Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 3rd

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Happy Birthday today February 3rd

Happy 30th to actor and gymnast Glenn McCuen!

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Hot Water (2021)

Seasonal Sightings

 I know I'm not the only one hit with a massive winter storm the last few days.  My drive home tonight was a nightmare, and took almost three times what it usually takes.  Be careful out there... those roads are treacherous!  

Classical Lines: Bo Pressly by John Falocco

'Dancers are the athletes of God.'
Albert Einstein

Last month, after the hustle and bustle of Christmas, and after all the hot Santa's and colorful elves that I posted,  I needed a palate cleanser.  I love holiday imagery as you know, but after a holiday, we all need a little tranquillity and something a little more pure.  I couldn't think of a more classical shoot than featuring photographer   John Falocco's work with model and dancer Bo Pressly.

When I put together that post, (Inspiring to Capture) I decided to leave out this series of shots.  In addition to dancers making exceptional models, they also bring something unique to the table.  In most cases, artists don't want you to see the work, they want you to enjoy the beauty of the final images. With dancers, this is almost impossible.  

When I was in high school, I dated a dancer for most of my first yar.  Whenever we went out, we were always meeting after one of her dance classes. She took modern, jazz and ballet, and I often picked her up at the studio before our dates.  She was usually tired, no matter what class she was taking, but I always noticed a particular exhilaration after  ballet.  Despite the energy she'd just exuded, she seem to also have an intense sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  She couldn't hide it, it was like a glow that radiated whether she wanted it to or not.

The results of Bo's time and work in the studio, pushing both his physical and emotional limits, penetrates through his poses, his movements, and maybe especially through his beautiful but determined, blue eyes.  John is an expert at capturing energy, and even with a still pose, he manages to capture the force, will and movements which preceded that one captured moment.

'Bo being a dancer with beautiful classical lines, enabled me to create a shoot that would enhance the physicality of a very sensual art form, dance.'.

Saki: Servir Soi-Même

Most regular FH readers are familiar with model and artist Saki.  I've been featuring imagery, both behind, but mostly in front of, the camera, since 2015. (HERE:)  As soon as I saw his first image, I was drawn to both Saki and his imagery.  At 60, the Paris model struggled to find photographers to work with so most of the imagery you see are self portraits. 

What we see in the mirror isn't always what is actually there, we filter and self edit based on our own perceptions.  What Saki see's, and what he captures, is a beautifully erotic reflection of both self, and sensuality.  With minimal effort, Saki captures both a physical, and an emotional expression of the passion and sexual energy.men of every age possess and experience. 

Although we all have it, as we age, and fewer and fewer photographers seem to want to capture it.  Logically one would think that's because fewer people want to see it, but Saki proves that's not the case. Every time I featured his work, the posts not only end up getting exceptionally high hits, they also usually lead to more than a few readers writing and thanking me for featuring an older and erotically mature model.

It's been a couple of years since I first featured Saki's work.  I used to follow his updates on Model Mayhem, but I've used that site less and less over the last couple of years.  I recently found Saki on Instagram, (HERE:) and again am enjoying seeing his new work.  Of course to see his work uncensored, it's best to check out  un-cropped and un-edited images on his Flickr. (HERE:) These are a few favorites from my last visit.