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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 16th

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Happy Birthday today August 16th

Happy 38th to actor Cam Gigandet!

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'A charismatic womanizer receives his comeuppance after his penis mysteriously leaves his body and takes human form.'

I haven't seen 2014's Schlong Story (Bad Johnson) but it might be worth a look...

The Dolphanator

While searching for images for another post, I came upon the image of Dolph Lundgren above.  It was an old images when Dolph was modeling in New York, years before he got his big break the 1985 James Bond film  A View To A Kill.  The image had me thinking it was time for a FaVorite FiVe.  As I began looking for images however, it was clear an Actors & Skin was in order.  Check out more on the next page HERE: (Actor) and HERE: (Skin)

Discarded Denim

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Undiscovered Remnants: Corey King by Rob Colgan

'It’s wonderful when you find a spot that no one really has photographed. It’s especially exciting when the place has different interesting rooms and the light is constantly changing.  '

FH readers know photographer Rob Colgan is one of my favorite artists to feature.  I'm always impressed with Rob's choices of models to work with and captivated with incredible locations he manages to uncover.  If you've check out my previous pieces on Rob's work on FH, (HERE:) you know the Ohio photographer's focus is on old, abandoned buildings and structures.  Unkempt, unused, uncared-for and unseen.

When Rob first sent on this series with model Corey King, I initially thought I recognized the house.  Some of you may remember another house in the woods, one I featured with Rob's work with Vlad back in 2012. (A Major Distraction)  It's rare actually for Rob to shoot in the same location twice.  It's not only that he enjoys finding new locations, but also most of the locations he shoots in, are often set for sale or demolition. Although there were similarities in the feel of the old house to the one I referenced, this particular forsaken remains, Rob only fairly recently discovered.

This house was discovered over a year ago. After questioning a mysterious driveway into the woods, I was able to confirm a building with Google Maps. No one would ever guess it was there.  It’s an old house, probably from the early part of the century, and it’s still full of junk. Mostly old books, letters and other paper items. Not much furniture. But it’s the character of the house and its rooms that render it a perfect setting for photography.

Luckily, I had a very brave model with Corey. This can be a very daunting sort of place to explore. You can easily visualize many horror movie scenarios occurring in a place like this. But, Corey was a real trooper. Actually, I think he had the same fascination and curiosity about the house as I did. We found ourselves poking through some of the junk to discover more about its history and inhabitants. All that while climbing over trash to calmly pose and deliver wonderfully expressive images. What more could one ask!'

After connecting with Corey on Instagram, Rob was thrilled to hear how eager Corey was to delve into some of my abandoned locations. Corey is no stranger to taking risks, nor is he skittish about pushing boundaries within his work Corey shares he's always been free with his body, and enjoys being nude, regardless of the situation or the location.  The former Helix model has worked in many highly stressful situations and enjoyed Rob's chilled and easygoing way of working.  Their day in Cleveland, scouting locations and investigating the old house, was both relaxing, and a creatively stimulating experience.

'Corey has the amazing capacity for understanding his body and maneuvering it in photogenic ways. Some models just stand there and have no "body sense" as I call it. But not Corey. He moves in a lusciously sensuous manner making every action a visual treat to capture.  And then there's his personality. A quiet demure attitude and thoughtful composure. 

After the house, Corey was energized enough to try one more location - a waterfall that I have coveted for years but have never been able to gain access with a model. It too is undergoing change from an abandoned quarry to a housing development and park. The newly opened route afforded easy entry but we still had to keep our eyes open for other explorers now that this spot was more visible. It was another success. Corey loved the cool water since it was an extremely steamy day. It was idyllic! Both sessions were an amazing start to working with this new young man. Already, we've accomplished two more sessions and he's always readily available for more. Corey has become my new muse.'

It's a good thing Corey likes a challenge as Rob reports that bot locations were not easy to get to.  The house, in addition to being rustic, and incredibly dirty, was also on the verge of collapse.  It's hidden in a small patch of woods that you have to literally hack your way through the tree's and brush to get to.  Rob guesses it dates back to the turn of century and through research, he learned was last occupied  by University professor and her husband.  Even without researching, Rob knew from the many books left, and still laying around, that a teacher or educator must have once lived there.  You can read, and see more images of Corey and the house, in the blog section on Rob's site HERE:

'This was not the first time I’ve shot here with a model. Perhaps I’m the one who’s getting more accustomed to the space. After being terrified by a lone mouse on the last trip, it seems less a frightening experience and more a sense of expectation. We are in a house surrounded by a forest that has been open to nature for many years. It belongs to the creatures now. It’s their house!'