Thursday, September 27, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 28th

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Proust ou Les intermittences du Cœur

'The angel Saint Loup tries to escape from Morel (angel of evil), but suffers its dark and carnal charm.'

Media Men: Patrick Leblanc

There's no limit in sight!

If you're a fan of the male form, you've most like seen images of the pectacular Patrick Leblanc. The New Brunswick model and body builder says his goal is to chronicle his journey to become one of the biggest and greatest. Leblanc is clearly near his goal, which you can see for yourself if you check out my FaVorite FiVe on Page 2 HERE:

Sunflower Season: Josh Mosier shot byKent

Life Drawing of Josh byKent

'I want to be like a Sunflower; so that even on the darkest days I will stand tall and find the sunlight'

My mother didn't like flowers.  I wouldn't go so far as to say she hated them, but she showed little to no interest in having in the house, or on the property.  For her, an evergreen bush was much more practical for the front lawn, little work and easy to take care of.  As far as inside, if anyone dared buy her flowers for mother's day or her birthday she usually made a comment about how wasteful it was to spend money on something that in a few days, she'd be throwing in the garbage.

Sunflower in the Field

The one exception was sunflowers.  Our house had flowers, one table in the living room, but they were plastic.  A green arrangement in the summer, replaced briefly but a fake poinsettia at Christmas. The only time an actual real flower graced that table was sunflower season, for us, late August and September.  For a brief window each year, a half a dozen sunflowers brightened up that room in our house.

Since my mother's death, sunflowers have taken on new meaning for me.  Gardens and fields I used to quickly pass by, are now places I slow down, stop and enjoy.  I too am not really a flower person, but bought several batches of sunflowers this year to have in my living room.  I've also been researching how to grow them next spring. 

I was on the hunt images which included sunflowers with the male form when this set of images of Josh Mosier shot byKent arrived in my inbox.  After posting my piece of Kent's work with Josh last month, (Calm, Cool & Collected) I had been in contact with Kent about working with Josh on some Halloween themed images.  I never mentioned sunflowers, so having them included was both a surprise and welcomed gift. Kent also sent on a life drawing he completed of Josh which included a sunflower.

'My love of sunflowers started several years ago when my Mom, sister and I went to visit the farm I grew up on. The state of Missouri Conservation Department had bought the farm and made it a nature reserve and planted sunflowers on several acres. The "sunflower in field"  (image above) is one of the pictures I took that day. 

I really enjoy photographing Josh — I find his lean body and ample manhood to be beautiful eye candy.  One of the pictures is remotely inspired by the painting American Gothic. The image with flower in his mouth reminded me of a flamenco dancer with a rose. The shot with the sunflower coming out of his crotch reflects my quirky/sexual sense of humor and the sunflower's resemblance to a phallus. Josh has this somewhat shy, but comfort in being nude persona, which I tried to capture in these pictures'

A Quiet Heat: Nico by Mark Leighton

'Point the camera at him and something incredible happens!'

Last month I featured Mark Leighton's images of Nico and Kim from his book A Quiet Place.  In that piece, (HERE:) I focused on Mark;s images of Nico and Kim together.  Given how many incredible images Mark shared, I thought both Nico and Kim deserved a piece with a focus on Mark' individual images of each model.

FH readers were first introduced to Nico during Mark's working vacation in the  Philippines back in 2015. (Bakasyon Grande)  Whenever I feature Mark's work I am always visually drawn to both the model and location he is capturing.   Mark also beautifully captures the feel and vibe. There is an energy in Mark's work when shooting near his home in Portugal very different than the energy felt in theses shots of Nico shot in Bali. 

The quiet heat is not only seen in  Nico's surroundings, it is strongly felt building when looking into Nico's eyes.  If you want to see more of Mark's work with Nico, including full frontal nudes shot only for the book, check it out on Blurb HERE:  Also check out Mark's solo work with Kim on page 2 HERE:

'In real life Nico is modest, unassuming, quiet and shy, but.. give him a theme, a prop, a bit of a wardrobe - and a tiny bit of direction - and he just takes it away and is enormously creative in what he does.'

Nico and Kim