Sunday, July 3, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for July 3rd

Adam Rexx by Ninon Nguyen
-Look for more of Adam later this week on FH!, in the meantime join his facebook page to see more HERE!-

I hope like Adam, many of you are enjoying the beach this holiday weekend! I had a beach day yesterday. My blog break is coming to an end and as this week continues I will be back to regular posting.
Enjoy the holiday if your celebrating!


Happy Birthday today July 3rd to:

Happy Birthday today July 3rd to:

Corey Sevier turns 27 today.

Rugby's Pierre Rabadan turns 31 today.

Model and actor Ryan Mcpartlin turns 36 today.

One of my all time favorite actors, Patrick Wilson turns 38 today! Check out the blog for lots more on Patrick.

Actor Gedeon Burkhard turns 42 today. (search the blog for more on Gedeon)

Favorite Magazine Cover of the Day: Scott Herman on LAHEALTH!

I cannot believe 2011 is now officially half over and this is the first post of the year on one of my favorite guys Scott Herman! Scott is one of my favorite men to profile, not just because of his sexy smile and incredible body, but because he is one of the most giving and caring guys I have had the pleasure to feature.

Today seemed like a great time for an update. Not only is Scott gracing the cover of
LAHEALTH News, he also just revamped his website Scott Herman Fitness with a new look and tons of new info and pics. Be sure to check it out HERE: Check out Scott on facebook as well and lets help him reach 75,000 members!

Next up, it't time to get Scott on the cover of Men's Health!

Favorite Dog Of The Day: Esther!

I was never really a fan of little dogs. I have always had big dogs, usually labs, retrievers and currently a husky. Silly I know, but I cannot see myself running through the park with a poodle. But.... Who could not love Fran Drescher's dog Esther!

Fran, who recently hit the talk show circuit to promote her new show Happily Divorced, took the Pomeranian on many of appearances. Esther looks almost like a teddy bear and I would walk proudly (she would grab all the attention) with her.

Brandon Rubendall: Masterpiece

I continue to slowly (still on a blog break for a few more days...) roll out my Broadway Bares features. Next up is Spiderman's Brandon Rubendall whom I profiled just a few weeks ago. (check that post out HERE:)

Above: Love the shot above by Kevin Thomas Garcia.

Brandon is a favorite of mine, that body, that face, those moves, and his number was a highlight of the show.

2 shots below by actor and photographer Peter James Zielinski.

Video via JasonEBernard1

Above: Another great shot by Kevin Thomas Garcia