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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 1st

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The Moose Wonderful Time Of The Year

A Canadian is somebody who knows how to make love in a canoe. 
Pierre Berton


Special thanks to badsign769 or the original artwork above!

Canadian Content: Kyle by Chris Teel

Given how many movies and television shows originate from the United States, some might be surprised to learn that other countries have developed 'content' laws, ensuring broadcasters air shows and programs originating from the country and and area the channel airs on.  In Canada ,🍁 Canadian is content is regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. (CRTC) 

Currently, the CRTC requires that at least 55% of all programming aired annually by broadcast television stations, and at least 50% of programming aired daily from 6:00 pm to midnight, must be Canadian content.  Without this law, it's possible the world might never have seen shows like Degrassi, Schitt's Creek or Anne Of Green Gables as the content laws encourage broadcasters to fun programs from their own country.

When I think of Canadian content laws, I also think of the male form and erotica.  Why, because Canada has two official languages, the content laws also set a level of French speaking programs that must be aired.  Now many who grew up in Canada remember the 'French Channel'.  This channel originated from Quebec and aired in both French and English speaking provinces in the country.  It also aired in many States along the border and in the North Eastern States to those who had satellite dishes.

I know many of you who got the French channel remember Bleu Nuit, a late night show that aired from the mid-eighties through 2007.  Blue Nuit's focus was on erotica, mostly softcore porn and European films.  It was on Bleu Nuit that I saw my first penis on film.  I can't be sure, but I think it may have been in Fanny Hill, which I previously featured on FH HERE:

Ever since I began celebrating Canada Day on FH, I've also tried to stick to my own Canadian Content rules, looking to Canadian artists and models to spotlight on Canada Day.   One of my favorite Canadian photographers is Chris Teel.  Chris is also the artist from Canada that I've collaborated with both the most, and for the longest period of time over the years.  It was back in 2011 that Chris and I conducted our own Model Search contest with Matt Eldracher, (Tucker) taking the grand prize!

It has become a holiday tradition to feature Chris' work on Canada Day and this year, the Toronto based photographer suggested featuring his work with Kyle. (Furkingkyle)  Chris' shots of Kyle are intensely hot and Kyle doesn't hold back expressing his sensuality in front of the lens.  Check out the scorching results on the NEXT PAGE HERE: 

Chris Teel on OnlyFans

Canadian Bacon

Canadian, (back) bacon is a lean cut of meat that includes the loin from the back. It may also include a portion of the belly in the same cut. It is usually much leaner than side bacon and is made ready to eat.

Every Canada Day I try to choose a Canadian film or actor to spotlight.  This year, I'm returning back to an actor I've featured several times before on the site.  Yes, actor Shawn Roberts is a beautiful slice of Canadian bacon, especially his back bacon, which we've been fortunate to have seen on screen several times.  Shawn is also one of the hardest working actors in the business, one's who has been working steadily in all genres of the industry for almost three decades. 

'I was 12 years old, so auditioning for a TV show was something I didn't even think really happened. The next thing you know, I ended up booking the gig and I did four seasons on 'Emily of New Moon.' I got to learn on the job and kept going from there.'

Roberts began in the business in the early 90's when he was just 10 years old.  His first roles were on Canadian television shows including appearances on;  Goosebumps, Sirens, La Femme Nikita and Earth: Final Conflict.  It wasn't long before the Stratford Ontario born actor was appearing on the big screen with small roles in X-Men,  (2000) and Get Over It. (2001)

Throughout his late teens and his twenties, Roberts continued to weave seamlessly between roles on television and on films.  Some of his most memorable turns included roles in At Home at the End of the World,  Cheaper by the Dozen II, and National Lampoons, Going The Distance.  Shawn was just 19 when he appeared naked, tied to the bed and.. humm, invaded, in 2004's Going The Distance.

During the early 2000's, Roberts also appeared on several episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation, and the Chad Allen gay themed film A Shock To The System.   Robert's has easily moved between film and television and also between genres.  He's appeared on screen in LBGTQ roles, and then easily hopped onto Hallmark as the romantic lead. 

Throughout the 2000's and 2010's, Roberts continued to move between television appearances, (Supernatural, Flashpoint, Being Erica) to roles in mainstream films including; Jumper, I Love You Beth Cooper, and as Albert Wesker in the Resident Evil franchise. 

Given his buff bod, Roberts is often required to be shirtless, and on a few occasions, pantless as well....  Check out Roberts on-screen nude resume in my Actors & SKIN series featuring caps and clips HERE: & HERE:

Shock to the System (2006)

Being Erica (2011)

The Most Positive Feeling: Mark B. by Immortal Form

'I adore working with Dave.  He's such an awesome photographer to work with and a truly sweet guy. I always feel at ease and each shoot we do has its own theme. We try different things and hopefully people enjoy the images we create as we had fun creating them.'

My love of visually celebrating holidays goes back to the early days of FH.  At that time, it was difficult to find original holiday images, especially for Canada Day.  Thankfully, over the years, several photographers, from Chris Teel to Briancan Photography and Dave from Immortal Form have shot original Canadiana themed visuals to help celebrate July 1st.

Dave's work has certainly not only become a favorite to feature, but an integral part of FH's Canada Day traditions.  I've previously featured Dave's work celebrating the day with Ethan, (HERE:) and Matt, (HERE:)  This year's shoot with silver fox Mark was planned and created exclusively for today's visual festivities.  

I love how Dave and Mark incorporated both the theme and the official Canadian colors.  I especially loved the inclusion of the Moose crossing sign.  Those who live on in the Eastern Canadian provinces are used to seeing the signs, as well as trying to avoid the largest member of the deer family, when traveling the highways. 

Dave shares that Mark is one of the big reasons he loves and enjoys his work so much.  Dave's worked with a lot of models over the years, but some, like with Mark, leads to a friendship forming and changes your life together.  Plus, with Mark's incredible face and rock hard physique, you get to create amazing images as well!  

'Mark is a delight to work with. He's hard working and keeps himself in excellent shape. I've been very lucky in doing photography to meet some wonderful people and that's not only true in Mark's case but he's also become a great friend.  This was our fourth or fifth shoot together and we did it specially to produce images for Canada Day on FH.  We had a ball! '

Dave was one of the first photographers that Mark worked with, and was part of the reason he both began, and continues to model. Their creative relationship was instant, and quickly led to a strong friendship. They've continued to work together multiple times and Mark shares that it's always a positive experience working and collaborating with Dave

'I have to say that Dave was a lot of the reason I started doing modelling. A year and a half ago he had asked me to model for him and I said yes. I remember arriving and being very nervous but after a few minutes talking with Dave I was very at ease. We did the shoot and I remember going home with a huge smile on my face and the most positive feeling. The rest as they say is history. '

For this shoot, Dave planned a bit of a Canada Day surprise.  Mark had wanted to do an indoor studio shoot so he and Dave arranged a time and date.  When Mark arrived at the studio, Dave surprised him by adding the Canada Day theme into the themes they were shooting.  Mark was thrilled.  Although Dave had brought the Canadian Flag and some other themed props, even with notice, Mark was prepared with his red and white jock straps!

I'm proud to be a Canadian and Canada Day is an opportunity to celebrate our country. It's also a time to acknowledge that we have a lot of work still to do and that to solve our issues we have to come together from a place of understanding and mutual respect. Happy Canada Day! 🍁🇨🇦🍁 

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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 30th

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We See Thee Rise

Over the last four years, I've tried to find a classic, Canadian themed pictorial from Playgirl Magazine, to spotlight on July 1st.   I thought I'd found them all, then discovered a feature with model Danny Dallas from the November 1992 issue.  Check it out on FH HERE: & Check out  links to my past pieces featuring Canadian models in Playgirl below.


Mr. Mississauga

Here's Johnny!

I know that many of you are already familiar with 20 year old Canadian singer-songwriter, vlogger, and actor Johnny Orlando.  But... for those few who don't, let me introduce you.. 

Johnny Orlando on Instagram