Monday, July 28, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 28th

Favorite Birthday Boy for July 28th Evan Farmer

I admit I went through a few months of being addicted to "While You Were Out". It was when Evan was hosting and Andrew Dan-Jumbo was on the show! Can't beat that eye candy combo! Not sure what Evan is doing these days, but he is also an actor but his last role listed is the Austin Powers Goldmember flick from a few years ago. Where are you Evan?

Also celebrating today July 28th

Also celebrating today July 28th

Actor Edward Tournier turns 25 today.

Actor Billy Aaron Brown turns 27 today.

English Football hottie Michael Carrick turns 27 today.

Singer Lee Min Woo turns 29 today.

Elizabeth Berkley, below with Kyle McLaughlin in the so bad it's good 'Showgirls' turns 36 today.

I loved Sally Struthers on All In The Family and Gilmore Girls, Sally turns 60 today.

Garfield is still one of my favorites! Garield creator Jim Davis turns 63 today.

Just Because:

James McAvoy needs no reason! As great as he looks buffed up in Wanted, he looked perfect before.

Big Brother Update:

What comes up must come down:
Nice to see Jesse, who sadly let his HOH go to his head last week, having trouble dealing with being on the block this week. Personally although he bugs me, I would love both he and Angie to stay this week, but it seems unlikely.

On the bright side, Dan is safe!

Favorite Discovery of the Day: Kristopher Turner

Funny when you discover a hunk you already know! That is what happened when I saw a movie a few weeks ago called 'Me And Luke'. The flick was a 'Hallmark' type flick with Louis Fletcher and a hottie who caught my eye named Kristopher Turner. It was a good film about a young father trying to stop his child from being adopted. A bit sappy, but quite well done. I began to try to research Kristpher when I discovered he is a cast member of the show Instant Star. Not sure how many of you have seen that show, but he looked completely different. In 'Me and Luke' his hair was longer and he was without his Instant Star Glasses. Anyway, Kristopher is quite adorable and I am looking forward to tracking down his other projects!

More Kristopher Turner

Some of Kristopher's roles:

Below: Kristopher in the play "In Gabriel's Kitchen" A 2006 production staged by Buddies In Bad Times Theatre. The debut play by Salvatore Antonio about a family's reaction to their son's being gay.

Kristopher in The Brotherhood III, Young Demons

Kristopher in the upcoming The Triumph of Dingus McGraw: Village Idiot.

Kristopher in Instant Star:

Even with the Glasses you can't hide the hottness!

Favorite Video of the day for July 28th

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Timothy Stack as Dick Dietrick pulls a little more than he should have...