Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 24th

Gary by James R. Cunningham
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Love this shot!
Happy Thanksgiving to all those celebrating

Happy Birthday today November 24th

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Thumbs Down: Snow Plows

Why is it that in 2011, someone high in the mountains of Indonesia can click on FH and read this post, yet, they still cannot invent a snow plow in North America whose blade can plow without burying cars on the street and people's driveways. Boggles the mind! Yes, if you did not guess, today we got our first dump of winter!

R.I.P John Neville

In most cases when I decide to do a R.I.P post it is of someone quite distant from me both personally and geographically. In the case of actor John Neville that is not exactly the case. I certainly did not know John well but in the mid eighties when I was about 11 I was directed by Mr. Neville (yes Mr.) in a stage production. I have written in the past about my acting aspirations and although this was not an entire play, it was 3 different scenes which were part of a closing showcase for a week long drama festival.

My main memory is of fascination mixed with fear. Fascination as I believe this was the first time I interacted with someone with a British accent and as a kid this intrigued me to no end. Fear as Mr. Neville held a stern presence. I was supposed to cry and his irritance with my inability to do so was frightening. Computers are an amazing thing really. I heard various stories about Mr. Neville, his stage history and accomplishments but it was when I got older and saw him on The X Files that I googled him to find out more about the man behind tearful (I did manage to squeak out a tear) direction. R.I.P Mr. Neville

Cleanse: Joel by James R Cunningham

'Exploring masculinity and playing with the idea of 'alone', many of my images have a voyeuristic quality. I enjoy shooting within the surroundings of a model's own home. My shoots are very simple; and very masculine. The viewer is taken into a world that is rarely seen, while the model is at his most vulnerable. Bare, and alone with his thoughts. This is a private world made public'
James R Cunningham

'The Shower' is a location often used by those capturing the male form. Obviously the shower is a place where we are usually (hopefully) naked on a daily basis. That in itself makes it a set more realistic than say placing a naked model at a bus stop or cross walk (although those shots can be equally as creative as fun). In my profile of photographer John Fallon this past summer I explored the bathroom and how in some ways it is the room in our homes that holds most of our secrets and much of our pain.

To me, these shots are not just of a guy washing, they are of a man cleansing, removing whatever it is that is emotionally weighing him down. It is through the way James quietly and erotically softly captures these private moments that gives them their power and their meaning.

'My job as a portrait photographer is to seduce, amuse and entertain'
James R Cunningham

Originally from Queensland's Gold Coast, James is now living and working in Melbourne, Australia, specialising in what he describes as 'domestic male-form' photography. A former student of film, the 26-year-old amateur photographer shies away from what is often described as 'the perfect man', preferring to invoke controversy and challenge stereotype by creating the 'perfect image of a flawed man'.

I love the last sentence above! There are hundreds of thousands of images of the perfect man on the internet, most, most blend together. It is the flawed man, shot by a skilled artist that really draws me in to want to take a closer look and to learn more.

'Working with Joel was a treat. He is an aspiring actor and model and although young (at 21, he's only five years younger than I am), he's completely dedicated and totally professional. I like to shoot my models in the surroundings of their own homes, and this can often be difficult to negotiate. But Joel immediately saw and believed in my vision and was more than willing to open up his share-house to my camera. Joel was relaxed on the day, easy to work with, and willing to go that extra mile - which I believe paid off and you can see the result come through in the images.'

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