Saturday, July 12, 2014

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 13th

John Humphrey by Carl Proctor
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Happy Birthday today July 13th

Stellar day for birthdays today including Colton Haynes (above) who turns 26 today
& Steven R. McQueen (below) who also turns 26 today.

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Stripped to the Waist Clause...

Back in May, I introduced you to one of my favorite new faces on television, that of actor Matthew Atkinson. It was clear from his appearance on Y & R, the soap was not going to let this incredible guy get away. Although he just kidnapped a lawyer, ending with his shooting the chief of police, it's unlikely he'll do jail time, at least not til the fall.

It is summer in Geona City, meaning the shirts must come off, especially if your the new hunk on the show. I always wondered if there are clauses in the new actors contracts on just how much the show can rip their clothes off. Matthew has been without a shirt most of the last two weeks and with the shows new rooftop pool set, hopefully it will stay that way. Just just hope they keep Eric Braeden far away from the pool!

Rangy: John Humphrey by Carl Proctor

At a daunting 6'5", John Humphrey exudes impressive presence in front of the lens in this series of images shot by one of my favorite artists to feature, Atlanta's Carl Proctor. In addition to his height, and his dynamic and infectious smile, John uses his body beautifully creating some great moments of movement.

It is no wonder Carl chose to shoot the 21 year old in so many different athletic themed situations. John is a natural with each of the sports he inhabits and with his focus on body and nutrition, he is excited to be gearing up for a career in fitness modeling. Carl reports John has already caught the attention of several top tier fitness photographers and it is exciting to be able to feature his work as career begins to take off.

Although serious about nutrition and his daily workout sessions, John still loves to have fun, party with his friends and raise some hell every now and then. You can almost see a glint of that hell in the twinkle in his eyes and the curve of his grin. I love how Carl and John brought this piece of his personality into the shoot making the images even that much more enjoyable!  You can check out more of Carl's images of John on his website HERE: and even more at Carl's new site Strong Images Atlanta HERE:

Careers To Consider...

Not exactly sure what sport buddy in the red shirt is reffing, but the training program must have been fun.