Monday, December 10, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 11th

Cold Snap by Luke Gardiner
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A Whizz in the Woods

If you wee in the woods, can anyone hear or see it....

Luke Gardiner: Twinter

'During elder days in the Northwest of our world, the word for the period extending from the vernal equinox to the autumnal one was quite simply Summer — nothing more, and nothing else. The time between autumnal equinox and the vernal equinox was simply called winter.'

As human's, we always want more, including our seasons. Although today we have designated four, according to fiction, at least that written by J. R. R. Tolkien, we began with just two. Summer began with the vernal equinox, on about March 20th or 21st. Summer continued as the Sun crossed the celestial equator going north through to about September 22nd or 23rd when the Autumnal equinox occurred.

With the impact of climate change, and the length of Autumn and Spring decreasing, it might be time to consider going back to just two.  When there were two seasons, people's age was determined by how many winters they survived on earth.  By counting years as winter's survived, a two year old was called a twinter and a three year old a thrinter,  A twenty year old was described as a man of twenty winters.

Given this is photographer and model Luke Gardiner's second winter on FH, (See his first HERE:) twinter seemed a perfect theme, and a perfect title for the piece. I have great appreciation for any artist heading into the woods with their camera, whether shooting a model, or talking self shots.

There are elements when shooting outside, sunlight, wind, moisture and temperature that not only impact the skin and body, but also beautifully embed themselves within the final images. Moving out of the studio also provides an almost timeless quality to images, especially with nature as the background, and the sun and sky as your only source of light.  Except for the few pieces of fashion, these image of Luke, taken by Luke, could have been taken in Elder Days during Luke's twenty fourth year of winters.

'Shooting in the cold and snow can be very difficult. With last winter and so far this winter under my belt, with how frequently I go out to do so, the biggest things are: Be prepared, know your limits, and my biggest... knowing when it's worth it or not. Knowing when it's worth it or not isn't me saying if people are near (although of course at times that factors in) but more so it's just for my own health and safety to get buck naked deep in the woods far from warmth when it's 10-20 degrees out. Also the fact that I shoot almost everything myself is a factor. Nonetheless, it's safe to say it's my passion all that I do, or else I wouldn't put so much time and effort into it.'

An Exuberant Depantsing

'I saw the ball coming and closed my eyes on the lob, but when I opened them, I saw it had gone in. I ran to the fans behind the goal and they tore all my clothes off!'
Riccardo Saponara

Italian Footballer Riccardo Saponara had a successful weekend,  not to mention a revealing one...  When the 26 year old striker hit an equaliser in the 99th minute to claim a 2-2 draw against Lazio, he sprinted into the crowd to celebrate.

Although Sampdoria whipped off his own shirt, the pants started to fall on their own.  Then... with a little help from some happy, and handsy fans, down came his white briefs as well.  Sampdoria may not have minded the few slaps on the ass he received, but in the last picture, it looks like someone's going up for a full on exam...

Stocking Stuffers

Danny Reeves

'For it is in giving that we receive.'

Josh Mosier bKent 

It's that time of year for giving, bringing pleasure to another, or giving pleasure to oneself.  I used to love shopping, especially in book, music, video and drugstores.  Now.. not so much.  Today, except for a few craft fairs and local businesses I want to support, I do most of my buying on-line.

Tanner by Anthony Timiraos

If you're a lover of the male form, and I assume given you're on FH, you are, there are many gift buying options, all available to be purchased on-line. Whether for yourself, or for that special some one, most can arrive at your door before Christmas, or arrive in your in-box in just a matter of minutes.

Hoodie by Fabian Fidel Art For Doable Guys, Vol 3

Almost all of the artists and models that I feature have perfect gifts for that special someone.  Almost every artist I feature have prints for fans of their artistry, or the models they capture.  Some, like byKent and Doableguys, also have artwork and original drawings that would look incredible on your walls.

Body & Soul Two by Bob Burkhardt

When I was a kid, my favorite gifts were always books.  I may not have always appreciated them all at the time, but now that I'm older, those books, with the personal messages on the first page from much missed relatives, are truly treasured.  Most artists offer great hard and soft cover books you can wrap and give in person, or on-line digital downloads to enjoy right away.

Gordon Nebeker's Muscles and Mountains III 

Gordon Nebeker's Muscles and Mountains Three is a visual smorgasbord of lovers of the male form featuring this years Utah shoot with 801fitnessfreak, Quin, Benjamin and Jordan. (Peaks & Cheeks) I was thrilled to be able to feature Gordon, Mark and Mike's Lake Powell shoot again this year, and Gordon has compiled a great selection of images, including some very hot behind the scenes shots in the third volume.

Ash by Mark Leighton

Although each has created several books showcasing their work, FH posts featuring Mark Leighton's work with Ash, (The Journey) Anthony Timiraos expose more and Bob Burkhardt's Body & Soul Two were immensely popular with FH readers over the past year. Although I previewed each of these books over the last 12 months, they were only a taste and a tease of what lays beyond the front cover.

New Manhattan Studio's not offers private portfolios of some of your favorite models, including two (and a third on the way) of FH favorite Bond, NMS studios also has Captured Shadows, a great gift that continues to give throughout the year.  The most recent issue, Captured Shadows 5 features 124 pages of full frontal portfolios featuring 5 different models including Bond,  and the stunning Justin pictured here;

I have featured several of studioMGphotography's book releases, including Mark's most recent compilation of images featuring Jasper. (featured HERE:)   Mark has released 15 different model portfolio's including books featuring his work with FH favorites Yorgen, Bond, Andrew, Greg and the captivating and irresistible Renn. (above)

Image from Richard Rothstein 

Although I LOVE his images of the male form, I also love artist Richard Rothstein's view of New York.  Both views are available in a number of products featured on his Redbubble site HERE:

Nick Mesh is another artist not content to just make their images available for sale.  Nick has put together a virtual gift gifting buffet featuring prints, calendars, wall art, stationary, t-shirts, iphone cases and more.  Check out Nick's store HERE:

When in doubt, how about an Onlyfans subscription, I know for me, a few months of one of my favorites would be the perfect gift!  Many of the photographers and models I have featured, including Luke Gardiner, who's winter shots I showcased today, and another snow bunny, 801fitnessfreak (below) have great content you can check out for just one month, or all twelve months of the year's two seasons...