Saturday, March 31, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 1st

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Happy Birthday today April 1st to:

Edilson Nascimento turns 26 today.
More of Edilson HERE:

Also check out fellow birthday boys for April 1st, Michael Macneal & Ryan Murray, Matt Lanter, Randy Orton, Thorsten Feller and Michael Praed HERE:

Ethereal: J Fenty

Ethereal isn't a word one usually throws around on a daily basis. Most days, for many of us, life can be a struggle, work, bills, relationship issues, getting dog hair off the car seats...mundane tasks we need to finish before getting to do the things we really want and love to do. So...when you encounter something unique, exquisite, it is all the more special. This is sort of how I felt when seeing images of J Fenty.

J Fenty is just jumping into the world of modeling and like many new models, joined ModelMayhem to test the waters and see what it might bring. Problem was, until working with photographer Stephen Kahrs (see post below), he didn't have professional images to upload onto his profile. The images here were all taken by J with his laptop and like J himself, there was something celestial, almost spiritual about them I really liked.

Highlighted by a great body and face and his incredibly beautiful brown eyes, J says his look comes from his Puerto Rican heritage. Born and raised in Willimantic, CT, J graduated from a performing arts magnet high school with a major in Dance. Check out more of J's images on his ModelMayhem page HERE:

Masculine Sensuality: J Fenty by Stephen Kahrs

You cannot tell from these images, but J's shoot with Connecticut based photographer Stephen Kahrs was his first time shooting professionally. J chose the perfect artist to begin his career with and Stephen brings out J's unique features beautifully. Their collaboration produced many incredible images which I love.

'The shoot with Stephen Kahrs was amazing! Just the person he is, I instantly felt comfortable with him. It was suppose to only be like a 3 hour block, but it turned out to be close to 6 hours because we were so into what we were doing and how the images were coming out.'
J Fenty

'Capturing a guy’s masculine sensuality and seductiveness comes easier and is more enjoyable to me.'
Stephen Kahrs

'Though I’ve used camera’s off and on throughout my life, it wasn’t until the dawning of the digital age around the late 1990's that I began to immerse myself into photography. As with many new photographers, I struggled to understand f stops, ISO’s and shutter speed, but with each new step, I was marveled at what the camera was capable of. In 2010 I was introduced to studio lighting through a photography meet up. It was at that meet up that I became fascinated with studio lighting and the art of photographing people.'

'Some shoots are very dynamic, some are average and with some, you just can’t wait until the CF card is full! Shooting with J was very dynamic to say the least. We connected right away and almost instantly we were producing some great shots. Unlike other models that need direction after every click of the shutter, J has a natural ability to connect with the camera and produce that seductive sensuality that I strive for in my work. Having that attribute in a model allows me to focus more on lighting. His long dark hair frames his face and his dark eyes entice the the viewer to want to see more. I see a lot of potential for him as a model. I look forward to working with him again and I’m excited to see where his career takes him.'

Stephen and J are already planning another shoot and hopefully will again share their work with FH. In the meantime, check out more of Stephen's work on ModelMayhem HERE:

Just Because: ID Help?

A FH reader is asking for help identifying the models or photographers for the two images shown. The second image is familiar to me, but if anyone has any info that can help please leave a comment.


Friday, March 30, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 30th

Above: At The Opera by Ian Horncastle
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Happy Birthday today March 30th to:

Mr France (2003), model and athlete Frederic Deltour turns 30 today.

Check out more of Frederic as well as fellow birthday boys Rupert Evans, Mark Consuelos, Ian Ziering & Warren Beatty HERE:

CSI Australia : Ian Horncastle

'I have had so much interest on that one image and it was just a simple basic shot.'
Ian Horncastle

Simple maybe, but the concept, composition, model holding his jacket, and walking towards his motorcycle in an incredibly strong and memorable image. This shot remained my desktop image for quite some time throughout this past winter and had me wanting to know more about the work of Sydney photographer Ian Horncastle.

Most great images tell a story, and Ian's model and motorcycle shot masterfully forces the viewer to question what occurred just before the image was captured. Wondering, even obsessing, on what circumstance led this guy to be walking back towards his bike, naked, seemingly calm is one of the reasons I love the image so much.

Unanswered questions are not new to Ian. It is always fascinating to discover the road artists travel before they make the decision to devote their lives to their passion for photography. For Ian, that road was filled with blood spatter, corpses and documenting what most of us spend out lives attempting to avoid. Ian began shooting not the incredible bodies of models along the Australian coasts and beaches, Ian began shooting working in forensics, photographing crime scenes for The New South Wales government.

I would imagine, shooting moments, mostly at night, and mostly moments most try to forget, one would have a greater appreciation for the beauty of life, the small details of one's surroundings that most of us have long forgotten to take time to see. It is no coincidence then that Ian Horncastle now spends his days, mostly outside, in the sun shooting bodies at the height of aliveness, lively, colorful and full of activity and energy.

Ian describes his work as Model Art, his mission to create images you have not seen before and ones that stand out from the rest. To accomplish this, the artist works with many Photo enhancers and designers around the world.

With his history working within law enforcement, as well as his own experience working through the suicide of a close friend, Ian also channels his work and his passion for beautiful images to support charities around the country that are close to heart. Ian's work has helped countless organization with a special focus on the fight to prevent suicide and depression. Through books, videos, calenders, post and greeting cards, Ian's images have helped raise awareness and money for the causes he believes in.

Check out more of Ian's work:
On ModelMayhem
Blueimage Photography
& his official site Photography Art

A couple of images and video from Ian's Men In Uniform, proceeds in support of WORLD SUICIDE PREVENTION DAY:

'Think of those who could not hold on to life'

Check out more of Ian's video's, including an Up Close and personal look at the photographer himself on his YOUTUBE Channel HERE:

One of Life's Great Mysteries: Michael Biehn

'It's one of life's great mysteries why Michael Biehn isn't a household name.'
Five Favorite Films with Michael Biehn, Rotton Tomatoes

My first post on actor Michael Biehn was back in 2007, the title was Favorite Actor who should be a Superstar. Since then, every year or two I resurrect the post and images as Michael is an actor who deserves the attention and one fans have let slip under the radar. Hollywood must understands his appeal, he has appeared in many of the top grossing movies over the past three decades, but somehow the public didn't catch up, or maybe on. Far more talented than many who got more attention (Cage & Cruise to name just two) and one of the hottest actors of all time. Great body (which he showed off often on film), great face and a killer grin. Although he was in the right movies, maybe he never hit just the right role to connect with a large audience.

Biehn is probably not that upset, maybe just the opposite. Constant work, great movies, all without the hassle of the pressure of being too too famous. My favorite Biehn movies include Aliens, Terminator, The Seventh Sign, and the oh so bad it's great, The Fan.

His list of movies also includes Grease (in an uncredited role), The Abyss, K2, Navy Seals, Tombstone and dozens and dozens of other movie and television appearances.

The Best of Michael Biehn on FH

The Fan (1981)

Deadfall (1993)

Terminator (1984)

Coach (1978)

Like many nude scenes, especially with male actors, edits were often done with later VHS and DVD versions of many films. This screen cap, from the old Campfire Site, shows a version of the scene from Coach, shown above, in an earlier release.