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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 4th

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Happy Birthday today October 4th

Above: Rare shot of Opera stars who should indeed take their shirts off!

Happy 22nd to Il Volo's Ignazio Boschetto
(in the middle)

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Comme ci, Comme ça

Kate Mckinnon was great as always and Alec Baldwin brought the buzz, but there was still something lacking from last weeks Saturday Night Live. I might have been the build up, and the brilliant promo of Mckinnon and Baldwin getting into their characters, but I laughed far less than usual at this seasons premiere. It might have been the writing, Weekend Update was bad, or it might have been the loss of Jay Pharoah and Taran Killam.

'I think they were great, and they did wonderful work when they were with us,” Michaels told USA Today. “They served the show well, and are two people I really care about.” Adding, “Change is the lifeblood of the show; it always has been. And you have to keep bringing new people in.
Lorne Michaels

There has to be more than that! Both actors were magic with Killam the male lead for most of his run and Pharoah really coming into his own last season, especially in his portrayal of Ben Carson. If Michaels wanted new blood, how about booting Bobby Moynihan or Kenan Thompson. Now I like both actors, but both have been on SNL much longer, Thompson, since 2003. How about booting Sasheer Zamata? I know she came on with a ton of fan fare but has yet to create a memorable character, or even a great moment.

The good news is, both actors quickly got roles on Showtime series, we knew it wouldn't take long. I love Jay's new buff bod, but also loved how he looked on SNL. Although both will do fine, I will still miss them on Saturday nights. Cast members come and go, that's life, but both actors still had another year on their contracts and it seems rather.... well unnecessary to boot two such talented cast members who so many more laughs to give.

Ten: POTD 2010

Although Pic of the Day's with male butts were still a staple, 2010 was the year FH as we now know officially came together. I always envisioned the site as an on-line magazine and my five post a day layout was cemented by the end of 2010. Staring with the magazine's cover, (POTD) followed by Birthdays, 2 supporting stories and the main artist, model or performers profile.

Image from WagnerLA

There have been times since 2010 that I have thought of altering the format, dropping the birthdays, posting fewer stores or posting more or less often, ultimately I find the format suits my style and allows me to fit in all of the things I want to cover each day. I continue to have a love/hate relationship with the Birthday feature. Some days it is a chore, other days, it has become my favorite part of working on the blog, especially if I'm able to find a great new shot of the Birthday boy.

Image from Xtavier_Paris

Photographer and model profiles became a daily staple with the POTD and main story tying together for pretty much every day's posts. Photographers who first appeared or were covered in 2010 included Wagner LA, Xtavier_Paris, David Arnot, Ev Dylan, Zedneram, Michael Stokes, Flyfoto, John M Clum, Haringman+, Bryan Motely, Leigh Carter and y first post featuring msbimages. Several photographers became regular contributors including Michael Puff, Bill McClaren, LightWeaver and Scott Barnes.

Image from David Arnot

Image from Ev Dylan

Image from Michael Puff

Image from Zedneram

2010 also marked the debut o FH of Barnsbury Studio. This was noteworthy as the artist behind Barnsbury is photographer Angus Malcolm who has gone to shoot the Warwick Rowers calendars the last 6 six years. I featured Angus' work with other models, I especially loved Boys at the Lumina. In November of 2010, featured his first shoot for Warwick.

Image from Barnsbury Studio

Models and performers were also favorites in 2010 and I tried when possible, to work directly with the model or actor on their stories. Some of the men making their FH debuts in 2010 were Ryan Murray, Nick Ayler, Steve Raider, Brad Ouellette and Brett Gleason. Thanks to Chris Tell, we also saw the first appearances of FH favorites Claudiu and Samuel Boux.

Ryan Murray

Nick Ayler


Samuel Boux

Light Years Away: FaVorites II from Lights On Studio

Last month, I posted part one of Lights On Studio's favorite shots from his immense portfolio of images and shoots. Photographer Tom Nakielski acknowledged it was a difficult task narrowing down his favorites, especially given the array of models and themes that he has shot. Tom narrowed it down to about 40 shots, the first set I featured in last month's Ray of Light.

In part two, the focus is more on style and creativity. Tom combines the beauty of the male form with themes which include classic Greek Gods, mythology and Gothic and fantasy inspired imagery.  Tom uses his signature flashes of light and vibrant colors as well some new tricks and techniques in the creation of this second set of favorites from Lights On Studio.


I can't remember how I came in contact with Zach; but his picture did win the POTD contest from Model Mayhem. Love how relaxed and natural he looks.  With the image above, I was just experimenting with an image. The red curves are from an image I took at the Detroit Auto
Show.  I love the intense feeling from Zach in the image below.


I was at an event with artists creating chalk art on the sidewalk. Matt was creating a chalk image depicting dance. He was a dancer himself. I suggested he come have a session with me. I had been wanting to create an image with the effect of the dust flying. Matt excelled in creating the puffs of "smoke"  

At that shoot, I also found out that Matt could also perform with silks. It was a bit of a process setting up the silks in the studio to make it safe. He was hesitant to do nude shots but I assured him I would make sure the images we created would be artistic and tasteful. So glad he agreed to do it.

Elijah & Donovan

I took advantage of having Elijah for one session and Donovan for another session after Elijah's and used the opportunity to do a duo of them together. Once again the "smoke" was to mask Donovan's privates, but I like the atmosphere it created.


Nate was one of the first bodybuilders I worked with. I spotted him in a restaurant wielding a sword. And I immediately knew I would love to have a session with him. The sword was won from a physique contest he just competed in. (I do have images with the sword but I like the ones I have included in this group better). He has never posed nude before so I did quite a few shot with clothes and shirtless to ease him into it all.


Exavier is a life model and has a passion for the arts. He is in graduate school writing his thesis in aesthetics. He wanted the images we created to have some meaning or tell a story and was an eager participant and contributor in all the concepts we worked on.