Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 30th

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Happy Birthday today October 30th

Happy Birthday Harry Hamlin!

Check out more of today's birthday boys;

Full Circle: Making Love (Above, 1982) & Shameless (Below, 2012)

History of Horror Hunks #2 1993

He Put A Spell On Me!

ah-say-into pie-oppa
ah-say-into pie-oppa

Although Hocus Pocus was not a Horror flick, my crush on actor Omri Katz always intensifies around this time of year. I first did a Blast From The Past post on Omri in 2009, but...after seeing the two images below, I thought it was time to update. Omri is looking hotter than ever, below shown at the 20th Anniversary celebration of the film. Wow!

Omri and I are almost the same age and I grew up as a kid watching him as a kid on Dallas. Katz had the distinction of being dragged around by a speedo clad Christopher Atkins for a season on the show. I was a teen watching him as a teen on Eerie Indiana and Hocus Pocus and a young adult watching him as a young adult in J.R. Returns. I admit HP gets dragged out this time a year as much to revisit Omri as it does to belt the lyrics to I put A Spell On You!

Dallas 1984

JR Returns 1996

In the short film 'Perfect Girl'

Those Who Wait... Rob Bergeron by Joshua Gagnon

Good things do come to those who wait. I first saw, and posted an image from Manchester, New Hampshire photographer Joshua Gagnon during my Halloween postings back in 2011. After the image I wrote 'look for more of Joshua's work on FH coming soon...' Although I am not sure it would be stretch for two years to be considered soon, given the subject matter is 23 year old model Rob Bergeron, I am not complaining.

Joshua and Robe have shot every summer now for the past 3 years and lucky for me when Joshua and were recently communicating about a post, Rob was on his way over for an afternoon Halloween shoot. The first images are from their first shoot together, but the last few below are from earlier this month.

'The first thing that attracted me to Rob was his tattoo. Very impressive ink! I Love working with Rob because he is the epitome of the all American guy. He is a laid back, everything laid out on the table Army guy who gives 100% every time he models.'

I believe there is a rhythm to life, some people manage to get that, and move in sync with it, others fight against it, never quite getting with the beat. There is a graceful flow within Joshua's work you can literally feel, classic and elegant.

I often talk on FH about stories within photography. Many images capture just a brief moment of the tale while others give a beginning, middle and end. With the work of Joshua Gagnon I would describe his images more as poems, brief, lyrical snippets of moments which instead of unveiling the complete tale, scratch just enough of the surface to have you wanting to see more.


' I always look forward to collaborating ideas with Josh and am never disappointed with the results, it's always a fun easygoing atmosphere!'
Rob Bergeron

Joshua Gagnon: Something Wicked This Way Comes

Joshua Gagnon's work with Rob was certainly not the New Hampshire artist's first foray into the world of the wicked. In fact. over the years he has created many scenarios delving into the dark side. Below are three of my favorites, along with the artists own words about how they all came together.

Jack O' Lantern
Model: Andrew

'This was the first set from a shoot i recently did with Andrew, the theme was creepy, and Halloween based. Andrew asked for this shot so he could utilize it for a film he is writing and directing involving a serial killer. I didn't feel it at first until the photo was completely retouched and then I stood back and looked at it really happy with the way it turned out.'

'Andrew came baring the small jack o' lantern, the fog machine (which we already established that I didn't want any part of at first) and requested to be greased up to look shiny. He brought witch hazel for this. The girl at the store told him it would make him shiny. This was a close your eyes and shake your head scenario, and I think we all had a chuckle, obviously witch hazel is an astringent and wont do anything besides dry up your skin and work (wonderfully i might add) as a toner. So I acted quickly and grabbed the olive oil. Yes folks, the shine you see on Andrew's body was Olive oil, that was an interesting experience.'

''This was a last minute photo we grabbed when I realized he could bend this way, it kind of didn't look human. I was honestly just in shock that he could bend like this haha, but he's an amazing dancer so I should have guessed. This is the benefit to working with dancers over regular models, they do interesting things with their bodies. Andrew can lift his leg clear up to his head and hold it there without struggling or flinching.'

Blood Play:
Model: Matt

'It was honestly a funny scenario, I had him taped to the kitchen sink, doused in fake blood we had left over from a production of Macbeth, and in nothing but his underwear. It was a small area with the both of us and a ton of lighting, so it was quite the production. It was shot at like 2 in the morning, so there was a lot of laughing going on...'

'The best part is that Matt is so not freaky, he is a cute little hollister type guy, sexy but in a way that makes the viewer wonder if they should be finding the photo sexy.'

Throat Ripped:
Model: Bryson
Makeup: Richard M Murphy

'I finally got the chance to work with a good friend of mine on designing a good old horror shoot. I have Known MUA Richard Murphy for several years now. He is a self taught, amateur makeup/gore artist, but his work is brilliant and speaks for itself.'

'After doing several studio shots, we took the model still in makeup to a location which happened to pass by a hospital, and this woman on the street looked into the car and started screaming!'