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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 18th

Daddy Date by TR Pics
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Daddy's Home!


Happy Father's Day to all the dads, daddies, masculine mentors, sexual educators, teachers and role models.  With so much hate, violence and cruelty in the world, much of it perpetrated by men, it's more important than ever to thank and celebrate the positive male influences in our lives.

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Who's Your Daddy?

When Tom from TR Pics sent on samples of some of his hottest daddy's, it was impossible to pick just one!  Check out two Daddy's of Porn, one the past, and one from the present, on the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Tudo Em Familia!

'Jorge Strino Jr. is naughty, just like his daddy'

Every Father's Day, I love finding new shoots featuring a hot father and son.  Many of these shoots end up coming from magazines or photo essay's from South America.  There were a few father and son duos who posed nude for American magazines in the 70's or 80's, but in some ways, there seems more puritanism in main stream media today.

The photo shoots I'm talking about were definitely sexy, but not sexual.  There is both a erotic edge and fetish element, as well as an almost an odd innocence, about seeing a father and son posing nude together.  This duo comes from the 2003 edition of the Brazilin magazine Homens.   It features 44 year old Jorge Strino and his 19 year old son Jorge Jr.   The quote below is from the inside table of contents about the father and son duo.

'In an unprecedented photo essay for Brazilian lands, Men of this month brings you the power of family Strino Jorge Sr and Jorge Jr are the ultimate synthesis of a super fetish. The idea for the cover was so spectacular that it even had the Entertainment Television channel doing a story of the photos. We reserve for you now, a moment of pure ecstasy. Take your most malicious thoughts to the heights... From now on everything is allowed.'

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TR Pics: The Papa Pursuit

'You can be the hunter, or you can be the hunted.'
Lisa Gardner

Stefano was pensive, he knew his goal, knew exactly what he wanted, but was unsure of how the evening would end.  This wasn't the first time Stefano found himself alone in a strange motel room.  His job often took him on the road, to new and unexplored cities and towns all around the country.  Still.. he was nervous.

The hunt, no matter how much he planned, still came with obstacles and risks.  Stefano knew there were easier ways to encounter his prey, too easy in fact for Stefano.  Sure, he could have arranged a meeting on-line, through a dating or hookup site, but there was no challenge in that.  Stefano fed off the adrenaline rush of going out cold and letting nature, take its carnal course.   

We often assume when a hot guy goes out to sexually synchronize, they're looking for someone hotter, and young than themselves. Stefano wanted someone hotter for sure, but for him, that certainly didn't  mean younger.  Stefano was on a daddy hunt, preferably, a older guy inexperienced with smashing an eager younger man.  

Stefano knew what he wanted, he'd honed his amorous appetite over the years.  He looked for specific types of older man, maybe a 'straight' married men or an older shy man, without much of a romantic resume.  Those were his favorite conquests to capture.  That didn't mean he wasn't flexible, if an untrained daddy wasn't available, a seasoned daddy would do.

Tonight, as Stefano was on the hunt, the tables were turned and within a few minutes of entering the bar, he found himself in the crosshairs of a big gun sitting at the end of the bar.  Stefano was nothing if he wasn't flexible, so quickly dropped he usual weapons and willingly surrendered to the older stud who had him in his crosshairs. Without saying a word, or sharing their names, they headed back to Stefano's room.  Although he usually took the lead, tonight, Stefano let his daddy take full control. 

The shoot that inspired the story above comes from Stefano's second shoot with Tom from TR Pics.  The first shoot was in a studio and Tom thought that Stefano, and the shots they captured, looked fantastic.  For this shoot however, Stefano wanted something different.  He was returning to Dallas on a business trip and had a very specific theme in mind...

This time, Stefano wanted a sort of "daddy" scenario using the hotel room he was staying in, as well as a friend who was visiting with him.  We shot a nice variety, and I really like what we captured. Stefano's actually set to return in a couple of weeks for a third shoot, so I'm curious what ideas he might come with this time...'