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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 21st

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Happy Birthday today February 21st

Happy 62nd to Christopher Atkins!

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Atkins shot over an almost 20 year time span by photographer Greg Gorman
From Playgirl in the early 80's to As I See It in 2000

As I See It (2000)

Seasonal Sightings:

A Natural Curiosity: Brock by Essence Photography

'Through the various types of shoots that I do, you aren't just looking at a model in a photoshoot. You are invited into their world, their routine, and are granted a certain level of trust.'

I've written before about my apathy for artists who cut and paste creatively.  You know the ones I mean, they're the ones that have every model write their names on their chest, or stick a hockey helmet on every model, regardless of whether the model plays, or has any interest or passion for the sport.  It's not that some of those shots aren't hot, it's just that they lack creativity and personalization. 

My favorite images of the male form tend to focus not just on a model's body, but their unique look and their particular features and personality traits that make them unique.  By including the word 'essence' as as part of your professional credit, one can assume the images will layered. Essence Photography shares that his goal is to capture something both singular and specific and that's exactly what I saw when I first discovered his work.

'I think there is a natural curiosity to be given the opportunity to enter the personal space of a model, and through the various types of shoots that I do, you aren't just looking at a model in a photoshoot. You are invited into their world, their routine, and are granted a certain level of trust. Essence came from the idea that the physique photography captures qualities in the human body in an artistic way, looking sometimes at small details or focused on one particular area that help define a bigger picture.'

When I first saw the work of Essence Photography last year, I was struck by how remarkably different each shoot, and individual model was captured.  It was not only the visual, but mood and and feel of the images.  It was if every shoot was customized and tailor made for each individual model that he worked with.  That was certainly the case with his work with Brock

Sometimes when I see a shoot, or a specific image of a model, I know I want to share and feature them on the site.  When I saw several shots on Twitter of Essence Photography's work with Brock, I knew they were the perfect representation of the photographers work. I quickly got in touch about featuring and sharing the shoot on the site.  It also certainly didn't hurt that I have an affinity for gingers, and Brock is a stunning model who's energy lights up in front of the lens.

The artist began his photographic journey in middle school.  Doing a lot of international travel, he wanted to document and visually share the experience.  To his surprise, he found that he had a knack for it, and decided to turn into an official hobby.  While the majority of his photography has been still life, mostly  focused on landscapes and architecture, he'd always been fascinated by portrait and model photography. His interest wasn't from the viewpoint of 'high fashion' or editorials, but more from a uniquely artistic and candid perspective. 

'What gave me the idea of male physique photography was ancient Roman and Greek statues. Often nude or minimally covered, there is a relatively non-sexualised, yet erotic view of the human body, the curves and definitions that bring life to the body. I wanted to take that and capture it into photography. My goal is to depict the male form in an erotic but not always hyper-sexualised perspective - often done through casual and playful moods, like a "get ready with me" vibe.'

That 'get ready with me' theme is certainly present in these shots of Brock.  It's almost as if Brock let us into a night he preparing to head out for a night on the town, including some of the intimate rituals we all go through before heading out on a date or to a party or event.  This shoot came together fairly quickly when Essence Photography had the opportunity to shoot Brock, and one he didn't want to pass up!

'While I was out in the Midwest on vacation, Brock reached out to me seeing if I was available for a shoot a few months from then. I informed him I lived halfway across the country and wouldn't be in the area at that time, but would be available that same weekend. I made the spontaneous road trip down to OKC, booked a hotel, and met him an hour after check in for the shoot. We had discussed inspiration ideas, and nudity levels/comfortability, and then began our shoot. We had first connected on Instagram, and had communicated only on social media prior to the shoot. '

Not having a studio of his own, the NC based wasn't phased with shooting Brock in a small hotel room. He's often been required to work in relatively confined spaces, and works hard to creatively use different angles, outfits and themes to expand the scope and use of any area he's working in, regardless of the size of the space. Essence Photography has learned that regardless of how expensive your camera and lighting equipment may be, the real arts comes from skill, creativity and how you utilize the limited resources and time you have for a shoot.

'What attracted me to Brock as a model, is he is an actual professional model with a portfolio of experience - I've only shot friends and acquaintances. This was exciting for me because as a relatively inexperienced photographer in this topic, it would be a beneficial and educational opportunity to work with an experienced individual who would provide input with the creative flow.'

Come And Knock On Our Door...

'We've been waiting for you...'

Earlier this month, I wrote about watching the first episode of Dating Naked Germany. (HERE:)  Although there were plenty of hot male contestants in the first episode, my attention was mostly focused on William.  It took me a few weeks get back into the show, and this past weekend, I finally caught episode 2.

Although my devotion to William continues, there was a new hottie walking through the green door in the forest, who definitely caught my eye.  Since I don't speak German, I didn't get to know much about 24 year old Niklas, but that didn't mean he didn't hold my attention.  Talk, blond and studly, Niklas has a great smile, and great butt, beautifully framed by his sexy tan line. 

As soon as he arrived, stripped down, and introduced himself, Niklas was immediately taken on a date on the shows lead female contestant.  The date consisted of pulled quickly along the water in a rubber dinghy, with Niklas flopping around the back of the dinghy until he and his date were flipped into the water.

While Niklas penis was flipping and flopping in the dinghy, both is front and back were thrusting around in this weeks challenge.  It included having a basket on their backside that they had to shake until the ball inside fell to the ground.  It was silly, but a really fun competition to watch

I couldn't find much about Niklas on-line, but did discover he just recently started an OnlyFans.  It's free to join, but most of the 'good stuff' is in posts you have to pay for.  You can check it out HERE:

Cocktails & Coconuts 

Niklas chose a cocktail, and ended up being safe for the week.  I have not watched beyond episode 2, but from the previews, I worry he may stick around for too long.  We shall see, episode 3 nd 4 are up this week!