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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 25th

Image from Kevin Kurbs
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Happy Birthday today March 25th

Happy 33rd to actor Sean Faris!

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Curtain Down!

The final curtain came down on Fox's Glee last Friday. Like many of you, I basically left the show at intermission a few seasons ago. I have only watched two episodes this season, but still went ahead and DVDR'd the finale. There have been many articles and theories written about why the once giant hit lost it's way, and most of their audience as well. For me, the show lost it's way for two main reasons. First, when the show turned all it's half nots, the heart and core of the show, into narcissistic ass holes. There was something troubling about rooting for characters who were ostracised, and fought hard to belong, who now were exhibiting the same bullying and hurtful behaviour towards others. It was irony the producers of the show seemed to not get, or at least ignore. Most of the members of the Glee club were cable of cruelty far above what they themselves endured.

Secondly, for me the show lost my attention once the once assemble driven hour became the Kurt & Rachel show. Kurt and Rachel were both great characters, especially in the pilot. But when they were made the main leads, they became insufferable, turning two unique TV characters into self absorbed whiners. My favorite Glee characters were always on the fringe, Mercedes, Mike, Brittany, Tina and Sam. All were written off, figuratively and literally, then all came back when for small arcs from time to time, but never ones that upstage Rachel and Kurt. It was nice to see them all back in the show's finale, even thoug some, only for a few fleeting seconds at the very end. If you blinked you would missed many of the former members of the club. All that being said, I loved Glee, especially in it's first two, maybe three seasons. Glee had and impact on many viewers including myself. I was surprised that there are close to 75 posts under my Glee label on FH, beginning with my post full of LOVE for the pilot back in 2009. In-between that post and this one there were many other features, most featuring as many shirtless shots of Harry Shum Jr and Chord Overstreet I could find! I hope those posts, to continue! Thanks Glee for many enjoyable hours, especially back when you were on Tuesdays.

Chiaroscuro: The Photography of Kevin Kurbs


'Light, shadow, texture, and a great model are all the things I need to create a great photo.'


Last week while, while looking for images for a piece I was working on, I was poking around flickr. Although Model Mayhem is a great resource, flickr also holds an immense inventory of artistry and for many, a less complicated space to store their work. As I clicked through the pages I paused when coming upon first image from Seattle photographer Kevin Kurbs. The image, in beautiful black and white, was a nod to Auguste Rodin's The Thinker.

As I browsed through Kevin's port, I was blown away with the pages and pages of breath taking black & white captures of the male form. Although Kevin did have a section for his work in color, it was clear that the artists favorte way to capture the male body, was with his beautiful focus utilizing the dramatic effects of light and shadow.

Kevin remembers that from his first viewing of a Tarzan movie as a child he was fascinated with the male form. This passion continued with all of the beautiful naked Greek and Roman sculptures that filled his art and history classes in school. Kevin began shooting as a hobby about 20 years ago. 'I had a Canon Rebel that took great shots but my creativity seem limited. About 2 years ago I upgraded to a canon 60 D with a much better lens and I saw a change in what I could do.'

Kevin credits one of his clients from Boston for pushing him to the next level. He encouraged Kevin to be less concerned with people's reactions to his work, or whether others liked it or not. Instead, Kevin was encouraged to focus on what challenged him and especially to ensure that he loved what he was shooting.


'The black and whites seem to carry my work to its simplest form, Color is great, I just love the simplicity. The term Chiaroscuro, an Italian word meaning light-dark, seems to fit my work the best.'


Although Kevin has editing programs, he tries to challenge himself to the best possible photo that he can in order to limit the amount of editing he has to do. It helps that Kevin shoots in a very dark studio, where the only thing lit is the model. The look and final images, as well as the process itself, can be an intimate one. The focus being on light and shadow, body and form.

Kevin does his best to make sure his models are comfortable during the entire process of the shoot. Whether it be an experienced model he connected with on Model Mayhem or a stranger who catches Kevin's eye, he approaches while on the street or out in public. Kevin clearly explains his goal and shows them a completed portfolio so they have an idea of how the finished images will appear.


'I love what I do and my passion for the male nude is expressed to each model. I want to show them in a way they have never seen themselves before. I am always fascinated when they tell me that can’t believe how great they look or they can’t believe the photos are of them.'

Favorite Face of the Day: Nathan Parsons

As always, I am late to the party. I was a big fan of True Blood in it's first three seasons, but my watching has been hit and miss the last few years. Because of the time I put in though, I decided to try to finish the show with HBO on Demand which allows viewers to catch every season of most of their shows. I decided to begin with the end so have been making my way through season 7, the show's last.

Maybe it is because I know the show is over, but I have been enjoying it much more than I thought, especially with one of season 7's hottest highlights, the incredibly sexy Nathan Parsons. The character of James was first introduced in the form of actor Luke Grimes, but Grimes seemed to get cold feet with the characters direction so enter the talented Parsons.

3 images above from Jim Warren

James is intrigued with Lafayette, and although they begin as friends, and blood brothers, the relationship soon takes a turn for the carnal. With most of the cast either annoying me, or already killed off, it was nice to have a character, and an actor to follow. I have never been a huge fan of Lafayette, but finally, through James' eyes, I can get the appeal. Most of characters on True Blood are a bit extreme, but Parsons keeps James planted a bit closer to the ground.

True Blood

Nathan Parsons has a great presence on screen, amazing face and hair and such incredible eyes. Parsons also has the one of the best toros on television, which is why most of the shows he appears on seem to take full advantage of. Although James and Lafayette have a few steamy scenes, True Blood surprisingly enough, kept Parsons clothes on.

General Hospital


The Originals

The Brotherhood V: Alumni (2009)

Like many young actors, new to the business, A David Decoteau movie is almost a right of passage. For Parson's it was 2009's The Brotherhood V Alumni. Decoteau keeps boxer brief makers in business and Parsons fill his grey ones out rather nicely.