Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 10th

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Happy Birthday today October 10th

Happy 61st to actor J. Eddie Peck!

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Peck emoting on DALLAS

Room With A View

Haunted by Brenton Parry

'Early in the year, one of my more popular models Tom asked me if I’d be interested in collaborating on a book/download project to raise money for a cause close to his heart.'

Although October on FH means Halloween themed posts, HAUNTED, isn't about ghosts or witches, or things that go bump in the night. It is however about something that often keeps many up at night, and something far more difficult to exorcise than your average spirit or demon.

Tom knows a lot of people suffering from PTSD and came to Brenton about collaborating on a project that eventually became HAUNTED.  The new book/download was created with the goal to raise both money and awareness for charities that help to treat people living with PTSD. Brenton or course said yes, not only because of his respect for Tom, but also because of the cause.

'Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that affects people who have experienced a traumatic event.People who suffer from PTSD may experience traumatic flashbacks of the event, anxiety, nightmares, aggression, emotional numbness, avoidance and a host of other debilitating symptoms. For every sale of this book, the funds are being donated to organisations which help people deal with PTSD, including Beyond Blue, Fearless and Phoenix Australia.'

Tom has also released the book in hard cover through Blurb. So you have some options. All proceeds will be going to the charities so whether you want to buy the pdf download that I’m selling (HERE:) or you want the hard cover version (HERE:), please support this cause and see if we can’t make a little bit of a difference!

Cool Under Heat: Jorge by PR PHOTO

'Fast forward to Orlando, Florida 8 months later. It's July and it's 109 degrees.'

Who goes to Florida in July, I've only been to The Sunshine State during the late months of winter, and it was hot enough then.  Well, Floridians obviously know how to handle the heat and if your goal is to shoot an incredibly hot and up and coming bodybuilder, you take advantage of an opportunity and strike while the iron is hot.

Michigan based photographer Philip Rugel (PR PHOTO) did just that after discovering the 20 year old Jorge on Instagram.  Philip says he was instantly smitten by the young body builder, but it wasn't his perfectly sculpted body that initially caught his eye...

'It was his angelic face that caused me to notice this young man. His smile is infectious! He's like a cherub with the body of a champion. I knew I had to photograph him and share him with the world.'

'Fast forward to Orlando, Florida 8 months later. It's July and it's 109 degrees. I open the door to the rented house for the shoot and there stands Jorge Brites! He's huge, beautiful and in real life. He comes in and we setup plans for the shoot. Turns out he's the nicest kid in the world. So easy to work with. Each shot is perfection!'

Whenever any two people are brought together, especially in a work situation, part of the process includes getting to know one another.  Most photographers and models chat back and forth, in part to get to know one another, but as well, especially for the model, to get a feel for the person you've just put your trust in.  Trust is key for Jorge, especially since it was much more than year round sunshine that brought Jorge to Florida, and led to him posing for Philip on this scorching July day.

After the two hour shoot, as Jorge began changing back into his clothes and getting ready to leave. He shared with Philip how he ended up in Florida.  Jorge had bee kidnapped by the Venezuelan security forces in order to extort money from his parent.  After his release, the family understandably, fled the country and sought a life where Jorge would not only be safe, but also able to pursue his passion for fitness and body building.

'Jorge is so strong now, so confident. I guess he has to be. Nice, polite, strong, confident... Not bad attributes for a 20 year old...'