Sunday, December 5, 2021

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 6th

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Ball Drop


Today's Christmas ball drops come from Donovan and Shane, two models whose work with RMark Photography I've had the pleasure to feature before.  FH readers last enjoyed Shane as one of The Village People this past Halloween. (HERE:)


Just Because: Robert Ri'chard

Just because... Thanks to Amazon's Harlem, actor Robert Ri'chard's ass got a lot of attention this week, and rightly so!  But.. the reverse view is just as spectacular.  Those abs are crazy!  If you want to see more of Richard's spectacular stomach, oh, and his butt in that stripping scene, check out the NEXT PAGE HERE:

12 Days: Jon Ecker in Gingerbread Miracle

'Two old friends from high school work together over Christmas to sell his uncle’s Mexican bakery, famous for its magical gingerbread cookies that grant wishes.'

One of the reasons I first began the 12 Days series many years ago, was to defrock many of the 'wholesome' hunks on Hallmark. Hallmark Christmas movies are full of Princes, hard working single dads and earnest and lonely widowers. Females usually drive the story however, meaning so many of the male characters, as earnest as they may be, are often quite bland.  It is fun searching out other parts played by the actors, especially if they contained a little skin.

I also loved discovering to men to enjoy and admire, actors I would not have heard of if not for their Hallmark holiday appearance.  Actor Jon Ecker is one of those actors.  In the lamely titled Gingerbread Miracle, Jon (sometimes credited as Jon-Michael) plays Alejandro "Alex" Casillas, the handsome nephew of the owner of a Mexican bakery.  Maya, the female lead, is a freelance attorney, who uses the bakery, The Casillas PanaderĂ­a. as her unofficial office.

Although Ecker is American, born in Texas, he moved to Mexico City after earning his degree in Aquatic Biology from UCSB.  Ecker's mother is American and his father is Brazilian actor Guy Ecker.  While in Mexico, Jon became famous in Latin America for his work in film and telenovela's, including his work as Aaron in the series Popland!

The sexy actor moved back to the States in 2014 and has been working steadily since.  I hadn't seen the beautiful Ecker before this Hallmark film, but many of you may have seen him in his roles in television series including: NCIS: New Orleans, Criminal Minds and his regular roles in Firefly Lane, Chicago Fire and Queen of the South. 

Although I hadn't seen him on film before, I will certainly be keeping my eye out for his future work.  Ecker is gregarious, with and incredibly hot face, and beautiful bedroom eyes.  Ecker comes by his looks naturally, as his famous father still gives him a run for his money in the 'who's hotter' department. Check out some of my favorite shots of Jon's father Guy Ecker on the the NEXT PAGE HERE:

Jon Ecker on Instagram

Jon's only 'sort of' nude scene comes from his time on Popland!.  The Columbian telenovela was produced by Sony Pictures under it's  its production company Teleset for MTV Networks Latin America.  Jon played  Aaron "Ari" Morales, a handsome, sexy, smart, and uninhibited rock star. As hot as career is, Aaron struggles with his instant fame and success.

Popland! (2011-2013)

In the show's second episode, Aaron (Ecker) finds himself naked, jumping on the back of a motorcycle as he runs from the paparazzi. I could not find a really decent copy of the show, but did find a low quality copy on Youtube HERE:

Queen of the South (2016-2019)

Luke G: Prewinter

'Every winter has its spring.'
H. Tuttle

Although winter is officially still a couple of weeks ago, December marked the beginning of meteorological winter.  The meteorological seasons run every three months with meteorological winter starting on December 1st.  Regardless of the date, where I live, winter is here.  Last month, I wrote that we had our first 'skiff' of snow.  A dusting that disappeared by mid-day.  

Last night, it snowed enough to cause me to dig the shovel out of the shed.  I didn't need to do the driveway, but the steps and walkways needed to be cleared off.  Although the 21st will make it official, we're currently experiencing the spring of the upcoming winter.  Given it was my first official day of shoveling, it seemed the perfect time to balance winter's burden with it's beauty.

Last month, I shared images that model and photographer Luke G. shot to help celebrate Autumn on FH. (Autumnity) Today, I'm sharing shots of Luke venturing out in the cold to shoot the first snow of the season. I really appreciate Luke for venturing out for the shoot, especially given he shares that he used to avoid the cold. 

'Now I've just accepted it as a part of me. A winter wolf.'

The first snow, it's always some of the most beautiful to see. My body is never anywhere near acclimated enough to strip down and hop into it, but that's the love of doing this that I do anyway. It's like I'm forced to by some unknown force. Not to mention how worth it and fantastic the results are.'