Friday, July 28, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 29th


Happy Birthday today July 29th

Happy 50th to actor Stephen Dorff!

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Stephen in Innocent Lies, 1995  (clip from SOMS)

Bridges to Cross

Where's The Beef?

'It's pretty cool being an offensive lineman, obviously you're a bit different than other athletes.  Our body types are going to be drastically different.'

Variety is the spice of life.  Although generally I try to eat lean proteins like chicken and fish, occasionally I get a craving for a nice juicy slice of beef.  When I was looking for just the right cut, I instantly thought of football center Jason Kelce.

I'd saved the video of Kelce along with The Philadelphia Eagles offensive line from the behind the scenes clip from their appearance in the 2019 ESPN Body Issue.  The entire line is incredibly hot, but there's a reason that Jason is position front and center.

Chris Whalley: Tall, Dark & Handsome

Back in late 80's, Chris Whalley danced on stage with Chippendales, graced a month in their calendars, and was the hot nine of clubs in the Chippendales set of playing cards.  Chris was also a featured dancer with a solo in the middle of 1987's, Chippendales: Tall< Dark & Handsome.

Tall, Dark & Handsome was one of many videos that Chippendales put out in the 80's.  This was an odd little flick you can catch on Youtube if you look.  It's mostly a performance video, focused on the dancers but in addition to featuring Judy Landers, also featured several actress's playing the roles of ladies out celebrating their friends bachelorette party.

If the film wasn't silly enough, the 'story' component made it even sillier, especially looking back in hind sight.  Chippendales, as they were in the 80's and 90's were sort of a product of the times, and like many things from the 80's, didn't really hold up once the 80's came and went.

Chris Whalley however, seemed to hold up well.  When searching for Whalley on social media, one of the first things that came up was his old MySpace page.  There wasn't much on it, but it did have me looking for more of his modeling work.

After his turn with Chippendales, Whalley left the show and was a successful male model in the 90's, doing runway shows and various campaigns, including working several times with fellow 90's male sexy symbol, Brian Buzzini. 

I'm not sure why exactly I didn't notice Whalley when I originally posted about the Chippendales, but he was certainly a big part during the time during height of Chippendales success. Recently seeing his blue bikini shot from one of the Chippendale calendars, I was on the hunt to see, and find out more.  Check out his strip, down his thong, in Tall, Dark & Handsome in the clip below.

Chris (r) with Brian Buzzini (l)

Below: Chris alongside Brian Buzzini, Deryl George, Ric Arango, Scott King and Charles Taylor. at the 1992 Gianni Versace Runway show.

Above: Whalley, front row right

Tall, Dark & Handsome (1987)