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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 19th

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Happy Birthday today March 19th

Happy 28th to actor Garrett Clayton!

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As delicious as Garrett looks in King Cobra (above) with his undies pulled down, I think he looks especially hot in his tight briefs in the shots below. The shots are from the 2017 production of God Looked Away at the Pasadena Playhouse featuring Al Pacino and Judith Light.

Back Issues

Chris Berrera
To see more of Chris and more from the April 1998 issue of Men Magazine, 
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A Rejuvenating Tonic : Pond by macpics

'Bangkok, though, is a rejuvenating tonic; the people seem to have found the magic elixir. Life, a visitor has not been wasted on the Thais.'
Bernard Kalb

Not every city has the power to bring about an instant visual when you hear the word. Cities with a specific feel and energy that become memorable, even to those who've yet to visit them. New York, Paris, London, Dubai and Bangkok are cities we've seen in movies, read about in books and provide the visuals to our geographical dreams. Bangkok is one of the world's most visited cities, it's architecture, ornate shrines, The Grand Palace, the vibrant street life, floating markets bring visitors from all over the globe.

Melbourne, Australia is also a memorable city, and usually when I feature Melbourne photographer Ian from macpics, he's shooting on an Australia beach, in studio, or as many FH readers may remember, his incredible, and extremely photogenic shower... For this shoot, Ian is little further north from Melbourne, close to 5000 miles further in Bangkok Thailand.

Like many photographers, when Ian travels, he researches what models he might be available to shoot in the places he's visiting. Before heading to Bangkok, Ian did a quick search on ModelMayhem and found the beautiful model Pond who was happy to schedule a shoot. I had seen images of Pond on ModelMayhem before and was thrilled to be able to feature Ian's images.

I am always on the hunt for models from around the globe to showcase on FH, but it has been challenging at times to find models from Asia who are up for a feature on the site.  Ian actually had set up few shoots during his time in Bangkok, but a couple of them didn't turn out to be as reliable as Pond. .

Ian describes Pond as very pleasant to work with, friendly and chatty and most importantly, Pond was an experienced model who knew how to move and pose without much direction. Ian appreciated this, given he was shooting in an unfamiliar location. Without having to direct Pond with poses, Ian was able to focus on his lighting and framing and the unpredictable technical issues that arose in shooting in the hotel

I love the story trajectory of Ian's work with Pond. You can almost feel how their day was spent by the images and locations they shot in. After meeting and getting to know one another, they began shooting in the hotel's gym. After the gym, they headed to other locations around the hotel, with hotel guests getting an extra bonus of Pond posing in just a speedo or his hotel robe. Although he was wasn't completely nude, (until returning to his room for the last part of the shoot) Pond seemed more comfortable with the more intimate settings, than the busier areas of the hotel.

'Pond was a little shy about posing where we might be observed, but apart from that, he was completely relaxed, attentive and cooperative. It shows in the shots, I'm sure you'll agree. I wanted to shoot him at the pool, but there were too many guests from the hotel splashing around there, which was a pity.'

Shrill: Notes on the Male Cast

I love Aidy Bryant. Kate McKinnon (deservedly) may be the female SNL player getting the most attention, but Bryan always cracks me up.  I was looking forward to watching her new Hulu series Shrill, and with just six episodes in it's first season, it was easy to breeze through this past weekend.

Luka Jones

Based on the book, Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West, the TV version features Bryant as Annie, a woman trying maneuver through family, friends, work, love and life.  Bryant was great and except for the pilot, which I struggled with a bit, the writing, acting and story progression kept both my interest and attention.

Although the show is certainly female driven, Annie's voice and story for me transcended gender, and hit issues we all deal with.  The show also had a great set of well written male characters and great actors in the roles.  Two of my favorites were not the nice supportive work friend of Annie's or her roommates sexy brother.  My favorites, were the idiots.

Jones in Shrill 

Luka Jones plays Ryan, Annie's boyfriend in the series.  Despite his treatment of Annie, he does grow as the episodes progress and there is something organically sexy about Jones that was evident whenever he was on screen.  I sort of recognized the actor from guest shots on other TV shows, but wasn't really familiar with most of his work.  He's certainly an actor I plan to keep an eye on.

Jones in Pillow Talk (2017)

John Cameron Mitchell

Now John Cameron Mitchell I recognized right away.  Although maybe most well known for his role, and as a writer for the film version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.  I wanted to love Hewig, for me, Cameron Mitchell made more of an impact on me for his early television roles in the eighties and as writer and director for the 2006 film Shortbus. 

Cameron Mitchell with Hedwig writer and composer Stephen Trask

The actor plays Gabe, Annie's boss and Cameron Mitchell's scenes with Bryant were some of my favorites.  There was a lot of friction and energy and I hope this dynamic is explored more if the show returns for a second season

Gabe & Tony hot a party on Shrill

Cameron Mitchell in Band in the Hand (1986)

Cameron Mitchell in Hedwig and the Angry Inch (2001)

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 18th

Kurt Stefano by Maxx Studio
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Happy Birthday today March 18th

Happy 48th to Dane Cook!

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Back Porch

FaVorite FiVe: Nath Wyld

'What can I say I'm a down to earth Aussie guy that loves bringing people out of their shell and the feeling of making someone feel and be comfortable within themselves.'

I have been planning a post on Melbourne, Australia's Nath Wyld for awhile now, his Instagram has been a visual smorgasbord of delectable butt shots.  Sadly, after reaching close to 90,000 followers, the prudish social media site deleted his account.  But.. Nath's back with a new Instagram (HERE:) and I'm looking forward to future visual feasts.

Back Issues: Men Magazine, April 1998

Growing up, I LOVED magazines.  I couldn't wait to hit the drugstore each week when the new issues were put out.  I mostly bought entertainment magazines, Entertainment Weekly, Premiere, The Hollywood Reporter and celebrity magazines from the UK and France.  Except for the odd Playgirl, I rarely bought an adult magazine, but boy did I stare at them on the high back shelves wrapped in plastic.

Like so many, my magazine buying days are pretty much behind me.  Although I still subscribe to Entertainment Weekly, with the net, I don't spend nearly the same amount of cash I used to each week on magazines. That being said, I have figured out that part of my love of continuing with FH is it's connection to my love of magazines, and especially the color images I used to tear out and carefully save.

Although FH has always celebrated Playgirl, the men between the covers, I haven't spent much time on the men between the covers of the other male focused magazines from the past.  Although most are no longer publishing new issues, back issues can still be found.

My new feature, Back Issues will highlight magazines from the past, and the men who filled their pages.  When I can, I'll also include some of the ads, one of my favorite parts of looking back.  I can't believe all the phone sex ads that filled so many issues, it seems so recent in some ways, yet so long long ago.  Up first, Men Magazine from April 1998.

Kurt Stefano

Kurt Stefano
Photographed by Maxx Studio
Great Wonders of the World

Dramatic, vividly colored landscapes have fascinated people all over the world for centuries... Breathtaking views speak directly to man's soul and imagination.

Chris Berrera

Chris Berrera
Photographed by David Lloyd

If you like the new feature Past Issues, you can thank these shots of Chris Berrera.  I spotted one of the images of Chris, un-credited, and thought he had an interesting Clark Kent type look and headed to google images search to find out who the model was. That search led me to Amazon which had one of the shots on an ad for this issue of Men Magazine.