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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 17th

Nico & Kim by Mark Leighton
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Seasonal Sightings

Pink Slipped

A Quiet Heat by Mark Leighton

Kim and Nico

'The title of the book is inspired by the quiet intensity both young men bought to the images - there was no drama, just a strong but quiet strength and sensuality.'

In my day to day life, I struggle with silence. I like a fan, air conditioner or soft music when I'm sleeping. When awake, I like the TV or radio on, not to actually watch or listen to, but as background noise. Despite my need for background noise, in other parts of my life, I crave quiet. Not complete silence, but a calmness without the distraction of bells and rings, demands and commotion.

It's interesting to me given how much technology has taken over our lives, in this years film, A Quiet Place, in order to keep the monsters at bay and to stay alive, it was only a return to silence and simplicity that kept you safe from the terror and darkness. It makes sense then, that when life gets loud, and out of control, we search for quiet places. Many of us head to places of comfort, whether a quiet corner or chair in the house, or a lake or beach where the sounds are entirely energized by nature.

This year in particular, I have found myself searching for quiet everywhere, maybe especially in art. Images that don't try to shake you with dizzying design and color or overpowering messages and statement. I look for images that welcome you in visually with soft colors, beautiful bodies and faces and eyes that encourage you to slow down, linger and take in in the quiet beauty within the images.

Photographer Mark Leighton tapped into that quiet place, that quiet sensuality and heat that you can experience for yourself in his new book, A Quiet Heat. Shot in Bali last April, the book contains over 130 images of models Nico Rye Syuk and Kim Han Phen both in solo and duo shoots. Nico joined Mark for a seven days and Kim was there for ten. Both models appear completely nude in the book, which Mark shares was a different experience for each.

'In real life Nico is modest, unassuming, quiet and shy, but.. give him a theme, a prop, a bit of a wardrobe - and a tiny bit of direction - and he just takes it away and is enormously creative in what he does. Kim was also not remotely shy considering it was his first time nude and viewers of the book will notice that he clearly enjoyed the shoots!'

'Kim had not met Nico prior to Nico's arrival three days after his. They quickly forged a friendship and supported each other through the shoots and in persuading me to order huge amounts of food ever time we went to eat! The first few shots of the duo section were a bit too restrained but they soon found the right balance and worked very well together. The whole experience of shooting these two exceptional young men was so much fun and so easy.'

Meet the Blockers

'This is gonna sound crazy, but I wanted to show male genitalia and not show female genitalia.'

Graham Phillips

Although I heard about the male nudity in Blockers, I wasn't really that interested in seeing the movie. The reviews weren't great so I went into it with minimal expectations. I think those low expectations actually caused me to enjoy the movie far more than I thought I would. Yes, the story was lame, yes for the most part, the dialogue was awful, but the actors managed to sell it for the most part, especially in a few key scenes.

Miles Robbins

Although I had a few eye rolls at different points, I also had a few chuckles at some of the silliness. I can't exactly recommend anyone rush to view it, but also bet you won't regret it if you do. One of the reasons many will enjoy it is director's Kay Cannon's decision to focus the nudity, on the men. Except for Gina Gershon, who again graces us with her beautiful breasts, the nudity is all from the male cast. The first flash of male flesh is a butt flash from an actor Cooper Hines, credited only as Moon Guy. I tried to find a shot of his face, but you'll have to settle for just his ass.

Cooper Hines

The rest of the film's nudity comes via John Cena, and the surprise full frontal from actor Gary Cole. I have no complaints, but I would have loved a little more skin from younger cat members Miles Robbins and Graham Phillips, both who had scenes where they are supposed to be losing their virginity. I was also surprised we didn't get a scene of adorable Ike Barinholtz out of pants, especially given he hasn't been shy at doing butt scenes in the past. (Seen on FH HERE: & HERE:)

John Cena

Since seeing John Cena's bountiful booty in Trainwreck, I have been hoping we all might get another gander. As great as Cena looks from the back, the alcohol enema scene gave us a great look from the side. The butt chug scene was pretty hilarious, especially the many looks on Cena's face. John says director Kay Cannon was conservative with him at first, making suggestions, but.. by the end of the film was like, 'Yeah, so you're gonna have to walk around naked   But... as for showing the full frontal Cena, Cannon had a different view.

'Oh, I don’t think I could ever reveal John Cena’s situation given what he does for his day job. You gotta keep some mystery!'

Gary Cole

I have had a long standing crush on Gary Cole, starting when I was a kid watching Midnight Caller, through his recent appearances, looking as sexy as ever on The Good Fight. Some may remember Gary's previous nude scenes in 1998's Kiss the Sky along side actor William Peterson. (on FH HERE:) I certainly didn't expect the full frontal, and ball squeeze scene here in Blockers. Co-star Leslie Mann reports they made him a prosthetic, but that Cole didn't want to wear it,  'He wanted the real thing.'

'There is a full-frontal thing, and that was all Gary Cole’s [idea]. I didn’t think at all that’d end up in the movie. I shot it as an insert, but then I needed a big laugh and reaction to get out of that scene and I ended up using it.'