Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 10th

Great shot of Craig Malozzi (see more below) from J.Smith Photo.

Happy Birthday Today February 10th to:

George Stephanopoulos turns 49 today.

Robert Wagner turns 80 today.

Many More Birthday Boys profiled last year, including; Michael Dietz, Jason Olive, Henri Castelli, Jerome Fillol, Marco Girnth and Max Brown found HERE: HERE: and HERE:

Kudos to Anne Hathaway

There are some actress's I simply cannot stand no matter what role they are playing(Hilary Swank, Winona Ryder). There are some I love no matter what (Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep) and others like Amy Adams who I cannot decided about. (I think Amy might be heading towards dinner with Winona....). Then there is Anne Hathaway. Sometimes I like her, sometimes she makes me cringe. This week Anne joined Sandra, Meryl and Michelle Pfeiffer. Regardless of the reason why, her stance against her church over gay marriage for her brother deserves a big old kudos!

Scott Herman's 300 Workout!

Scott Says:

My goal is to teach fitness to the world and to prove that anything is possible. My technique also shows that I am an everyday guy. I laugh, I make mistakes, I get tired, but it’s my WILL to succeed that drives me and my ambition to lead that make me a great teacher/trainer in your vision to accomplish your own results.

My whole life I was told that one man couldn’t change the world… maybe they just needed to meet me first.

Let’s Reach Your Goals Together!!!!!!