Friday, April 14, 2023

Favorite Pic of the Day for April 15th

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Happy Birthday today April 15th

Happy 44th to actor Luke Evans!

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FaVorites: Devin Booker

NBA star Devin Booker is undoubtedly incredibly hot, great body and a handsome face.  His sexy smile though, is what really stands out for me.   I wouldn't change a thing about the Phoenix Suns hottest shooting guard, except maybe... his taste in women....

Devin by Matt Jones

As Seis Mulheres de Adão: The Final Scene

At the end of As Seis Mulheres de Adão, Adam joins a dinner with all of the ladies.  It's only after the meal that he learns the reason for the invitation.  Once it sets in what's about to happen, Adam tries to escape, but is captured by the host’s henchmen. 

The henchman tie Adam up and he is then at the mercy of Clarisse’s madness.  Major Domo Julio hands Clarisse some scissors and he cuts out the crotch of his pants, and then cuts off his underwear leaving him exposed for all of the dinner guests to see.  The house maids, as well as Julio, all seem to enjoy the show.

The other five women however, think Clarisse may be going to far and all depart, leaving Clarisse ready to cut off Adam's penis. At the moment she about to execute her plan, she is stopped by Julio.  Julio's crush on Adam has him stopping Clarisse for following through with her plan. After making Adam promise to spend a night with him, Julio unties him and they run away together. 

The clip above is just a small part of the final long scene.  I tried to add the entire scene, but it was too large to upload on Blogger.  You can download it yourself though on SendSpace HERE:

Bed Rest: Kince by Studio1x

' I’m pretty open. A good way of thinking of my parameters is “shoot no pole, post no hole.'

Now one might think, that not showing pole, of viewing a little hole, might be limiting, but some of my favorite shoots on FH, don't include shots of either a hole or a pole...  This is one of them.  Despite Kince's parameters, he and Jim from Studio1x captured a series of incredibly sensuous and incredibly hot shots.  Like the other themes, this series included dozens of different shots, each and every one, slightly different from the others.  These are some of my favorites, and a few favorites chosen by Kince as well.

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off? 
'Not a lot, to be honest. I had some nudes of mine leak in my teens so that I we probably my only initial apprehension but otherwise it was an easy decision for me'. 

Did the response from friends/family enter into your decision? 
'Not really, though I did have a friend of my then-boyfriend once tell me he couldn’t accept my friend request on Facebook because of my shirtless photo so there’s that! '

Have you any boundaries you stick to with regards to themes or what you will or will not shoot? 
I’m pretty open. A good way of thinking of my parameters is “shoot no pole, post no hole.” The one exception to this is in Joseph Maida’s “A Third Look” which recreates Lee Friedlander’s nudes. It’s a very special project to my heart and I feel so honored to have been asked to pose for it. 

Tell me about your first nude shoot. On a scale from 1-10 how nervous were you? 
'To be frank I didn’t know nudity was going to be involved until I was there, so I don’t know that I really had the time to process my feelings. I would say it mostly stayed at a 3 but fluctuated to like a 7 or 8 any time the photographer came up to my body to adjust something. By my second shoot though I didn’t even think twice about it. '

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets attention from others? 
'From a natural features perspective I’m most happy with my eyebrows. I’ve also benefited heavily from my hairstyles changing my “look” quite a bit and am grateful it often means I can work multiple times with the same photographers without our work together getting stagnant or repetitive. '

Have you ever been recognized from a modeling photo? 
Yes, multiple times, but the most interesting reaction I ever had was a guy in an antique store thanking me for them. 

Is there a photographer you would really love to be shot by? 
Oh gosh! I would LOVE to be photographed by Annie Leibovitz someday. 

What would your dream scenario be for a shoot you would like to be a part of? 
Ooh, I think something with a really experiential component would be incredibly exciting! Imagine being photographed in the same space in the same day by multiple photographers and then having an exhibit in a major art gallery with all of their photos of you from that day—that would be incredible! 

How did you first connect with Jim? 
I had to dig through DMs to find the answer to this, but we stumbled across each other on Instagram and always had an interest in shooting with each other. In September 2020 he rented a studio space in Pioneer Square and contacted me asking if I would be free to shoot. It was very much an interesting time because of COVID-19 but I was grateful to be able to be doing a shoot in a big space with good ventilation and with no other person except Jim in the space. 

What is Jim's like to work with? 
I actually learned more about the way he works when I modelled for him in the same session as Alexander.  As a model I generally do subtle adjustments between shots but I found Jim gets very energized by big, bold changes between poses so I’ve since adjusted my style accordingly when working with him. I also find the way he uses light and placement very interesting!

This is going to sound like a strange observation but this shoot was my first time shooting in a location with a white floor and honestly that natural soft up-lighting is such a win. 

What's your favorite part about working with Jim? 
My favorite part about working with Jim is how gung ho he is. We’ve worked with honey, cream, thrown me in a storage bin, wrapped me in plastic, thrown water on me, painted me gold—so much has happened over our shoots together! I love working with the same photographers several times over because there really is some magic that develops as you get to know each other. I’m just sad he now lives too far to shoot together regularly, but I don’t doubt it’ll happen again in the future!