Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 20th

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Seasonal Sightings

Junk in the Trunk

Behind the Curve

I know some of you recognize his face, butt...  I'm guessing even more of you recognize his ass.  Check out more of his extraordinary curves on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Brush Stroke

'Painting experience with a MAJOR twist! Ladies, and open-minded gentlemen, get ready for a truly adult paint night. Instead of painting your typical high heel or wine glass, you'll be painting two live nude male models! Our male models will be posing as you channel your inner artist.'

Last fall, I featured some of my favorite images of model and performer King Stennis. (HERE:)  Although I was introduced to King through his work as a model, I quickly got to know more about his work as a performer with Exotic Paintings

Exotic Paintings is sort of a male form mashup of an art class and a strip show.  The result is really just a whole lot of naked fun.  The  models pose while you paint, but there is an interactive element with the participants that goes beyond most regular strip shows.  Finger painting seems to be encouraged as the paint not only ends up on the canvas, but often all over the model as well. 

Although like most group activities, exotic paintings had to take a short break with the pandemic, social distancing with this event was next to impossible.  The are back up and running, with upcoming dates in late May and June.

The Pool's Open: Zach by Lights On Studio

'I was 8 years old when my cousin gave me a Hustler magazine to look at while he was doing his homework.'

Although the site gets very few comments, I do quite a few e-mails about the work, the artist's and the men that I feature.  Over the years, I believe I get the most feedback, when posting models over a 'certain age'.  I'm not exactly sure what that age is really, it varies based on the model.  The industry is still  geared to men in their late teens and early 20's, that although sometimes, the model in question is 50 or 60, but sometimes.... even models in their late 20's, 30's and 40's are considered by some to be of 'a certain age.'

One of the things I've learned spotlighting artists and models for so long, is that the expression of sexual intensity, is not connected to any number or age.  I've featured beautiful 19 year old men with about the same degree of sexual energy of as a baby kitten.  They're adorable for sure, but lacking any real flavor or hint of desire.

Sexual energy, both the ability to express it, and the willingness to receive it,  goes far beyond age and appearance.  Sure, we may all slow down with time, but ones carnal capacity doesn't necessarily have to follow suit.  I'm guessing that most of the viewers, both the men, and the many women that check out FH, are already libidinously inclined, and thus, are always in search of new and exciting sexual stimuli.  It's always great to hear to one of the shoots, models or images that I feature, is motivational, especially when it's of a model of 'a certain age.'

Certainly not all of the shoots I feature are about sex, but whenever the the male form is in focus, especially the naked male form, sensual reverberations will follow.  As you tell from Zach's quote at the top, his introduction to sensual imagery, or given it was Hustler, sexual imagery, began at a young age.  It clearly stuck. 

I first featured Zach's work with photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) this past January. (Imminent Edge)  I began the piece with a quote from Zach about his love of fucking, whenever he can get away with it.   It was impossible to ignore the force of Zach's sexual power, not that one would even want to.  It exuded from Tom's imagery both in the visuals, and the emotions they conveyed.  Zach's eyes penetrate right through you, and Tom's lighting captured every inch of of his hard and glistening body.

I decided to stick to Tom's interior studio shots for the first part, and save this set for closer to the summer.  Anticipation was such an powerful theme in the first set, and are equally integral in this series of shots.  On the surface, it seems Zach is anxious about the spring opening of the pool, but in truth, the pool serves as yet another space for Zach to release all that pent up energy and desire.  Check out even more on the NEXT PAGE HERE: