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Favorite Pic of the Day for August 8th

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Happy Birthday today August 8th

Happy 20th to Shawn Mendes!

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The Buddy System

When you're camping, and it's 3 a.m and you need to pee, never go into the woods alone...

Center Stage: Taylor Collins by Chris Teel

'Give 'em an act with lots of flash in it
And the reaction will be passionate'
John Kander

Whenever I feature a model's work, one of the things I'm most curious about is what. What factors led them to be standing in front a camera, naked no less and what led them to shoot with the particular artist behind the lens. For actor, singer, dancer and model Taylor Collins, it all began with last years Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids Broadway Bares 27: Strip U.

BC/EFA helps grant individuals and organizations around the United States and in other countries relief and help from HIV and AIDS. Regular FH readers are I feature the best and the hottest from Broadway Bares each year on the site, as well as supporting my favorite's through the annual Stripathon fundraiser.

'It's an organization that is very near and dear to my heart. Inside the show, people are "cast" into a group number and that group really becomes your team for the Broadway Bares donation season. It becomes a fun competitive way to out raise each other. Our team had a brilliant idea to do a separate personal photo shoot for our social medias to raise our donations and reach our goal.'

Not only did Taylor's team end up winning that year in fundraising, it also drew the New York based performer a lot of attention from photographers from around the country. (See Taylor's image HERE:) Taylor shares that after shooting nude artistically for Broadway Cares, his insecurity of being naked seemed to disappear. 'Its actually very liberating.'

It was once again through work on stage work that led to Taylor being in front of the camera, this time connecting with photographer Chris Teel, producing this exquisitely erotic set of images. Last year, Taylor joined the National Tour of CHICAGO and was able to meet and work in collaboration with a number of talented photographers. Taylor was also able to continue to help raise donations for BC/EFA while on the road with the popular and beloved musical. Taylor came across Chris' work on Instagram, while coordinating shoots with with the cities he was performing in the show with.

'I loved his work and how he captures the male physique. The angles he shoots with just bring out the best in every picture. He was incredibly professional and knew exactly what he wanted every step of the way. His work really speaks for itself even seeing the newer guys he's shot since I was there. Next time I'm in Toronto I will definitely be hitting him up again for another photoshoot.'

Although his initial shoot, fundraising for Broadway Cares, was as part of a team, for his work with Chris, Taylor seamlessly moves to center stage. When I used to appear in high school and University productions, especially musicals, it was usually the supporting, or second leads who were expected to bring, as John Kander writes, the razzle dazzle and flash. The leads, in traditionally written shows, usually had to rely on talent, charisma, and the power of song and story to hold an audiences attention.

Chris Teel rarely uses razzle dazzle within his work, his focus is his subjects, beautifully capturing both their natural essence and allure. Chris' task was made easy with Taylor, especially his incredible eyes which drew my attention in almost every images. While he may sing and dance ass part of a large ensemble on stage, here, with Chris's camera focused solely on him, Taylor quietly, but powerful commands the viewers attention.

Beyond his hypnotizing gaze, Taylor has a magnificent physique, from his facial structure and beautiful lips, down to his incredibly sexy un-shaved chest, stomach and legs. Clearly, his time on stage not only supplemented his work outs, it also provides Taylor a grace and smoothness with movement and pose. Within Chris' images, Taylor not only appears comfortable within his own beautiful skin, but even more importantly, at ease and content.

Taylor is now back in NYC, currently awaiting being shipped off again, touring North America with CHICAGO. If you want to catch Taylor on stage, check out the shows website (HERE) to see if they'll be in a city near you. Taylor also encourages anyone who is able to check out Broadway Cares Equity Fights Aids to make a donation and help someone in need. This years stripathon may be over, but you donate any time of year.

Chris Teel on Facebook | tumblr

A Return Trip to Castle Rock

If like me, you're an avid reader of Stephen King novels you're very familiar with the town of Castle Rock. Castle Rock has been the setting of many of King's tales, and mentioned or referenced in dozens more. My favorite of King's books set in Castle Rock was Needful Needs, a terrific book that had far too much story, and far too many characters, to fit into the weak 1997 film adaptation.

Bill Skarsgård

Whenever one of King's book is adapted for film or television I get nervous. Although there have been a few great ones (The Shining, Carrie, Pet Cemetery, Dolores Claiborne and IT, (1990 mini-series) most don't do justice to King's work. I was a little nervous about checking out King's new project Castle Rock on Hulu, but have been loving it so far. Unlike King's last tv outing, Under the Dome, Castle Rock is not restricted by a novel, it's based on stories and settings from King's novels.

In addition to having King as an executive producer, Castle Rock also has J. J. Abrams on board, which had me more optimistic about the show's direction. Other than the lazy 'mass shooting' in last weeks episode, so far I have not been disappointed. The show also has an incredible cast led by André Holland, Melanie Lynskey, Scott Glenn, Sissy Spacek. The show also includes Bill Skarsgård, fresh off playing Pennywise in the recent big screen adaptation of IT.

Although he has the face of an angel, Skarsgård is again doing a great job playing the devil and the mystery of who (or what) his character is helped kick start the pilot. Due to circumstance, Skarsgård's character is incredibly thin, not sure if that's the actor, or if a little CGI was involved. He looks a little 'thicker' in the clip below from 2020.

Skarsgård in Himlen är oskyldigt blå (Behind Blue Skies) 2010

André Holland

Although I don't think actor André Holland has done any nudity, he does look fetching below from his role on The Knick.

When I was looking at the IMDB page for Castle Rock, I was surprised how many of the supporting male cast members I had previously featured on FH. I did a piece on Bill Skarsgård, and his on-screen nudity HERE: and an Actors & Skin piece featuring Scott Glenn HERE: Check out more of the male cast members (and in some cases their members) below.

Scott Glenn

Chris Coy

Actor Chris Coy plays Boyd on 4 episodes, and I featured Chris' previously on FH HERE:

Josh Cooke

Josh Cooke plays Reeves on 3 episodes, and previously appeared on FH in a 12 Days post HERE:

Noel Fisher

Noel Fisher, officer Dennis Zalewski also appeared in a 12 Days post from 2014 HERE:

Adam Rothenberg

Actor Adam Rothenberg is one of the few Castle Rock hunks I haven't featured before, not that he wasn't noticed. Although the movie was rather forgettable, I remember thinking Adam stood out as Katie Holmes boyfriend in 2008's Mad Money. He also had a brief mooning scene. (below)

Adam showed a little more skin in the 2003 short, Coyote Beach. (below) Although I could not find a copy to download or buy, there is a copy from the director's Vimeo page HERE: