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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 27th

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Off the beaten path'!'

If you followed FH this summer, you know I themed many of my summer seasonal sightings to the world of camping.  Given it's nearing the end of camping season, I put all the images I didn't get to use on the next page.  If you're still in the mood to pitch a tent, check them out HERE:



We all enjoy a good thirst trap, even if at times... we get a little judgy about them.  They are attention seeking, but hey, there's nothing wrong with that.  Sometimes, especially on-line, you have to shout 'look at me' in order to be seen and heard.  Here are a few my favorite celebrity thirst traps that quenched my thirst over the last few months.


Some, not mentioning any names (Max) seem to overdue it a bit, posting trap after trap.  The key to any good trap is to ensure your prey isn't expecting it.  Most celebrities who post thirst traps know the element of surprise always adds to the enjoyment.

I especially enjoy the 'timid' traps, you know the ones I mean.  The celebrities who post them, but ensure to let their followers know that this isn't something they usually do.  Some slide them into stories, so that they don't stick around long, but usually, someone quickly grabs a screen grab. Then there are the ones that add the phrase 'I may delete this later.' Thankfully, most usually don't. 


I especially love the thirst traps set by relatively newly out celebrities.  Glee star Kevin McHale has posted several thirst quenching images since coming out with a Tweet back in 2018. 


I think my favorite thirst traps are the unexpected ones.  I've never seen the CBS comedy Ghosts, I just wasn't drawn to it.  However...after actor Asher Grodman (below front) posted a shirtless shot of he and a few of his co-stars, I'm thinking of giving it a go.  It helped when I did a quick search to learn that Asher's character is usually without his pants on the show.


Mark Wahlberg in Me Time

'The first time you see me, I'm stark naked on the dock in the middle of the day with fifty other naked people behind me getting ready to go my birthday part.'

The quote above from actor Mark Wahlberg describes a scene from his new comedy 'Me Time' co-starring Kevin Hart.   As you can see from these shots, Mark and his beefy buttocks, are looking as hot as ever.  The film, released on Netflix this week, follows a Dad who finds time for himself for the first time in years while his wife and kids are away. He reconnects with a friend for a wild weekend.

Now I know for some that Mark can be a bit of a problematic celebrity to follow and lust over.  He's made some questionable statements, and do ne some questionable things, but for many of us, we cling to the Mark we craved during his time in music when his pants were often down around his ankles. 

Wahlberg has always been a bit of an exhibitionist, from those Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch days, through his Calvin Klein adds, through his close to a dozen butt baring scenes on film.  Mark's on-screen skin scenes have slowed down as he's gotten older, by guess more because of his wife and kids more than his age, at 51, he looks as funkable as ever.

You can download the scene featured here on SendSpace HERE:

Back Story: Jay by Michael von Redlich

'At the end of the first shoot he assumed he had to “pay” for it and said I could do whatever I wanted '

Clearly, I love images of hot men, I wouldn't still be working on FH if I didn't.  Regular readers of the site also know however, that as much I love a great image, I also love a great story.  Learning about how a shoot came together, and the experience of the participants, often adds a layer of complexity and depth to the impact an image or shoot can have. 

That is certainly the case with photographer Michael von Redlich and his work with 19 year old Jay.  When I first saw the images (hundreds of them!) that Michael sent on from his multiple shoots with Jay, I was initially taken with Jay's tight hot body, his striking face and beautiful and expressive eyes.  I especially loved the images in which Jay was smiling, making faces and appearing just to have fun. 

Those moments are even more meaningfully after Michael shared that this was both Jay's first professional photo shoot, and  his first time posing nude.  Given his inexperience with nude modeling, During his first shoot with Michael, Jay was nervous that the shoot, and any resulting images for his portfolio, would come with strings.   When Michael ended the session, Jay prepared himself for what might come next.

At the end of the first shoot he assumed he had to “pay” for it and said I could do whatever I wanted - I handed him his clothing, and said he owed me nothing,  I added that if he was hungry, he was welcome to join me for a quick bite. Jay began to cry when he understood that the shoot was all that I wanted.

Although Jay had never modeled naked before, he wasn't na├»ve.  Michael found Jay on a dating website, but was clear from their first contact that he was looking only for a model.  Given how they initially connected, it wasn't a big jump for Jay to still assume there might be stings attached. During their subsequent shoots however, Michael learned why Jay reacted so emotionally to the photographer's professionalism. 

Jay was both very surprised and very excited when Michael first asked him to shoot.  He and his family were struggling financially, and never thought about modeling before.  Michael shares that in the beginning, Jay had very little self-confidence, and didn't see himself as good looking.  This was part of the reason Jay felt that there had to be more to Michael's offer than just a set images and the photo shoot. 

 There was a lot of pressure on Jay to make money, to help his family financially.. Jay shared that his mother didn't appear too considered about how he earned the money, and at one point even tried to convince him to take a job as a gogo boy at a local club.  

Photographers of the nude form, both of male and female models have gotten bad reps over the years, usually due to the predatory behaviour of a few.  It's understandable that both models and  photographers would be cautious about who they work with.   Jay alluded to some bad experiences with older men in the past, and after hearing his story, I'm glad that his first shoot ended up being with Michael.

As stated, although new to nude modeling, Jay wasn't shy, and over the course of their many shoots and collaborations he became more comfortable and even a bit of an exhibitionist in front of the camera.  Although the shoot started out with fashion shots and implied nudes, it was Jay who initiated pushing the boundaries. From the many images that I saw, Jay actually appears to become more comfortable when his clothes are totally off.  

Check out more of Michael's work with Jay, and read more of the story on THE NEXT PAGE HERE: