Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 13th

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One might assume it wouldn't be such a smooth transition from The Tony Awards on Sunday, to game 5 of the NBA Finals on Monday, but for me, sports and theatre always went hand in hand. I was always having to leave theatre rehearsals early to make it a game, and having to annoy both my basketball and hockey coaches about skipping practices for rehearsals for the school musical. There was definitely more tension at the Toronto Scotiabank Arena than there was at the Radio City Music Hall, especially in the last the last few minutes when the Warriors staved off elimination by beating the the Raptors by just 1, yes, just 1 point.

I was rooting for the Raptors, this was the first time ever, that a Canadian team has made the NBA finals. That doesn't mean I don't love the Warriors, especially Klay Thompson and the legendary (and hot) Stephen Curry. Together, the earned 57 points in Game 5, their third highest total in an NBA Finals game. I wasn't too thrilled with how the Raptors fans cheered when Kevin Durant went out due to his Achilles injury, gut given it took almost a quarter of a century for them to be able to cheer on a team, I'll cut them a wee bit of slack. Looking forward to Thursday's Game 6, although not sure any of my fingernails will have grown back by then.

Ad Men: Zachariah Reitano

'Starting Roman meant breaking down what it meant to be a man: the idea that men don’t have trouble getting an erection and are always perfect in the bedroom all the time and don’t have any stress in that area at all. I realized I was going to have to share one of the most personal experiences of my life with the entire world.'

Ok, I know I'm not the only one who noticed how cute Zachariah Reitano is in those Roman ads.  At first I found the ads a little groan worthy, I assumed initially, the hot guy talking to his doctor dad about erectile dysfunction was an actor, but then realized he is actually the founder of the company.  Zachariah, in addition to having a great name, is also a welcoming and non-threatening spokesman for discussions about the (his) penis.

'To me, a man is someone who feels very comfortable in his own skin and is kind and strong and good to his friends and family. When I think about strength, it’s not necessarily in a typical way, but ways where through difficult moments, you rise up to meet those challenges. I think anger is such wasted energy.'

After seeing the commercial more than a few times (it's oddly played on MANY shows that I watch....) I went from groaning to gaining some respect for the guts it took to put his face out there in the ads.  Yes, his face is gorgeous, but Zachariah could have hired a hot actor to talk about their penis problems, but then, like me, the impact may have stopped at the groan, not to mention the groin.  Having the owner speak about his own erection issues is much more effective.

Prime Time Supporters: Jake Lacy

Between the script, the songs, and of course the dancing, there were so many things to love about F/X's Fosse/Verdon.   Sam Rockwell and especially Michelle Williams truly inhabited their characters and the rest of the cast, no matter how big the role, were all perfectly cast.


One stand out for me was Jake Lacy, who played Verdon's boyfriend Ron in the series.  Lacy has one of those 'Superman' faces, strong face and jaw, and a beautiful smile.  I recognized Lacy's face right away, but had to head to IMDB to find his name, and find out why he looked so familiar.

Many might know Lacy from his turn on the last season of The Office, but I first spotted the talented actor when he appeared on the short lived ABC sit-com, Better With You.  The show only lasted one season, and I only saw one or two episodes, but I saw enough to lust of Lacy.

Better With You

Miss Sloan

I'm Dying Up Here

Lost in Sunbury: Locky by Billy Hennessy

'Nakedness is something that boomingly resonates with every human person, and it's therefore a thrilling component with which to create art.'

When I first discovered the work of Australian photographer Billy Hennessy, I was immediately drawn to what I can best describe as an erotic quietness. I felt this especially with Billy images of Sunbury based model Locky26. One of my favorite images from Billy's work with Locky was the image I used above as pic of the day. In the image, Locky looks so relaxed and content, stretched out on the tall field grass, completely naked except for his work boots, the afternoon sun cascading over his body and warming his skin.

Billy enjoyed his time with Locky, and says the experience was also enhanced by it being the 27 year old Melbourne photographer's first real opportunity to get lost in Sunbury. Billy says the town's people were surprisingly sweet, helping the befuddled photographer during his confusing walk to find, and meet up with Locky for their shoot. Billy says people were so friendly, even when he didn't initiate it, locals continued to pull over to offer their assistance.

'One of my favourite parts of working one-on-one with a model is having the opportunity to really get to know them - a portion of the experience that I really believe enhances and informs the finished work. I prioritise utmost the need to work fervently to bring the model and I onto level footing, to a point of easy, open communication, and to a foundational point of trust. Once that's all been achieved, you're colleagues creating something beautiful together.'

Billy clearly succeeded in forming a trusting connection during his shoot with Locky. Locky shares that Billy made him feel incredibly comfortable and relaxed, and says that he really enjoyed the experience. The thirty one year old model's chilled appearance is even more impressive given his work with Billy was only his second professional shoot.

Still new to modeling, one of Locky's reasons for giving modeling a try is part of his desire to enjoy his life and live it to the fullest.  Modeling is one of the things Locky enjoyed getting into in order to add a little spice and variety into his life. Locky keeps fit through amateur boxing, and describes himself as full of confidence and admits he enjoys showing off now and then. Locky's philosophy works perfectly for a male model, especially when doing a nude shoot.

'I' m always seeking always to capture and illuminate the beauty, complexity, and capacity of the male body.  My photography work started as a way of further exploring the fascinations I've long been fixated on in my other artistic works – that of the complexity of modern masculinity.'
Billy Hennessy

Although just 27, as you read above, photographer Billy Hennessy also has a clear philosophy about his photography and shooting the male form.  Billy has explored his philosophy not just through his work as photographer, but in other mediums as a playwright, director, and actor.

'I approach photography with the desire first to illuminate some captivating element of the inherent human beauty of the models.'