Saturday, July 1, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 2nd


Happy Birthday today July 2nd

Happy 62nd to actor Jimmy McNicol!

Check out more of Jimmy on FH HERE:

Seasonal Sightings:

Above: Cole McKenna

12 Days: Benjamin Perry in American Burger

'A bus load of American students, all jocks, cheerleaders and nerds, are on a culture trip in Europe when they stumble upon a mysterious Hamburger stand in the deep European woods, selling 100% American Burgers.'

Of course, given American Burger is a comedy horror flick, the students venture into places they really should have been smart enough to avoid.  They head behind the burger stand to the factory where the meat is made.  This leads to a battle of survival when the students are treated as cows heading to the slaughterhouse.

Cliques are formed forcing the nerds and cheerleaders to strategize in order to survive.  I love that most of the characters don't have names, they are simply given an adjective, and then the group they are in.  Cute actor Benjamin Perry, (credited as Benjamin Brook) is known simply as the 'Preppy Nerd'.  As you can see from the caps, out Preppy Nerd does get sent to the slaughterhouse and although the circumstances are terrifying, the clip is actually pretty funny. 

Perry only has a few acting credits on his resume with American Burger being his last credited acting role. Perry moved behind the camera a few after the filming of his flick, including working as an studio executive with Netflix on Sex Education.  

Perry currently works as a visual effects producers and has worked on several high profile productions including being on the crew of shows including; Lovecraft Country, The Witcher, Heartstopper, Anatomy of a Scandal and as a visual effects executive on Bridgerton.

I couldn't find a whole lot about the actor on-line, but did find the entire move on Youtube.  You can check it out for yourself HERE:

FH Fourth Flashbacks



Holidays are about looking forward, and about looking back.  For almost the last decade, the work of Jim from Studio1x and Tom from Lights On Studio have been a favorite, and important part, of FH's Fourth of July visual celebrations.  


Neither Jim or Tom are currently shooting, or else I would have certainly bugged them for new shoots!  That didn't mean I didn't want to include there work with some shots harking back to some of the many Independent Day themed shoots they created especially for the site.  Thanks to you both and hope you're both back behind the lens again soon!