Thursday, April 6, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day (2) for April 8th

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The Bunny Bottom Line:

A Sensual Splatter:

Although this series of images were not set out to be Easter themed, after a close eggs-amination, I think they fit the theme! Bel Ami performers Fabien Jacq and Pip Caulfield look as if an Easter egg decorating session went terribly wrong.  Or terribly right!

Magnolia Men

'Sammy's so confused he don't know whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt.'

Steel Magnolias was a female driven play, and a female driven movie.  Given the focus, the male characters, as it should be, were not really fully fleshed out and mostly used for comic relief.   One of my favorites was Sammy Desoto played the talented actor Kevin J. O'Connor.

Kevin J. O'Connor

Sammy was introduced at Shelby's wedding and became the Annelle's (Daryl Hannah) boyfriend.  Sammy also had the distinction of playing the Easter Bunny in the films closing scenes.  Kevin J. O'Conner was fixture in films during the 80's and 90's with notable appearances in films including: Peggy Sue Got Married, Virtuosity, Amistad, Gods & Monsters and The Mummy.  

Although I could not find an 'actual' nude scene, O'Connor did flash a little fanny in 1994's Color of Night. (Below) 

Almost all of the male actors in Steel Magnolias had nude scenes in other projects, except sadly, the late Sam Shephard who played Spud in the film.  The actor who played Spud and Truvy's (Dolly Parton) son however, did have a nude scene I covered previously on the site.  Check out Louie, actor Tom Hodges on FH HERE:

Tom Hodges

Dylan McDermott

Actor Dylan McDermott had the thankless job of  playing Shelby's (Julia Roberts) husband Jackson in the film.  McDermott did meet Julia Roberts, who he was engaged to for a short period of time until they broke up in 1990.  McDermott's best, and really only, on-screen nudity was his appearance in the first season of American Horror Story. (below)  I'm shocked given the positive reception, that we haven't seen more of Dylan's derrière in other projects. 

'Ouiser I heard you got so screwed up you cut your dog out of your will and had an ungrateful nephew to sleep!'

Tom Skerritt 

My favorite male character in the film, and my favorite actor in the movie, was Tom Skerritt as Drum.  Skerritt was loveably annoying, and had the best lines, especially aimed at Ouiser.   Skerritt has had several on-screen nude scenes but one of my favorites is from 1992's Poison Ivy. (below)

The Bashful Bunny: Zilo by Lights On Studio

'The bunny was a bit nervous and did scratch Zilo's chest. That required retouching on pretty much all the photos.'

Nerves are pretty standard for a first shoot, especially when you're posing in your furthday suit.  Although the big bunny was a little skittish in the beginning, as the shoot went on, and, he became a more relaxed rabbit, going with the flow.  Once the bunny sensed he was safe in Zilo's arms, he calmed considerably and seemed to enjoy chillin in his saucer chair as Zilo posed naked in front of him.

When photographer Tom Nakielski, (Lights On Studio) mentioned his muscle mobility issues during the shoot, I had to wonder whether carrying around the big bunny earlier in the day didn't wear him out!  His size actually only added to my appreciation of his beauty.  The bunny's coat looks incredibly soft and snuggly and I love his face, nose and eyes.

Before asking Karah to take the shots, Tom considered trudging through using his tripod for support.  The problem was, after shopping for another shirt, they were all ready running behind schedule, and Tom knew using the tripod would just slow things down even more.

I had planned on a 3 hour session but it ended up closer to 5. Part of that was a delay to go to the store to get Zilo a shirt. He brought some great shirts with him, but they all had large logos on them.
The shoot was a lot of fun.  It took awhile for set-ups, but it was worth it.  Karah was also really great to work with.

Zilo really enjoyed his previous shoot with Tom, especially shooting the Halloween and Thanksgiving Day themes. Although he doesn't really celebrate Easter, when Tom suggested an Easter theme, Zilo thought it would be fun.  Although his fellow models were not professionals, Zilo was a great support, helping them work through their 'first shoot' jitters. 

Tom gave me a general idea of what he wanted, but he was also great letting me improvise during the shoot.

It seems I always take too many clothed shots at the beginning. It may be that I want both the model and myself to ease into the nudes.  Karah was a great help. Plus she also had ideas that we put to use. 

If you check out Zilo's Instagram, (HERE:) you'll see he's done several additional shoots since working with Tom last fall.  Zilo's even posed nude live for a group sketch session last month for the Detroit Queer Sketch Series.  Although he's been busy, Zilo is looking forward to connecting with photographers and continuing to work and create.