Monday, February 11, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 12th

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Arm Candy

Just because, Although they both give good arm, wouldn't it have been hot if they'd exchanged shirts before heading on stage...

A Tuesday Visit With Hans

Beginning back in 2009, I have been fortunate to have regularly featured the work of New York artist and photographer Hans Fahrmeyer.   I titled the series, Sunday's With Hans as sort of a FH erotic take on the novel Tuesday's With MorrieOne of the joys of working on FH is the regular visits I get to do with artists whose work I love and admire. 

For me, great imagery is not something to be posted once and forgotten, but something to be visited often for creative nourishing and inspiration. Hans shot me the link to his new website recently and it gave me a great excuse to share more of his work. Hans is currently putting the finishing touches on his new book Desire, but until then, thought I would share a few shots from one of his previous books, 20017's The Naked Truth, a project I was happy to also be a small part of.

Au Naturel: Chad by Dennis Nauert

'Chad amazed me with how relaxed and professional he was. I couldn’t believe it was one of his first shoots. Such a natural!'

It was back in 2012 that I first featured the imagery of Austin photographer Dennis Nauert. I titled that first piece Precise, for a number of reasons, including the creative details and how well planned and thought out each of Dennis's captures appeared. Dennis had shared that he had only been shooting a short period of time. I was impressed at not only the visual sophistication within his imagery

Most of natures most beautiful creations, forests, oceans, fields of wild flowers, are unplanned.  So many of them however, almost appear as if the the worlds most artistic landscaper had a hand in designing their creation.

Some photographers work in the moment.  They choose a great model, then shoot hundreds of shots, in studio or a specific location.  There isn't always a final image in mind, instead follow where the energy and creative collaboration takes them.   Although Dennis works in the moment, even within the spontaneity, his creativity seems focused on the specific details he imagines in the final shots.

The lighting, the model's poses, the use of props and space,  all carefully formulated to ensure Dennis gets the shots he envisioned to best showcase his model's look as well as facets of their personality.  I think Dennis certainly captured the best in his work with Chad.

New to modeling, Chad was looking for new images and worked with Dennis to create some dynamic shots in the building his portfolio. I love Chad's beautifully expressive eyes and his impressive physique, highlighted by his incredibly sexy body hair.  Whenever I see a model looking so naturally hot as Chad does, I'm grateful that many resist to the pressure to manscape and many photographers like Dennis, capture the beauty of the male form au naturel.

Dennis Nauert on Instagram | Model Mayhem

David Packer in You Can't Hurry Love (1988)

You can't hurry love
No, you'll just have to wait
Just trust in a good time
No matter how long it takes

Last month, while working on my Actors & Skin piece featuring Jeff Daniels, I ordered one of Jeff's films, Love Hurts, on Amazon.  Since DVD's are on their way out, many DVD's are now being combined in 'sets' and the copy of Love Hurts that I ordered was matched with the 1988 comedy You Can't Hurry Love.

You Can't Hurry Love is a comedy about a guy who is told the only way to be successful in LA is by "pretending to be someone else." Through a series of dates at a video dating service, he learns that isn't the case, and that it's better to be yourself, rather than what you think others want you to be.

That guy was played by actor David Packer.  I had never heard of Packer before, but after checking out his IMDB page, I know I must have seen some of the many projects he has been credited in over his thirty plus years working in Hollywood.  Some of Packer's credits included roles on M*A*S*H, V, ER, CSI: New York, The Guardian and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Before adding the DVD to the pile of items I was donating and giving away, I decided to check out You Can't Hurry Love.  I can't say I got all the way through, but I did watch long enough to check out this cute nude embarrassment scene that I capped wanted to share.