Friday, May 24, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 25th

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A Secured Serenade

Bob Mizer Photography

Long Weekends Be For...

Lounging around and letting it all hang out on the the back patio.  Enjoy the Memorial Day Weekend & check out more of Male Beauty by bengie's lounging series on FH HERE:

Above: Lewis by Male Beauty by bengie

Bump & Run: Adam Scott

Tiger Woods was back in the news recently, and thankfully, it was again back to being about his golf game.  While I appreciate Tiger's talent, and what he's accomplished,  I've never really been a huge fan.   I can't say I'm really a fan of any golfer, it's not a sport I find either exciting, nor one which requires much athletic ability.

Of course it takes skill and hard work, but not the same commitment and physical discipline that comes from being a swimmer, a diver, a gymnast or with track and field events.  That doesn't mean however, that I don't appreciate a hot golfer, this is after all  FH.

Australian golfer Adam Scott certainly ticks all the boxes, including having just the right amount of junk in the trunk to do justice to his golf pants.  Scott was ranked #1 on the PGA tour in 2014 but had a couple of years where he admits he wasn't playing well enough.  Scott feels he's now back in the game, and is playing at level that puts him back in contention for a win.

Except for a few clips on the news, I haven't actually watched Adam play golf, but I have kept tabs on his modeling career.  With his classic good looks, advertisers jumped at the chance to have the 38 year old hocking everything from clothing and watches to banks and vodka.

On the Beach:

Overtly Revealing: Jay by Steve Jerome

'His masculinity was apparent and his confidence strong.'
Steve Jerome

It often surprises me how subtle some photographers attempt to be when shooting a naked man.  Some try to mask, cover, obscure a model's sexual side, and even when a penis can be seen, it's shot in a way not to draw attention, or maybe more directly, a certain kind of attention.   I understand this when the purpose of the shoot is to feature the male body in the promotion of a product, or for a campaign.  Many times however, this isn't the case.

My favorite images of the male form are when it's clear the artist's focus is on the entire man, both body and soul.  They neither focus just on only one body part, nor do they ignore or attempt to downplay it's significance.  The images don't have to be necessarily sexual, the human body is so much more than just this one function, and many photographers utilize the naked male body within their work in an erotic, but not necessarily overtly sexual way.

Usually however, within those shoots, the male form is naked throughout, without the benefit of a reveal.   FH readers know that I often lay out features on the site with a reveal.  I like the reveal for several reasons, including that introducing the model with a portrait image, or in clothing, you're introduced to them as a person, not just a body or an assemblage of body parts.

For me, the reveal also increases anticipation, and intensifies the viewers reaction to what  follows below.  I've seen many images in which a model's body, or their body parts, don't match what I observe and feel is being expressed through their eyes.  It's always a bit disconcerting.. The opposite of reveal is to conceal, and photographers who choose to reveal are making a promise to the viewer, and seem less interested in subtlety, instead have the goal of capturing bodies connected with the desire and emotions the model is expressing.

Steve Jerome consistently captures this connection with creative care and precision. The San Diego based photographer always manages to tap into sexual sides of his subjects, encouraging them not to pretend or exaggerate, but just to be.  As hot as 22 year old Jay's body may be, it's matched by intensified by both the physical reveal that Steve captures, and by what Jay reveals and expresses with his beautiful brown eyes.

Steve first connected with Jay through a modeling website and was impressed by both his solid body, and how agile and flexible he was during the shoot.  Steve says he took his work seriously, hitting the gym at least five days a week, working hard to keep in shape for when modeling gigs came through. Definitely sports minded, Jay considers himself an athlete, but at the same time, doesn't take himself too seriously.

'A Midwestern transplant to sunny Southern California, Jay is full of energy and inspiration, bringing a fresh attitude to each and every assignment.  A quiet person who was a bit shy when the shoot started, he got more comfortable as we progressed. Jay was friendly from the start, did not talk a lot, but flashed a shy smile at every compliment and was eager to do a good job.'

Steve shot hundreds of photos of Jay, a small representative sampling shown in Jay's gallery on his website. (HERE:) There are many more available, so check out Steve's website and let him know if you want to see more!