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Favorite Pic of the Day for September 26th

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The Bottom Line

What A Mighty Fine Man

I did't want 9-1-1 last season, but like many others who never watched before, I checked out the season premier on Sunday night. Actor Ryan Guzman certainly had a memorable first scene, shirtless of course, slow mo and with music. I am not a big fan of procedurals, but this one deserves another look.

18 Years Ago: David Maldonado, On & Off the Field

'Watch this tight end score again and again'

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Window of Time: Alec by Cooks Photography

Like many of the artists I profile, for Hal Cooks,  photography is a passion.  A passion however, that he must fit into his busy work and personal life.  With his window of time for shooting quite narrow, Hal is especially conscientious when it comes to selecting the models he chooses to work with.

The first time I featured Hal's work a couple of years ago, the subject was Matt, the sexy 20 year old Hal shot stop of the Cove in Cathedral City California.  (Top of the Cove)   Then, after featuring some of Hal's holiday images, I showcased Hal's images of Jayden, a model in his first shoot after transitioning. (In Sync)

While recently communicating with Hal about another piece, Hal sent me on a selection of images of 4 different models whose images caught my eye.  I decided to start with Alec,  a 32 year old California model whose look and poses immediately caught my eye.   Alex clearly knows his body well, and uses every inch of his face and body to create elegantly erotic poses.

Hal first connected with Alec via Model Mayhem after seeing some of his images on the site over a year ago.  They chatted back and forth for awhile before setting up a shoot, and have now shot twice together.  Hal describes Alec is very easy to work with and a creative part of the process.  During the shoot, Alec not only shared his graceful flexibility, but also showed Hal a few images of his boyfriend Zackary.   Hal later shot Zackary , and those images were part of the four shoots that Hal sent on.  Look for those images coming up soon!

Alec says he loves to play a role in someone's creative vision and I love the vision he and Hal created together.   The shot below is one of my favorites, and I love the entire series of Alec posing on the trunk.  Hal not only captured the incredible  lines and curves of Alex's incredible body, he also captured a harmonious feel, and almost erotic calmness and quiet with Alec's blue eyes and relaxation felt through Alec's body positions.

Since I've been featuring Hal's work for over close to two years now, I thought it was time to throw a few rapid fire questions at him about his experience shooting the male form.  The first half of Hal's answers are below.  The second half can be found on page 2, along with Hal's images of a model very popular and familiar to readers of FH.  Check them out on HERE:

How old were you when you shot your first nude model?
I shot my first nude model when I was 43.

On a scale from 1-10, how nervous were you?
I was nervous, probably around an 8

Has it ever gotten old, or does it remaining exciting?
It never gets old. It's always exciting.

Do you have an all time favorite image or shoot?
I have two, top pics, of all time, from my work with Luis and Eric

Have you ever had a shoot that went badly that produced amazing images?
I had a shoot where the model was arrogant. I got a few good shots, but I chose not to use them and connect my name to him.

Have you ever had a shoot that went amazing that produced images that were 'blah'
I had a shoot that was fun, but not many good pics. Primarily because the model didn't look anything like his pictures. Maybe 20 years before the shoot.

Have you ever cut a shoot short due to things not working out?
I did cut a shoot short that I knew was not going the right way.

What is the best quality a model can possess?
I think the best asset a model can have is a great ass.

What is the worst?
The worst thing is to have a bad attitude.

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 25th

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Happy Birthday today September 25th

Happy 68th to actor Mark Hamill!

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Prime (time) Cuts

A Quinn Quench: Quinn Jaxon by Cooks Photography

When I opened the 4 e-mails from Cooks Photography I smiled seeing Hal's work with Quinn Christopher Jaxon as one of the models included. I was able to feature Quinn back in 2012, just before his images appeared on sites and blogs and name became familiar to lovers of the male form.  Quinn' s sexual intensity, and his ability to connect with viewers made him popular with both photographers and lovers of hot imagery alike.

I can tell from Quinn's look this shoot was a few years ago, he's added a bit more ink since this shoot with Hal.  I also know as it was a few years ago as Hal couldn't remember when and how he first connected with Quinn for the shoot.  Hal does remember they just shot once, and it was a lot of fun.  As you can see, Hal again made flexibility a focus, getting some incredibly hot shots, with some great views of all of Quinn's assets!

Is there a model that got away, or one you're still trying to get to shoot?
I've wanted to shoot Quinn again

What other artist most inspires you?
I've been inspired by Yogabear.

Have you delt with 'model regret'? A model who got into an erotic shoot, then later didn't want them published?

I did have a model who didn't want the pics used. Since he didn't want them used, I didn't give him any copies. It turned out that he had some serious mental problems going on.

Have you every had an incredibly hot model who just couldn't deliver for the camera?
All of my hot models have delivered. Once I've gotten them there, they generally deliver.

On the flip side, how do you deal with a model who can't 'keep down' their excitement?
I've only had a few models who couldn't contain themselves. I usually just go with the flow until they go down. lol

What was the biggest surprise you experienced when a model removed their clothing?
Of course the biggest surprise was a huge dick. lol

You have shot a lot of concept/holiday and themed shots. Any concepts in your back pocket you're itching to shoot?
I suppose I'd like to shoot some water themed stuff.

What model, image or theme has brought you the most positive feedback or comments?
I think a shoot with Eric Crew has brought me the most positive feedback

How do you get a model on board a concept?
I typically send them several photos as samples. I completely leave it up to them. I've given options to pose nude or not. Now, I tell them I do some clothed, partially nude and fully nude. If they are not comfortable, I move on.

What would you consider your most 'adventurous' or 'out there' shoot?
My most out there shoot involved a butt plug.

Quinn Christopher Jaxon on FH:

August 2000: David Maldonado

'In anthropology class, we learned about an African tribe that coats themselves with mud before they have sexy.  How hot is that?'

David Maldonado
Hot Young Hunk
August, 2000
Photography: Dean Keefer

'David Maldonado jogs over to us upon our arrival at his University's football field.  The college senior is barely out of breath after what must have been a pretty intense practice.  His pants are covered with dirt and grass stains, and we notice a few scrapes on his toned back when he takes off his football equipment.'