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🎅 Holiday Meatings! 🎅

It shouldn't surprise many who visit FH that I love a holiday issue.  Adult magazines, especially in the 70's,  80's and 90's used to always put out a holiday issues.  An issue with a colorful holiday cover and inside, filled with holiday themed pictorials, articles and even holiday ads.  A great holiday issue, meant going through plenty of holiday tissues.

I remember going Christmas shopping with my mother and siblings and seeing the naughty magazines on the top shelf, out of reach from young, innocent eyes.  Some were in plastic, and some were covered so that only the tall adults could get a look.  As a kid though, I saw just enough red, green and skin to have me wanting to see more.

When I got a little older, and was able to buy the magazine myself, most of them had already stopped making their holiday issues.  Later, I bought a few on-line, but saw most of them on-line.  I think over the years of working on FH, I've featured almost every holiday issue that I could buy, borrow or find on-line.

I strive to organize and arrange each day of FH much like a magazine.  I start off with a cover story, (pic of the day) then do a few smaller pieces, (birthdays, seasonal sightings) then end with the main feature and cover story.  That's my goal at least.  It's also one of the reasons I do so many 'holiday issues', for almost every holiday.  I think it goes back to those days as a kid staring up at the red, the green and flesh just high above, but just out of reach.   Not any more. 

Actors & SKIN: Peter Gallagher in The Underneath

For passion, betrayal and murder... there's still no place like home.

1989's Sex, Lies, and Videotape marked director and producer Steven Soderbergh's first full length feature as a director.  Six year later, Soderbergh reteamed with actor Peter Gallagher in the 1995 crime thriller The Underneath.

In The Underneath, Gallagher plays Michael, a recovering gambling addict, who returns home to reconcile with his family and friends.  It doesn't take long however, for Michael to find both trouble and temptation when he's caught between his feeling for his ex-wife, and her dangerous hoodlum boyfriend. 

Gallagher is great as Michael, and is surrounded by a stellar supporting cast.  I also loved the dark tone Soderbergh sets from the get go.  Like so many of Soderbergh's films however, I found the editing and quick cuts a little confusing, and that dark look I initially liked, got a bit much as the film went on.  That said, I did really enjoy the film, and was a nice contrast after just watching Gallagher in Summer Lovers

Gallagher's nude scene occurs at the beginning of the movie, just after his character Michael returns home.  Although it's daytime, it's darkly lit, but not too dark, so that we can't enjoy Gallagher's perfectly shaped, and slightly furry backside.  One of the things that makes the scene so hot, aside from Gallagher's glutes, is that his brother Dave, (Adam Trese) silently watches his brother get dressed and after he's gotten a long look, comments that he has a 'cute butt.'

Actors & SKIN: Peter Gallagher in Summer Lovers

' A young American couple and a French woman engage in a threesome in the Greek Islands.'

There ar so many reasons to be thankful for writer, producer and director Randal Kleiser.  He gave us Grease,  White Fang and Big Top Pee Wee not to mention introducing us to Christopher Atkins in The Blue Lagoon.   He also gave us our best, and most complete view of actor Peter Gallagher in 1982's Summer Lovers

I think I remember my older brother renting Summer Lovers in the late 80's when I was about 10 or 11.  I think he rented it thinking he see a lot of a naked Daryl Hannah.  I didn't really pay much attention, and only watched a few minutes before getting board.   I rented it myself when I was older, after reading that Peter Gallagher was naked in the film.

We really can't complain about the male nudity as Gallagher showed far more than Daryl Hannah, and equally as much as co-star Valérie Quennessen.  I never watched The OC, (although it is on my list) and my main memories of Gallagher are from VHS movies from the 80's and 90's.  Tall, lean with that head of dark hair and those beautiful lucious lips!

I think it was this movie that first introduced me to the concept of a ménage à trois, and the concept certainly made an impact!  It also gave me dreams of heading to the Greek Islands, taking off all my clothes and jumping off the rocks into the Aegean sea.  I'm sure the film, and the setting, set many travel plans in motion.

Although the far frontal of Gallagher jumping off the cliffs is great, (and you can see the video on FH HERE:)  I think my favorite moment of skin was  Peter undressing on the beach.  Loved Peter crouching down quickly, embarrassed to be nude in front of Lina for the first time.  He got over that quickly.