not lost on director Garry Marshall who put Paul's posterior in the spotlight in two memorable scenes, one in particular.  Mercurio deserved all of attention he received as his butt didn't just become spectacular on it's own.  It was formed through hard work and hours of dance at the Sydney Dance Company.

Rumor has it, that famous bondage scene with Dana Delany also included a frontal, but Mercuio requested it be removed before the film was released.  If you check out the 'gif' below, you'll see that appears to be true.   There was also a quick darkened frontal in the scene above, saved by xyzpdq the former owner of Scenes From Male Skin. 

Mercurio's roles in film didn't exactly blast off after his turn in the 1994 comedy, but he continued to act steadily, including a recent turn on the Australian soap Neighbours.   Currently, Mercurio's focus is on food and cooking, especially his love of ribs.  Merurio also recently turned to politics, and last fall was elected as a councillor for Mornington Peninsula Shire in southeastern Melbourne. 

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How big is it? 

The long answer - Big enough to put my Tinder date in the emergency room on our first date for a $40,000 surgery to repair a torn vaginal wall! 

Short answer - 8”